My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 17

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 17 – You’re So Proactive

Liu Yi felt that there was a faint white stream of qi secretly wandering around in his body.

He was unable to feel it earlier. However, after he started breathing according to the arts of breathing, he started to notice this lurking stream of qi.

This stream of qi was like a naughty little mouse, it had hidden itself within the depths of Liu Yi’s body.

As Liu Yi noticed the stream of qi, he tried to use his will to catch it. However, the stream of qi just ran away.

Liu Yi grew angry.

Little guy, you dared act this naughty when you’re inside my body!

I will certainly catch you today!

Liu Yi began to chase this stream of qi. His consciousness began to run around nonstop in his body trying to catch the stream of qi.

However, he did not notice that when he was chasing after the white stream of qi, his body gave off a slight white light that was unnoticeable with naked eyes.

It was currently in broad daylight in the class. The literature teacher was teaching his class with great humour, attracting the attention of the students.

Chen Cai had his eyes fixed on the boobs of Wang Lele who sat in the front row. Toward his good friend Liu Yi’s current unusual state, he had yet to notice.

And at this moment, the body that Liu Yi had in his subconsciousness was radiating a large white light, surprising the little fox.

“How is this possible?!…. How is he gathering vitality so fast?!”

Lin Tong was already shocked speechless.

She had already checked Liu Yi’s base core, it was a useless base core that couldn’t bear fruit!

But the speed that’s he’s currently gathering vitality at… wasn’t something that a useless base core should have!

Lin Tong doesn’t understand the reason. Liu Yi himself doesn’t understand the reason either.

Liu Yi suddenly felt that his body was getting hotter and hotter. The stream of qi that he was chasing after was running faster and faster. Ultimately, he was unable to catch the stream of qi.

Finally, the stream of qi started to flow around in his body nonstop!

A heavy current of power also began to condense within Liu Yi’s dantian.

[TL: dantian: point two inches below the navel where one’s qi resides]

It was condensing into a dung ball!

Seems like I can’t catch up anymore. That thing’s running even faster than rabbits!

Liu Yi finally decided to give up and began to follow the chants taught by the little fox. He began to cultivate his vitality and started attempting to condense a flow of qi within his body according to the heaven’s circulation.

Soon, a red stream of qi began to, little by little, take form.

Liu Yi felt that although this red stream of qi wasn’t as condensed as the white stream of qi, it had a sense of control to it.

He was able to control this red stream of qi!

Following his will, the red stream of qi began to move around in his body!

According to Professor Lin Tong teachings, Liu Yi controlled the red stream of qi and, little by little, began to rotate it within his body.

Those acupuncture points and shit was very confusing and hard to remember, however because Liu Yi had the little fox to guide him, he was able to guide the red stream of qi into them one by one.

One the red stream of qi have run a full heaven’s circulation through his body, it began to move to the acupuncture points without his assistance.

At that time, what Liu Yi needed to constantly beat the horse like a chariot driver.

As to where to run to, the horse itself knew.

The red stream of qi soon ran a heaven’s small circulation through his body and began the heaven’s large circulation.

[TL: heaven’s circulation = qi exercises from ancient times, basically move the qi around the body through specific areas of the body. The heaven’s small circulation is the first step, the large circulation is the next step.]

What Liu Yi was surprised of was that the two streams of qi within his body, the red and the white, never interfere with each other. They each have their specific route and show no signs of ever crashing.

How amazing!

How come Lin Tong didn’t mention such a thing would happen?!

When Liu Yi had the red stream of qi circulate through the heaven’s large circulation thirty six times, he noticed that something felt wrong in his dantian.

A revolving black ball that is radiating a faint light like the stars slowly condensed within his dantian.

The red and the white streams of qi are both flowing through the black ball.

At that moment, Liu Yi suddenly felt a stream of heat and another stream of cold. The two streams were exploding within his body. He felt as if his whole body was being pricked by tens of thousands of tiny needles. It was extremely painful.


He suddenly woke and stood up from his chair.

Chen Cai who was next to him was so surprised from Liu Yi’s actions that he fell to the ground.

The rest of the students were also looking at Liu Yi with surprised face. They were wondering what the heck this Liu Yi was trying to do.

Even Murong Die was looking at Liu Yi.

This boy who usually never caught her attention before, how come he managed to catch her attention twice today?

“Sis Die, look! It’s Liu Yi!”

Said Wang Lele with a bit of excitement as she secretly pushed Murong Die.

“This guy have been appearing on the frontpage a lot recently!”

Murong Die only faintly ceased her beautiful brows, she didn’t say anything.

She really dislike the type of guys who would show off in front of girls.

She had already met too many of those type of guys!
For example, that Kevin or something. He would deliberately bully other boys in front of her all the time to attract her attention.

What a braindead! What he does pose no meaning at all, it only serve to make Murong Die dislike him even more!


It seemed as if that only the old literature teacher was very happy.

“Who would’ve expect that our classmate Liu Yi would be so proactive today! Well then, you can answer this question!”

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