Disciple – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: The Male Partner’s Schemes

“Big sis…” The boy finally stopped crying. Rubbing his large reddened eyes, he weakly said. “I’m hungry.”

Zhu Yao stroked his head. It’s good that he’s no longer crying. She then started piggybacking the child. “Let’s go. Big sis shall find you some food.”

In order to create her brilliant image as his life benefactor, Zhu Yao brought him to the most luxurious restaurant in the city, and picked out a table full of the most expensive food. As expected, the child stared at them with sparkling eyes, yet, he still looked at her a little fearfully.

“Go on, eat. They’re all picked out for you.” She had already abstained from food, so naturally, there was no need for her to eat. And if she were to eat them, she would have to stay in the toilet for quite some time. So, she quietly sat at the side, and watched the child as he hurriedly swept the table.

Zhu Yao then pondered how she was going to prevent this child from stepping onto the path of a Devil practitioner. She might be able to try changing his fate, give him some money, enough for him to make a living or something like that.

With this saving grace as a comparison, even if Mu Meiyan reincarnated in the future, and she were to save him again, it would simply be icing on a cake. She would no longer become the light in his heart. Or Zhu Yao could even use this goodwill, to instil into him some principles such as ‘everyone has a part in protecting world peace’. Mn, this was very necessary.

Zhu Yao had formed her idea, and the boy had finished eating as well, as his little stomach was bloated up. Yet, he still looked yearningly at the half-finished dishes.

Looking at her a little hesitantly, he then asked. “Big sis, can I bring these remainders back… and eat them later?”

The careful expression of his, caused Zhu Yao to feel as though her heart string was being pulled. She once again stroked his head, and said. “Of course you can. If it’s not enough, tell big sis. I will call for a bit more.”

“Thank you, big sis.” The boy looked at her with a face filled with gratitude. Picking up the flask on the table, he wanted to pour a cup of water for her, only to realize that there wasn’t any water left in the flask. He then obediently said. “I will go over to get some water for big sis. Big sis, wait for me.”

Zhu Yao nodded, suddenly, she recalled little radish who was on Jade Forest Peak. If this child possessed a pretty good spirit vein, she could bring him back and raise him up along with little radish. However, from her dreams, he seemed to possess tri spirit veins. With a potential like this, even if he entered the inner sect of Ancient Hill Sect, there would still be risks. Also, she felt that she shouldn’t bring him into the cultivation world.

As Zhu Yao pondered about it, she waited for the child to return. However, she waited for over an hour, yet, what returned was not the boy, but a vicious-looking fat lady.

The moment the fat lady came up, she said as she pointed at Zhu Yao. “On the second floor, nearest to the window. It’s her alright, hurry and capture her.” The two men behind her, began to walk over while holding ropes.

Zhu Yao was baffled, however, how could a mortal with no spiritual energy be able to approach her? Before they could even walk up to her table, they were deflected away by the spiritual energy protecting her body.

“You actually still dare to resist.” The fat lady placed her hands on her hips, and then, she said while pointing at her. “Let me tell you. Your little brother has already sold you to our Spring Garden. If you’re sensible enough, then obediently return with me and attend to your guests.”

Little brother? Attend to guests? After pondering for a moment, Zhu Yao realized what was going on.

The hell, that stinky brat. He had sold her to a brothel. What happened to the promised ‘gratitude for saving his life’? This damn brat.

Zhu Yao was fuming with anger. Her cold and prideful mask, shattered and fell onto the ground. This damn brat, once I catch you later, I will definitely have to smack his buttocks till they burst open.

She casually cast a Forgetting mystic art at the three people who were here to capture her, and had them forget the matters about capturing her. Then, she walked out of the restaurant. Just when she was about to use her divine sense to search for him, she suddenly realized that her hand felt empty.

Momma’s egg. That little wimp actually stole the storage ring which her master had left her. That ring had her master’s imprint, and initially, she had to set her own imprint on it, before it could be considered as hers. However, she had been reluctant to remove her master’s imprint, and adding that she was already able to directly retrieve items from it in the first place, she had never put this thought into practice.

She did not expect that, because it did not possess her imprint, she actually did not realize it when a mortal child had stolen it. This was so embarrassing.

Zhu Yao released her divine sense, and immediately found the child’s location. He was currently walking into a pawn shop. As expected, he was planning to pawn off her ring.

In the eyes of someone who did not possess spiritual energy, that was nothing more than a regular ring. Only a practitioner was able to recognize that it was actually a storage mystic artifact.

Zhu Yao once again concealed her figure, and willing herself, she instantly teleported to that pawn shop. She was just in time to hear that child’s pleading voice.

Zhu Yao was startled. She really wanted to see just what this little brat wanted to do.

“Shopkeeper, I beg you. I’m really in need of silvers. My little brother is already bedridden for three days, please, do me a favour. Let me pawn this off to exchange for his medical fees.”

Unfortunately, the person standing behind the counter was not moved at all. “Shoo, shoo. You actually wish to pawn off such a tattered looking ring. Our pawn shop isn’t a place that takes in broken things. Hurry and leave.”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Tattered looking? Recalling those mystic artifacts and treasures kept inside the ring, her master would cry.

The little boy looked as though he was really in dire need of money, as he pleaded that person many times, yet, the shopkeeper still did not agree to it. Finally, he started to feel irritated, as he picked up his broom and chased the boy away.

The boy fell to the ground by his constant pushing. He could only stand up using his bluish bruised hands, and limp away regretfully.

Zhu Yao followed after him.

Only to see that little boy walking into a secluded alley, and then, he walked towards a broken-down temple. Taking a deep breath, his face which still carried that dispirited look earlier, instantly revealed a smile.

He loudly shouted. “I’m back.”

He opened the door and walked in. A boy who wore the same tattered-looking clothes as him, but was taller than him, walked over. He stared ruthlessly at the little boy, and said. “You still dare to return? Where’s the silvers? Have you managed to get some silvers?”

The little boy’s smile stiffened on his face, as he lowered his head, looking as though he was admitting his mistake. “N… No.”

“Didn’t you say you will get some?” The bigger boy became furious. “Then, what will happen to Tiger? He’s already sick to that extent.”

“I… I will think of something.” The little boy explained.

The big boy however, did not listen, as he shouted out loudly. “No, it’s been decided that today was the deadline. Since you didn’t manage to bring money, you’re no longer able to stay in this house.”

“Big bro Monkey, tomorrow… I will definitely bring some back tomorrow.” The little boy became anxious.

“Shoo, shoo.” Monkey pushed him away. “You have already said that line for an entire month. This time, no matter how what you say, it’s still a no.”

Their argument, startled the people in the entire temple. Dozens of children walked out in groups from inside the temple, and there were both boys and girls. Most probably, these were the little boy’s companions, and it might be possible that they wouldn’t be very soon.

Because in that group of people, none of them stood out to speak for him. There was no sympathy, and no pity. They simply pointed and chattered about him, and they were filled with inexplicable rage for him.

The words that children used were always more straightforward and more hurtful than adults.

The boy was unable to argue. He simply harboured tears that he could not afford to fall, as he looked helplessly at the group of companions which he had been desperately trying to assimilate into, and anxiously shook his head.

“Big bro Monkey, I saw him on the streets today.” A child who had just entered suddenly squeezed in, and said while pointing at the little boy. “He stole Tyrant Zang Jian’s purse today. I coincidentally saw the three of them chasing after him.”

“What!” Monkey’s face instantly paled, and his face was filled with fear. “You actually dare to steal that evil tyrant’s purse.”

“I was only doing it for Tiger…”

“Shut your mouth!” Monkey became even more furious, as he stomped his feet and said. “You’re just causing trouble for us. Hurry, chase him out. We must have Tyrant Zang Jian and his gang see this. We mustn’t let them know we’re with him, otherwise, he will drag us down.”

“That’s right, hurry and chase him out.”

The rest of the people responded one after another, as they forcefully pushed the boy out of the temple entrance. Standing unstably, the boy instantly fell into the drain outside, staining his entire body with a mud. His clothes which were initially made of thin fabric, were instantly drenched.

However, he simply sat in the drain, dumbfounded, not moving a single inch, as though he had been shocked by how heartless his companions were.

He sat for a long while, before he finally slowly crawled up. Like a wandering ghost he left the broken-down temple. As he walked, he rubbed away the tears that were constantly flowing out of the corners of his eyes, yet, he did not let out a single cry.

Zhu Yao had always been following behind him, her anger had already dissipated quite a bit. She now understood why he did not dare to accept her goodwill, and instead, sold her away. Most probably, he had experienced too many situations like this. He understood the cold and warmth of humans, so he no longer dared to easily believe people. After all, even the companions he had lived with could betray him, much less a person he just met.

Zhu Yao followed him for a while, before she realized that he did not have a clear destination, and he was simply wandering aimlessly in the city. When he arrived at the restaurant she had brought him over for a meal, he stopped. Raising his head, he glanced at it, before silently walking away.

Damn brat, now you know big sister’s pain. Hmph. If I don’t have you experience some pain, you won’t know what’s good for you.

From beginning to end, Zhu Yao did not reveal herself, she simply waited for him to think it through by himself. Otherwise, if she charged out once again, she believed that he would definitely be able to do something like selling her once more.

The child shakily walked in the city for three days. Most probably because he had become truly hungry, he seemed to be walking a little weakly.

Shakily, he walked towards a farmer’s house. However, behind him, a few people suddenly popped out, blocking his path.

“Stinky brat, we finally caught you.” This group consisted of a total of five people, and all of them were adult males. Three of them even looked familiar. They were exactly the three people who beat up the boy the other day. The way they walked, however, was a little strange.

Zhu Yao’s brows twitched. This was the typical scenario where enemies had forgotten the pain after their wounds had recovered!

“If it wasn’t because you stole my purse, stinky brat, I wouldn’t be in this state where I’m unable to bear any sons. Watch me as I beat you to death today.” Tyrant Zang Jian glanced at his little brothers beside him, and the few of them rushed in and circled around him. “Let’s see just which ghost or god will pass by today to save you.”

The little boy took a step back out of fear, yet, his face instantly sank again. He looked despairingly at the people that were already rushing over. He did not even resist, and simply allowed the few people to capture him. This time, no one would be coming to save him. Most probably, death was a form of relief as well.

Their rage, however, did not decrease even the smallest bit just because they were facing a child. Instead, they pushed the child onto the ground, and then, with their wooden bats raised, they ruthlessly smacked towards the child.

Just when one of the wooden bats was about to hit the child, something strange happened. The wooden bat suddenly escaped from their hands and flew away in the opposite direction.

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