Disciple – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Heading Out to Grab a Male Partner

The hell. She did not dare to say about those deities who ascended, but these practitioners, were still human. 70% of a human body was made up of water, and a water spirit vein holder could control water. Just in which way was it trash?

As expected, it’s really frightening without education.

“Yu Luo have never heard of these offensive Arts. Did master create these for me?” Finally, Yu Luo’s eyes began to turn misty.

“Uh… Something like that.” Actually, these were all taught by her Chemistry and Physics teachers.

“Master… this disciple will definitely not betray master’s expectations.” Yu Luo respectfully kowtowed in front of Zhu Yao, her eyes were filled with sparkling light.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief as well. Ever since she knew she possessed the water spirit vein, although she did not voice it out, this little radish had always been feeling a little negative about it. Although her cultivation had never fallen behind, in the end, she simply did not wish to disappoint Zhu Yao. She always had this obstruction in the depth of her heart, believing that she possessed a trash spirit vein, and not only would she be unable to honour her school, she might even bring about countless of troubles. Hence, it was unavoidable for her to depreciate herself. However, on this day, the trace of uncertainty under her eyes, finally disappeared completely.

With her current willpower, even if what happened in her dream would become reality, and her body would be taken over, she would still fight against it with all her might. However…

“Little radish, to water spirit vein holders, this offensive Art is a little too brutal. You can only use it to fend for yourself, so, unless you’re in desperate straits, do not use it easily. Understand?” Although knowledge could change one’s fate, it could also bring about a disaster as well. There might even be a possibility that it would disrupt the current balance between the different spirit veins. She did not wish to stop this bug, only to end up having her own disciple become another bug on her own.

Naturally, Yu Luo knew that this offensive art was beyond ordinary. Raising her right hand, she said seriously. “At this moment, disciple Yu Luo shall swear upon the Soul Demon Oath. I shall not use this art unless I’m in a desperate situation, nor will I pass down this offensive art to anyone else. If I were to violate this oath, this disciple is willing to die under the Soul Demon, and be unable to reincarnate forever.”

Good girl, you have to become a good and upstanding lady, alright!

Zhu Yao then gave her few more instructions before releasing her to practice on her own. After all, since she had only just built her Foundation, her first priority right now was to stabilize her realm as soon as possible.

“Mistress…” Sesame called out unhappily, as it shook its own injured tail. “Mistress, the reason you called me here, is to hurt my tail? Wuuuu… Mistress, how can you treat little beastie like this?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at it. You’re a ninth grade beast, no wait, you’re a tenth grade beast now. Do you have act like this?

“Isn’t it nothing more than a small wound!” Zhu Yao waved her hands without a mind. “With such thick skin and huge muscles, are you telling me you can’t even handle such a small wound?”

“Even if it’s a small wound, it still hurts.” Even its brittle glass-heart had shattered as well, alright?

“Then endure.” Zhu Yao could not be bothered with it any longer. “Just take it as though your auntie’s husband has come along today.”

Sesame was startled for a moment. Auntie’s husband? What’s that? Its ancestors were all beasties which bore single children, so it didn’t have any other relatives though?

Ever since that one lesson, little radish had been focusing on practicing Ice-type mystic arts in these recent days. She had only just built her Foundation, so her realm was not yet stable. Zhu Yao decided to have go into closed-door training for a period of time, to stabilize her realm before continuing.

Little radish knew that she should not be anxious right now either, as she obediently went into closed-door training under the cold lake. Zhu Yao set down a few defensive-type formations in the vicinity. She then casually sealed the Jade Forest Peak’s formation, preventing everyone from entering. After pondering for a moment, she went over to greet Zi Mo, had him pay attention to the situation of Jade Forest Peak, before leaving Ancient Hill Sect.

Zhu Yao calculated, it was about time for her to bring back a supporting male lead.

According to her dream, in Mu Meiyan’s harem, there was an especially important figure, and that was a devil practitioner with a Heavenly Devil Physique. He was initially a tri spirit vein mortal. Following her memories of her past life, Mu Meiyan searched for him, and saved his life a step before Yue Hanxin. From then on, she became the light in this person’s heart.

However, this person was a little unfortunate. He was captured by a heretic practitioner later on, and suffered numerous tortures. Out of coincidence, he found a tattered ancient scroll regarding the Ancient Devil Cultivation. After practicing in it, he realized he possessed the Heavenly Devil Physique, and from then on, his cultivation rose explosively.

In the end, he even succeeded in stepping into the path of the Devil. And, at the end, in order to save Mu Meiyan, he directly succumbed into the Devil. Driven by the Devil’s characteristic, he even opened the seal of the Ancient Devil race.

Hence, the cultivation world which was initially pretty much destroyed by the great war, once again welcomed a wave of disaster due to the emergence of the raging Devil race.

Right now, that person should still be in the mortal realm. Although it’s said that little radish’s takeover was the beginning and cause of everything, this person’s darkening and Devil transformation, was the last straw which brought about the end of the world. Hence, so as to prevent all causes, no matter if Mu Meiyan succeed in her rebirth, Zhu Yao had to make two types of preparations.

After Zhu Yao finished her preparations, she made a trip to the mortal realm. Following her memories, she arrived at a small city in the south. Concealing her figure, she used her divine sense to search for that person. Currently, he should still be a child.

As expected, in an instant, she found what she was looking for. That person was at a secluded corner in the west of the city. And, he seemed to have encountered a small trouble as well. Willing herself, Zhu Yao instantly arrived at the roof of the site of crime.

This place should be a tattered old ruin, as it seemed to have been a long time since the house was last occupied. Not far in front of her, three people were confronting a little boy. That three people were three male adults, and currently, their faces were in rage, as they ruthlessly stared at that boy who had already been forced back into a corner of the wall.

The boy was wearing tattered clothes, and there were even several dirt stains on them. He was extremely thin, as though it had been a long time since he had eaten a good meal, and his face was covered in dirty yellow.

“Stinky brat, why aren’t you running anymore!?” A man spat out. Roughly, he pushed the child’s shoulders, instantly throwing the child’s weak and small body onto the wall.

The child seemed to be in extreme pain, as he was unable to crawl back up in a short notice. Yet, he still stubbornly gritted his teeth, not letting out a single sound.

“To actually dare to steal from my body, you must be tired of living.” Another man picked the child up, and ruthlessly gave him a slap, various types of curses kept spouting out from his mouth.

Another man was jeering at the side as well. “That’s right, beat up this brat who doesn’t know his place.”

Only then did Zhu Yao realize that the little boy was tightly holding onto a purse in his hands. So he had stolen something, no wonder he was being beaten.

The man who got his purse stolen, gave the child a few slaps. After seeing that blood was oozing out from the corner of his lips, and seemed to have fainted, he then retrieved his own purse. Casually, he flung the child away, and then, carefully inspected the contents of his own purse.

“Big bro, what do we do now?” Another man asked. Although this child was detestable, killing him would be more troublesome.

After taking his purse, he swept a glance at the boy who was still curling up on the ground. Suddenly, he smiled sinisterly, and passed a glance at the two people beside him. “My dear brothers, do you want to release some fire?”

The other two instantly understood, as their eyes flashed with a several specks of light. However, one of them then said a little hesitantly. “But this is a boy?”

“What do you know?” That man who got his purse stolen, slapped on his head. “Do you know? Right now, the most trending hobby among the rich folks is to raise a boy like him. After we’re done playing with him, we can even sell him away, and earn a sum of money.”

“Boss is as wise as always.” The other two men instantly nodded. With lewd smiles, they walked over to the child. With a ruthless jerk, they pulled away the child’s shirt. Although the child’s face was stained with a dirty yellow, his body was very white and clean, causing their eyes to be filled with the light of wolves.

At this moment, the child regained his consciousness. Realizing what these men were about to do, he struggled with all his might. “Release me, release me!”

However, how could a mere child struggle free from three grown men? The man raised his hand, and once again gave him a tight slap, causing half of his face to swell up.

The child began to see stars from the beating, and the strength he was putting in his struggle decreased as well. Yet, at this moment, he was really flustered, and he could no longer help but cry out. However, he was unable to stop these people, as his pants had already been ruthlessly pulled down by these men.

Seeing this, Zhu Yao understood that it was time for her to act. In her dream, the reason why he engraved Mu Meiyan’s kindness in his heart was because she had helped him when he was in a crisis.

Zhu Yao descended from the roof, and with a slight cast of a Wind-type mystic art, she flung the three men away. The three men were flung a good couple meters away, and they only managed to stop after smashing onto a broken wall.

Oh courageous youth, stand up now and create miracles!

“Who? Who is it?” The three people crawled up, looking entirely fatigued, yet, they were unable to see a human figure in their vicinity.

Crap, she had forgotten that she had concealed herself.

The three people searched around for a long while, a slight chill began to surge in the depth of their hearts. One of them said. “Big bro, it couldn’t have been a ghost, right? I heard that in the past, this place was actually the old city sector, and usually, there’s those types of things…”

That big bro seemed to much bigger guts, as he spat at his little bro. Not believing in the occult, he once again went forward and grabbed the little boy.

Zhu Yao frowned. Did these people think with their lower halves? Then, they had best not blame her for taking away their thinking tools. With just that behaviour of theirs, if she had not been around, they would have really undergone same-sex relationships one after another.

And their target was even a child who was only around ten years old. They were basically worse than beasts.

Zhu Yao once again cast out wind blades. This time, three blades, were sent directly to their lower halves. In an instant, the three of them held onto their blood-flowing lower halves, as they rolled around in pain on the ground.

“A ghost, a ghost, big bro, there’s definitely a ghost.” The faces of the three men turned pale. Though, it was unknown if it was because of the fright, or the pain.

All three of them tumbled about as they fled.

Only then did Zhu Yao removed her concealment, revealing her figure. Walking to the corner, she saw that child was still sitting over there. His pair of eyes was staring blankly in the air, without a hint of anxiousness.

“You… Are you alright?” Zhu Yao tried to ask. The child had completely no reaction at all, he simply hugged himself even more tightly.

It seemed like he was given quite a fright. Zhu Yao paused for a moment, before reaching out a hand. “Where do you live? Big sis will send you home.”

The child finally had some sort of reaction. Stiffly turning his head to look at her, Zhu Yao tried her best to respond to him with a gentle smile.

Finally, the child cried out loudly.

She hugged the child up, and helped him wipe his tears away as she consoled him. “Alright, alright. It’s fine now. Big sis has already chased those bad people away. Stop crying.”

Yet, the child cried even more sadly, as he tightly grabbed onto her clothes, and wiped his snot on them.

Zhu Yao: “…”

There’s always a need for a grace period. Zhu Yao decided to not persuade him anymore, and allowed him to cry all his want.

Yet, he actually cried for exactly two hours. Zhu Yao was a little curious, just where did all these tears from? Wasn’t he thirsty?

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