Disciple – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Emergency

“Chamber disciple?” Earlier, it seemed like she had heard that term from the person who lead her here as well. However, she was not exactly sure of the specifics.

Seeing that she did not understand, Little Wang, with a serious expression, began to explain to her. “I heard from eldest senior-martial brother that, only chamber disciples are taught mystic arts personally by master. The rest of the inner sect disciples are taught by my senior-martial brothers.”

There’s actually a system like this! But, it was understandable. There were so many disciples in the Ancient Hill Sect, other than the talentless outer sect disciples, the rest were allocated to the Six Peaks. The number of disciples that belonged under each Peak Lord were at least in the high thousands, and at most, above ten thousand. If all of them were to be taught by the Peak Lord alone, he or she would tire to death. If we put it that way, the high status of a chamber disciple went without saying.

“Not bad, little wimp, you’re sure doing well.” Zhu Yao praised him as she stroked his little head.

Little Wang became even more complacent. Giving her a “I will be the one protecting you in the future” expression, he raised his head up high like a little prideful rooster. As he dodged her hand, he continued to flaunt proudly. “Let me tell you this. I’m already at the third level of Essence. Even big senior-martial brother was not as fast me. Tell me, aren’t I really awesome?”

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re awesome. You’re the most awesome little kid ever.” As she thought, he was still a kid. How could she reject his little eyes which were begging for attention and praise? At the very least, she was the one who brought him here, and she suddenly had the feeling as though she had a son who had just grown up.

Wang Xuzhi became a little embarrassed from her praises, his little face blushed as he scratched his head. “Then, what about you? What level are you at right now?”

Zhu Yao became silent, and the corner of lips twitched a little. Recalling that she had already spent almost a month at the Jade Forest Peak, forget about stepping into the Essence stage, she still did not know what the hell spiritual energy was! The absorption of spiritual energy into one’s body her master told her about, she was unable to sense it at all.

Unless she had really aged, and could no longer compare herself to the little turnips at all? A deep sense of powerlessness momentarily filled her entire body, and she could not help but let out a long sigh.

Wang Xuzhi felt the change in her mood, and his sparkling eyes were momentarily dyed with worry. Pulling her hand, he hesitantly spoke out. “You… Don’t be depressed. Even if you haven’t stepped into the Essence stage, it’s not really a big deal. Hao Kai who came along with us just managed to sense spiritual energy as well.”

Guh. Comparing her with a little wimp, was he really trying to console her? Zhu Yao felt her mood worsening.

Seeing that she was not livening up at all, Wang Xuzhi scratched his head irritably, walked about in circles, and continued. “In any… In any case, you will definitely be really incredible very soon. If you really can’t step into the Essence stage, then… then, I… I will support you!”


Hearing a little turnip say that he would support her so decisively, this was the first time it ever happened in the twenty odd years of Zhu Yao’s life. Although this little wimp had always insisted that she was his wife due to the butt-spanking incident, she had always treated it as a joke. Earlier, she intentionally acted depressed, and simply wanted to tease him. However, she did not expect he would say that he would support her with such a serious expression. Zhu Yao could not help but laugh at his serious little face.

“Don’t you laugh. I’m serious. Don’t you believe me?” Seeing her laughing even more loudly, Wang Xuzhi anxiously stomped his feet.

Zhu Yao squatted down, instantly pulled the flustered little turnip into her embrace, and stroked his little head. This little wimp, sure likes to make me laugh, and make me feel moved as well. In response to his words, she nodded heavily. “I do, I do believe you. Then I will wait for you to grow up and support me, alright?”

Little Wang snorted heavily, and finally quietened down, obediently allowed her to hug him.

“Little junior-martial brother.” From nearby, someone that looked about fifteen to sixteen years old walked over. With a face full of smiles, he looked extremely friendly. Looking at the people in the courtyard, a hint of suspicion floated in his mind, however, he walked in without pausing a single step.

“Senior-martial brother Du.” Wang Xuzhi forcefully squeezed himself out of Zhu Yao’s embrace, and he looked at the incoming person with a surprised expression. It seemed like this person was also one of the Sect Master’s chamber disciples.

“Little junior-martial brother, this junior-martial sister is?” The person who came in gave Zhu Yao a light glance.

“This is my w…” Seeing Little Wang who was about to blurt that out once again, with her nimble hands, she quickly covered his mouth. This loud-mouth little wimp, she did not wish to have a legend about her having a May-December relationship spreading around the entire sect the next day.

“Hoho, I’m his big sister. Blood-related!”

“So you’re his elder sister.” The man politely smiled. He sized her up, and realized he was unable to see through her cultivation level. In situations like this where he was unable to see one’s cultivation level, either she had not learnt how to take in spiritual energy, or, her cultivation level was much higher than himself. However, looking at her age, she must have admitted into the sect for a long time, so, he determined it was the latter.

“My name is Du Yuanchen, a disciple under Reverend Zi Mo. Mind if I ask, which Reverend is senior-martial sister under?”

“I’m called Zhu Yao, I’m a… disciple of Talisman Peak. So as to prevent people from calling her ancestor, she made a small lie.

Du Yuanchen nodded, and no longer continued questioning her. He turned and said to Wang Xuzhi. “Little junior-martial brother, it’s almost time. Let’s go look for master together.”

Wang Xuzhi was startled for a moment. He had to look for his master, but, it’s been a long time since had seen Zhu Yao, so he was a little reluctant. Thus, he looked at Zhu Yao with a difficult expression.

“Go on. It’s also about time for me to return. Let’s head out together.”

Only then was Wang Xuzhi satisfied, and followed behind Du Yuanchen. Occasionally, he would sneak a peek at Zhu Yao behind him, as though he was afraid he might lose her. They would also occasionally start up some idle chatter along the way, and Du Yuanchen would timely interject into their conversations as well.

From their conversation, Zhu Yao found out that there were extremely small number of chamber disciples in every Peak, and only people with especially good talents, would be taken in by the Peak Lords as chamber disciples. For example, under the Sect Master, Reverend Zi Mo, he currently only had five chamber disciples. Du Yuanchen was the fourth disciple, he entered under him fifteen years ago, and currently, he was at the level of an Essence Paragon. Little Wang was obviously the youngest disciple. Looking at Du Yuanchen, he seemed to extremely like this little junior-martial brother of his. With his protection, Zhu Yao was able to slightly feel at ease.

Along the way, she had encountered many Sword Peak disciples bowing to the two people one after another. It seemed like the status of a chamber disciple was extremely high in the sect. Furthermore, Du Yuanchen and Little Wang seemed to have gotten used to it, as they simply walked on while looking steadily forward.

Little Wang, who had a mind of a child, was even more cocky. He held extreme respect to his own master, and along the way, he kept instilling into her his thoughts of his master being “extremely incredible”, and his master being “number one in the world”.

Zhu Yao curled her lips, she could not bear to shatter his passion of chasing after his idol. She wondered what kind of expression he would make if he knew that his master had to call her martial-aunt.

“So, like I was saying, your master must be terribly bad, that’s why you’re still not as incredible as me!” As though he had finally found a very legitimate reason, Wang Xuzhi said to her very sincerely. “Why don’t you have my master take you in as his disciple as well? Master really dotes on me, so he will definitely accept you.”

Little Wang felt as though his words sounded more and more reasonable, and with his small hands, he pulled Zhu Yao over to his master’s cave residence.

Zhu Yao was about to stop him, when suddenly, a loud bang sounded. In front of her, a black figure flashed past, and with a ‘pa’ sound, it fell right in front of them, staining the ground with a pool of blood.

A flying corpse out of nowhere!? What the hell!?

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