Disciple – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Reunion with Little Wang

Looking at the ten blankets stacking on top of her body, which were restraining her from moving, Zhu Yao felt extremely uncomfortable. Not just that, unclear of when it began, her master was standing next to her, and with his hands, he was calmly raising up the eleventh blanket, looking as though he was about to press it onto her.

“Master…” Zhu Yao was a little disheartened, was this Master’s newly invented method of waking her up? I have to say, you win.

“Mn!” Yu Yan indifferently responded. Without leaving a trace, he kept the eleventh blanket, and from his calm and collected expression, it looked as though he was not the person who had kept watch of his disciple by her bedside throughout the night. “How’s your body?” As he said that, his hand had already reached out to her wrist to check on her pulse.

Zhu Yao, who was questioned about her auntie in the early morning, instantly blushed completely red. But, seeing the serious expression of the person who questioned her, she mustered up her courage and replied. “Much better.” As though she wanted to prove that she was indeed healthy, she tried to get up.

After confirming that there were no abnormalities in her pulse, Yu Yan was finally at ease. Retracting his hand back, he told her to rest more, and not to get up in such a hurry. Looking at the sky which had already turned bright, he recalled his disciple’s request to drink brown sugar water yesterday. He turned, and headed towards the kitchen.

“Master, wait a minute!” Just when he turned his body, the disciple behind him pulled onto his sleeves. He turned his head back and saw his stupid disciple’s face which looked as though she was about to cry, as she pitifully said. “Do you mind pulling me out? I’m being pressed on by the blankets, I can’t get out by myself at all.”


Five days later, Zhu Yao’s auntie went away on schedule. During the five days, she was definitely living in pure misery. Forget about her master who spent his entire time sewing and making her sanitary pads, Jade Forest Peak, which was usually quiet and serene, suddenly became lively. Every day, there would be waves after waves of disciples heading up the mountain for the purpose of sending them brown sugar supplies. Before leaving, they would always give her curious looks. She felt as though the entire sect knew that her auntie was here.

A bowl of brown sugar water would also appear on the table for every meal as well. After drinking so much, currently, she would even feel nausea just from the sight of water. After all, the bowls of brown sugar water were made by her master, there was nothing else she could do but to bite the bullet, and drink them all down. Hence, the moment her auntie left, she clearly, bluntly, and firmly expressed that she no longer need them. Only then did her master finally stop his “poison-feeding” actions.

Because of this incident, Zhu Yao was deeply concerned about her cultivation life after this. This master of hers, looking at him from all aspects, she had to say, she was not unsatisfied with him. Handsome, high cultivation level, high status, and he even added skill points in every possible life skill. The main point was, he was extremely good to her – his disciple. The only flaw was… he was lacking in a bit of common sense.

That’s right, common sense. Just like this incident, if not for his extremely sincere behaviour, she would have really believed that he had a hole in his brain.

She really wondered just how he did he manage to survive for so many years.

It seemed like she had to give him reminders from time to time in the future, after all, she was someone that had experienced the lives of two different worlds. With someone who was like a bunch of worries as her master, it seemed like it was not possible for her to live her life quietly as a female practitioner.

Heaving a long sigh, Zhu Yao, who had holed up for another half a month after the auntie incident, decided to head down the mountain to relieve her boredom. Catching a disciple who had just passed by, she had him bring her to Main Peak. She had decided to take a look at Little Wang.

After all, both of them could be considered to come from the same hometown, and she was the one who brought him here as well. Naturally, she felt responsible for him, and from their last encounter, the little fellow was evidently worried about her as well. Although he was young, he already had the undertaking to be a real man. Occasionally, a sense of pride would somehow rise within her.

After making some inquiries along the way, she found out that batch of disciples had already finished their sect-entry lectures, and had been allocated to the various Peaks.

“This senior-martial brother, I wonder if you have heard of a certain child named Wang Xuzhi, and the place he had been allocated to?” Zhu Yao continued her inquiries.

“Wang Xuzhi!” The eyes of disciple who was questioned momentarily sparkled, and his slightly irritated attitude earlier turned extremely enthusiastic. “Are you asking about the Sect Master’s newly accepted chamber disciple? The one with the fire heavenly spirit vein?”

Zhu Yao nodded. Although she did not really know if Little Wang was taken in as the Sect Master’s disciple, if that person possessed the Fire Heavenly spirit vein, then it should be him.

“Mind if I ask, you’re…”

“I’m his big sister.” Zhu Yao casually came up with a reason. So as to not have someone else call her ancestor, along the way, she did not reveal her identity.

Unexpectedly, the moment the disciple heard this, his attitude towards her became much more respectful. “Junior-martial brother Wang had been taken in by the Sect Master, currently, he should be in the Sword Peak. If junior-martial sister does not mind, this disciple here can bring you there.”

Naturally, Zhu Yao was happy to have someone lead her there, and thus, she followed him to the Sword Peak. When she reached, she realized the Sword Peak was not that far from the Jade Forest Peak, as it was just floating right under the Jade Forest Peak. And, there were teleportation formations between the various Peaks, so there was not exactly a need to fly between them.

That disciple brought Zhu Yao to one teleportation formation after another, and finally, they teleported to a small courtyard. Within the courtyard, with just a single glance, Zhu Yao was able to spot Little Wang, who was currently swinging a sword that was much longer than himself.

Zhu Yao bade goodbye to the person who brought her here, and thanked him, before entering the courtyard. The moment she stepped into the courtyard, Wang Xuzhi saw her. A large surprise flashed across his little face which was drenched in sweat. He sprinted towards her right after keeping his sword, and he shouted loudly as he ran.


Zhu Yao raised her fist and sent a knock onto his small head, a big bun grew on his head. “What nonsense are you shouting? You have no manners at all.”

“It’s not nonsense!” With a pitiful expression, Little Wang rubbed his painful head. Unsatisfied, he refuted back. “My father once told me, a woman treats her husband as her heaven, so, I’m bigger than you.”

Just why could he not put that matter to rest? Zhu Yao could not help but forcefully pinch his round cheeks. “It seems a little child like you haven’t been taught well, why is having a wife on your mind every single day? Who would become your wife anyway!”

“Of course, it’s you.” Wang Xuzhi said seriously. “A real man must be upright, and keep to his words. I once said I will marry you, so I will definitely marry you. I won’t despise you. And, I’m already ten years old, I’m no longer a child!”

Aiya, you’re rather stubborn, aren’t you? “Was that something your father taught you as well?”

Wang Xuzhi shook his head. “My master taught me that.”

Zhu Yao felt it was funny, and stroked his head. “Then, did your master teach you this? As someone cultivating to becoming a deity, you must abstain from normal pleasures of life and deny material satisfaction, so you cannot have thoughts of finding love. You’re destined to not have a wife in your entire life!”

Wang Xuzhi shook his head, as though he had thought of something regarding what she just said, he frowned. “But… Master has a wife, big senior-martial brother has a wife too, and senior-martial brother Shushu has a wife as well!”

Uh… Alright, her version of education seemed to be incorrect.

“Ahem… I heard the Sect Master has taken you in as his disciple.” Zhu Yao changed the topic of discussion.

The moment she brought up the matter of his master, Little Wang instantly had a prideful look, and haughtily raised his head up. “I’m a chamber disciple, you know.”

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