Disciple – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Azureflight’s Price

Wu Song’s heart once again softened in an instant. After all, she was his woman, no matter what, he had to protect her. Hence, he chose to believe her. Unconsciously, he ignored the fact that she had already lost her virginity. As though he was trying to escape from the truth, he was unwilling to think about it.

Hence, he closed the sect’s doors and rejected responding to them. In any case, Azureflight Sect had such an incredible Great Mountain Barrier Formation. Even if that Demigod Sovereign were to actually make a move himself, Wu Song did not have to worry at all. Furthermore, inside their sect, they still had the late stage Demigod, Chen Ning.

Even when those Nascent Soul Elders who had grown up with him had complaints regarding this issue, he decided to ignore them. He guaranteed time and time again that he would definitely protect Azureflight Sect well, and that there wouldn’t be any problems at all.

The fact that Sovereign Zhu Yao had already returned, after discussing with his fellow Nascent Soul martial brothers and sisters, they decided to first put it aside. Although lawfully, she was the actual Sect Master, she had after all disappeared for so many years. The big and small matters regarding the sect, had always been managed by Wu Song all these years. It was also him who had pulled Azureflight to such heights, taking a step at a time. In all the disciples’ hearts, Wu Song was the true leader of the sect, while Zhu Yao was merely their benefactor who had saved their lives back then. Although his actions now had some selfish motives in them, he was not afraid that Zhu Yao would suddenly arrive at Azureflight Sect in order to vent off steam for her own disciple and chase him down from his Sect Master’s position.

Because this Sect Master position he took up was perfectly justified in the first place. Back then when Zhu Yao disappeared, and there wasn’t anyone leading the crowd in the sect, everyone agreed to his decision of taking up the Sect Master’s position. Furthermore, he had always been doing great until recently, while everyone had also gotten used to the way he managed things.

However, he had completely never expected that Zhu Yao basically did not have the intention to take away his Sect Master’s position at all.

On the seventh day after he returned to the sect, Elder Sesame came. He openly appeared in the great hall, and in front of all the disciples, he took out the Clan Master Token. That was the Clan Master Token of the former Azure Melancholy Clan.

“Mistress told me to return this to the true Clan Master of Azure Melancholy Clan.”

When his words fell, the faces of the eighty or so martial brothers and sisters of back then, instantly darkened. Perplexed emotions surfaced on their expressions, yet, they could not find any words to rebut him with. They were the Azureflight Sect, yet, that was indeed the Clan Master Token of Azure Melancholy Clan, as the two words ‘Azure Melancholy’ were clearly written on it.

For a moment, Wu Song could not decide to take it or not.

Sesame, however, did not bother, and simply placed it on the table at the side. With that same indifferent expression, he said. “Mistress said that back then, she had simply passed by here and saved all of you while she was at it. It was just a small effort from her part, so there’s no need for thanks. Naturally, there’s no need for any repayment either.”

Everyone’s faces darkened even more, yet, they were especially embarrassed as well. Clearly, he said those words all so easily, yet, those words faintly made them to feel how ungrateful they were, and that especially applied to the few Elders who had visited Ancient Hill Sect back then. Yet, everything he had said were all true, and they could not refute at all.

“Since the item has already returned to its actual owner,” Sesame swept a glance at the people present. “From this moment on, we no longer owe each other anything.”

Sesame waved his hand, and walked out of the great hall in huge strides. Suddenly, a pressure that was comparable to that of a late stage Demigod’s, instantly engulfed the entire Azureflight Sect. Wu Song and everyone present were all stunned. Although that pressure was not pressing their bodies, it was truly striking them with fear.

They had long known that Sesame was Zhu Yao’s demonic beast. However, what he had always displayed on the surface was merely the cultivation of a Nascent Soul practitioner. Hence, everyone had always believed that he was merely a seventh or eighth rank demonic beast which had the natural ability to transform. Never did they expect that he was actually tenth rank, which was comparable to a late stage Demigod!

Just as everyone present was still stunned, Sesame used his spiritual energy, and sent his voice to every corner of Azureflight Sect. “Mistress hereby orders, the Sect Master Token has been returned to this sect on this day, and our intertwined fate ends here. From this day on, we no longer have any relations to this sect.”

Wu Song simply felt his heart clenching, as he suddenly had a bad premonition. Suddenly, from the base of the mountain, the roars of demonic beasts could be heard one after another. As though they were responding to Sesame, roars after roars resounded through the skies.

All the disciples that were currently practicing in the square, stopped one after another, and their faces showed that they did not know what was going on. They were unclear as to where these roars were coming from. These new disciples who had only entered the sect did not know, however, those eighty-three people who had been here the entire time knew exactly what they were. Those demonic beasts were the ones who were guarding every entrance and the core of Azureflight Sect’s Great Mountain Barrier Formation.

They had always been prideful of their Azureflight Sect’s impenetrable Great Mountain Barrier Formation. Even when those heretic practitioners who had attacked them a few hundred years ago found out that they were Azure Melancholy Sect in the past, and had come to find trouble with them, they were blocked by this sturdy formation and were killed by the demonic beasts’ fangs. Hence, because of this incident, the Great Mountain Barrier Formation of Azureflight Sect had surpassed Ancient Hill Sect’s in reputation, and was now known as the number one Great Mountain Barrier Formation in the cultivation world.

However, they had all forgotten that Azureflight Sect’s formation was laid down exactly by that person from Ancient Hill Sect’s Jade Forest Peak.

A hint of panic began to flash in everyone’s faces.

Sesame, however, seemed to have suddenly recalled something, as he said in an especially provocative manner. “Oh, right. Is that bastard with the surname Chen still here? Don’t forget to tell him that, I’m mistress’s only, true, and purest beastie which has been personally recognized by mistress. Have him scram as far as he can. If he dares to approach my mistress, I will break his chicken claws! Hmph!”

After leaving behind a heavy snort, in a flash, his figure disappeared from sight.

At the moment he disappeared, another white figure suddenly appeared where Sesame was standing on earlier. His initial elegant-looking face revealed a hint of anxiousness, as he began to search all around. “Why did I smell the scent of that greedy beast Sesame? Where’s lord? Did lord return? Lord… I’m just a lonely beastie with no one to rely on! Please take me in!”

After saying that, his figure flashed, and he had already gone to chase after Sesame.

Those demonic beast roars which were still deafening to the ears earlier, began to slowly die down, and then, they completely disappeared. Not even a single sound could be heard from them any longer, and even their presences had disappeared along with them. Wu Song’s heart, had begun to slowly turn cold as well.

In the following days, Azureflight Sect had become very busy. After losing the guardian demonic beasts, the Great Mountain Barrier Formation was basically nothing to speak of, and Celestial Indus Sect openly walked into the place. Not to mention, their only Demigod practitioner was not in the sect as well. Although Wu Song did possess late stage Nascent Soul cultivation, in terms of overall strength, they were after all still incomparable to Celestial Indus Sect which had two Demigod Sovereigns.

No matter if there was really true love between Wu Song and Mu Meiyan, right now, they had no choice but to hand her over. They even had to take responsibility for the actions of shutting them outside the gates earlier. Thus, privately, they compensated them with a few spiritual herbs and mystic artifacts.

However, when it was the time to truly hand her over, Mu Meiyan disappeared. Wu Song was completely dumbfounded. Thus, the complaints towards him had grown even more.

Although on the surface, Ru Lu was expelled out from the sect, in actual fact, she escaped back then. Otherwise, Celestial Indus Sect wouldn’t have come to ask for her, and deal with her while they were at it. However, she was not stupid either. She had long guessed that Wu Song was beginning to waver. Although she hated it, she still had to endure it within herself.

Phantom, her biggest cheat, had yet to wake up. If she were to get caught now, she would no longer ever have the chance to turn the tables in the future. The reason why she had stayed in Azureflight, was in order to wait for the opportunity to make her comeback. However, this place was evidently no longer a safe haven for her, so it would have been strange for her not to leave.

Only then did Wu Song finally begin to doubt if the Yan’er he had placed in his heart all this time, had actually treated him sincerely in return as well. Suddenly, he recalled Zhu Yao’s words about her virginity being lost. In the past, he had purposely ignored this matter, and had even found excuses for her in his mind. Most probably, she was forced to do so, he thought. However, looking at it now, he was a complete joke. He began to reminisce about Yu Luo. The two of them had been together for nearly a thousand years, yet, she had always been the one who thought of him the most, and to save him, she had even damaged her cultivation.

However, he…

Because they were unable to hand the person over, Azureflight Sect had no choice but to pay even more physical items as price. Seemingly a large half of their resources had been moved away. Initially, they were not important in his eyes, because behind Azureflight Sect, the entire Equality Pavilion was backing them up. In these years, he had never been frustrated over the lack of various resources. Because they had Chen Ning who came to their doorsteps on his own, and wouldn’t leave even in his death.

However, he had forgotten. The reason why Chen Ning stayed behind back then, was because – he was waiting for his lord.

And his lord, however, was Sovereign Zhu Yao, who had announced that she no longer had any ties with Azureflight Sect.

He did not know why he referred to Zhu Yao as lord, but with Zhu Yao’s withdrawal, Azureflight Sect had indeed lost this god of wealth whom they needed to have.

Azureflight Sect, in just but an instant, was now short of money. Wu Song, who only had to concentrate on training while heavenly ingredients and treasure fall into the palms of his hand in the past, had to begin worrying about the problem of the sect’s livelihood.

The most terrible thing was, he realized that his own cultivation could no longer improve. Not just him, but the small group of martial brothers and sisters who had followed him all the way to the cultivation of Nascent Soul, was unable to improve their cultivation for a long time now. After inquiring, he found out that the cultivation of the eighty-three people whom he had trained with together back then, were all in the same situation.

Although their weakest member had already reached the Azoth Core stage, all of them, with no exceptions, were no longer able to make any breakthroughs. Theoretically speaking, for tetra spirit veins and penta spirit veins holders like them, it was already considered a heavenly miracle for them to form their Azoth Cores. However, back then when Zhu Yao passed them this cultivation method, she had clearly said that, it wasn’t impossible for them to gain the opportunity to achieve the Great Dao, and ascend into deities.

He knew that Zhu Yao wouldn’t lie to them. It was definitely because the cultivation method had yet to be perfected, or there was a need to alter some of the aspects within it. Back then when she created this cultivation method, didn’t she have to help them make adjustments to it often?

However, he currently no longer had a reason to once again seek her teachings.

Only then did Wu Song realize that, because of his own selfish motives, he had made an irreparable mistake.

However, everything was all too late. Azureflight, just like its rise, with unbelievable speed, began to plummet down.

Of course, Zhu Yao who was currently practicing a particular life skill with all her might, had no time to mind about such things.

Zhu Yao’s goal was to create the strongest artifact in the cultivation world. However, when it came to a handicraft like refining artifacts, although she knew about it, it was still the first time she had personally tried her hands on it. In actual fact, all of the life skills were merely separated into three stages – elementary, intermediate, and advanced.

Of course, this was obvious, but basically, the ranks of refining artifacts went like this. If one was capable of refining first to third rank mystic artifacts, then that practitioner would be an Elementary Artificer. If one was capable of refining fourth to seventh rank mystic artifacts, then that practitioner would be an Intermediate Artificer. If one was capable of refining eighth rank mystic artifacts and higher, including penultimate grade artifacts, then that practitioner would be an Advanced Artificer.

Very evidently, Yu Yan was an expert standing at the very summit of the pyramid. Back then, that fan which was her very first weapon, was a third rank penultimate grade artifact. Furthermore, inside her master’s storage ring, there was a huge pile of mystic artifacts and treasures. Zhu Yao had asked him about it before, and her master’s reply was this.

Back in the days, he was bored, so he created them every now and then, and when he had nowhere to place them, he simply stuffed them inside the ring.

As for a certain person who had always treated these items as treasures, when she found out this truth, actual tears fell from her eyes.

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