Disciple – Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: I’m Going into Isolation Now

Zhu Yao felt that she had stimulated them enough, hence, she pulled Yu Luo from the side, and stepped out of the great hall first. After taking a few steps, she once again turned around, and added.

“Oh right, congratulations Sect Master Wu, for finding your true love. Although she had already lost her virginity, I believe you won’t mind it, right?”

When these words fell, Mu Meiyan’s expression instantly paled as well.

Zhu Yao however, flew back to Jade Forest Peak in a good mood. Actually, the matter about Mu Meiyan losing her virginity, was something she had merely guessed. After all, in her dream, she had never given up on hooking up with Yue Hanxin’s men, and would use every means possible to do so. Now that a thousand years had already passed, Zhu Yao simply would not believe that she had maintained herself as a virgin.

And as expected, she guessed it right.

In the cultivation world, practitioner-pair companionship was treated really seriously. As long as it’s not a matter which could only be solved with death, a woman’s virginity would usually be given to her practitioner-pair companion. Those with irregular relationships would all be taken as furnaces. Hence, when Wu Song wanted to cancel this engagement, it would definitely bring about a huge influence onto Yu Luo. This was also the reason why Zhu Yao used her identity as the personal succeeding disciple’s master, to deny this marriage, and change the entire situation into where Yu Luo was the one who did not want him and rejected his proposal.

And at that time, Zi Mo was present as well. He was absolutely pleased, and had even spread out embellished news about this matter.

Not to mention, Wu Song was even a Sect Master now. Although she did not know how he had surpassed her authority and taken up the position, high positions would always come with misgivings.

Furthermore, he had always thought it was true love between them, yet, her body had long been given to someone else. She really wondered now that Mu Meiyan was no longer his benefactor in this timeline, nor was she the moonlight in his heart, just how far could their so-called true love go?

Of course, they could simply suspect that Zhu Yao had casually made a nonsensical remark, as no one was able to determine if a person still held onto his or her virginity with just a glance. But, she was after all someone who came from Jade Forest Peak. Jade Forest Peak was a place that no one in the cultivation world could understand in the first place. Even if what she said was false, the masses would still believe that it’s true. Furthermore, the expression Mu Meiyan showed back then could only be true, and not false.

Mu Meiyan had always believed that her own plight was all caused by the Mary Sue Yue Hanxin. However, although Yue Hanxin was very hesitant with her own feelings, and constantly left feelings of love everywhere, at the very least, her body was pure and well. She simply got flirted on, and nothing absolute had actually happened. Between a man and a woman, if one was willing to hit, while the other was willing to get hit on, what did that have to concern a passer-by like her? If Mu Meiyan did not harbour such huge amount of jealousy in her past life, she would not have landed herself in such an ending as well.

“Thank you, master.” Yu Luo moved the corner of her lips, as though she was trying to smile. However, she was completely unable to smile at all.

“What are you thanking me for?” Zhu Yao turned her head and glanced at her.

Yu Luo lowered her head. “Thank you, master, for stepping forward to protect this disciple’s reputation.”

“Haah.” Zhu Yao understood that right now, she was feeling miserable. Hence, she could only step forward to hug her, and stroke her head, just like the time when she was young. “Little radish, it’s hard to find a three-legged toad, but a man with two legs can be found anywhere.”

Yu Luo looked at her, and mist once again rose in her eyes. “But… I can’t put it down. I really don’t understand how the feelings we have developed for so many years, isn’t able to beat their mere few years of knowing each other?”

“Why can’t you be a little more optimistic? He’s able to give up on the feelings the both of you have developed for so many years, so naturally, he’s able to give up on other feelings as well. You simply came to understand this truth much earlier than you should have.”

Yu Luo turned silent. Recalling that Mu Meiyan, her eyes sunk a little. “Why did he have to save that person?”

“Yu Luo.” Zhu Yao’s expression turned stern, and said with a low voice. “You think that woman is the cause of everything?”

“But all this happened after she came.”

“Even if it wasn’t her, it might be someone else as well. Yu Luo, if a dog wishes to bite someone, it’s not something that can be decided by the roughness or length of the leash tied to it. One that bites, will always bite. One that doesn’t bite, even if you don’t tie it with a leash, will simply wag its tail when it sees people. Do you understand?”

“…” Yu Luo’s face was completely at a loss. “But back then, we…”

“When you buy a dog, you won’t know if this dog will bite people or not after it grows up, right?” So ultimately, Zhu Yao had mistakenly brought back a dog, and had even allowed it to stroll to where Yu Luo was.

Yu Luo turned silent, as though she had understood her words. The stiff and hateful expression on her face, slowly faded away.

“Yu Luo.” Zhu Yao patted on her head. “Master knows you’re feeling miserable, but this is the truth. No matter how much you think about it, there’s nothing you can do about it. When it came to a few matters, it’s not because you didn’t do them well, rather, it’s because you did too well, which caused you to lose what you could be proud of. So why should you feel sad and hurt for a person who had trampled on your pride?”


“Actually, feelings are like investments.” Zhu Yao continued to enlighten her. “Once you have invested, and found out that you’re still not receiving any returns, it’s not because the market wasn’t good. Rather, it’s because the target you have invested in was simply not worth it. However, right now, there’s still time for you to recover your finances, so why don’t you try choosing someone else?”

“What are investments?” Yu Luo blanked.

“Uhh…” She had habitually used the set of words she would always use to console her best friend. “Mn. I’m saying that this person called Wu Song basically isn’t someone worthy of your love. There’s a huge queue of good men out there waiting for you to choose. So, stop hanging onto a single tree, and start trying to hang on other trees.”

“Master…” Seeing how her master was developing her persuasion towards a joking direction, Yu Luo’s expression finally looked better than before. She could not help but mutter out. “Which master would allow her own disciple to go hang herself?”

It’s just a metaphor, geez. “In any case, women must treat themselves better, do you understand?”

Yu Luo’s expression sank, before she nodded a few moments later. “Mn. Master, I will try my best to… forget him.”

“Good girl!” As expected, she was now on track. “Oh right, why is your cultivation merely at the late stages of Azoth Core?”

Theoretically speaking, since even those little radishes were already at the Nascent Soul stages, with her own disciple’s heavenly spirit vein, no matter the case, she should have reached the Nascent Soul stages, or even better. Putting aside the Demigod stage, at the very least, she should have been at the late stages of Nascent Soul, similar to Wu Song.

Yu Luo’s expression paled, and a moment later, she carefully answered. “Initially, I had already nourished my Nascent Soul. However, because, back then when Wu Song saved Mu Meiyan, he had suffered heavy injuries. In order to save him, I…”

“You couldn’t have given him your virginity, right?” Zhu Yao fiercely stood up. The hell, that trash.

“No, no, I didn’t.” Yu Luo hurriedly explain. “Back then, I had used all of the spiritual energy in my body, however, because someone interrupted me when I finished the treatment, my meridians were twisted, and my cultivation suffered a blow.” When she was circulating her energy back, Mu Meiyan suddenly barged in, which thus caused her to… However, she did not bring this matter up, as she was afraid her master would be angry.

Zhu Yao’s brows were already close to becoming vertical from frowning, and at every given second, she had the impulse to castrate someone. Could it be that all men who approached Mu Meiyan, would possess some hidden trash personality? Even after little radish saved him, he actually still had the gall to cheat on her. What a bastard.

If she had known of this, back then, she wouldn’t have saved him. Zhu Yao felt frustrated. Ever since she came out of that scroll, things had been spiralling out of control, the scenario was heading back to the ending she had seen in her dreams, and in great strides at that. Yet, she had completely no idea how to stop it at all.

Suddenly, she recalled something.

“You people are still in touch with Chen Ning.” Zhu Yao’s words were decisive. In the storage pouch which Wu Song had taken out back then as the so-called compensation, she had swept her divine sense into it. She realized there were some scrolls of mystic arts which were very familiar. They were exactly the things she had seen in the fifth floor of Chen Ning’s Equality Pavilion.

Oh right, that strange scroll was also something she had taken from Chen Ning. In an instant, another name had been added into the list of people she wanted to castrate.

“Sovereign Chen Ning?” Yu Luo blanked. “Currently, Chen Ning is already Azureflight Sect’s Demigod Sovereign.”

“What?” Why did that second-rate beast join into the mix as well?

Zhu Yao was a little unclear of the situation as well. “Back then when master went missing, Sovereign Chen Ning insisted that he would not leave, and said that he wanted to wait for your return. Hence, he had been staying inside the Sect, and in these years, he had been giving guidance in various areas as well.”

Zhu Yao frowned. She had wondered how Azureflight Sect managed to rise so quickly, so he was the reason behind that. Chen Ning was a tenth rank demonic beast, which was comparable to a late stage Demigod Sovereign. Based on his prestige alone, it had already raised Azureflight to great heights. Not to mention, Chen Ning was rich. Behind him, he possessed an entire Equality Pavilion, which basically monopolized half of the entire practitioners’ market. It’s simply impossible for Azureflight to not attract attention of this scale.

The main point was that this rich person, was someone she herself had brought. As expected, death would not come if one did not seek it.

“Little radish…” Unfortunately, she was running out of time. Although she was furious at Wu Song, she knew that right now, there wasn’t time for her to care about this piece of mess. Just as she was about to tell Yu Luo of her isolation plan, she was suddenly tugged by someone.

Once again, Yue Ying had popped out of nowhere. His body was a little dirty, and his face was still as expressionless as ever. Opening his mouth, he called out. “Sis… Yao.”

“…” I already told you not to call me Sis Yao, I’m a good person! At that instant, Zhu Yao felt that something was definitely wrong with her brain when she wanted to teach Yue Ying how to pronounce her name back then.

“Can’t… Find. Yao… Don’t go.” Yue Ying choppily said a few words.

However, Zhu Yao understood. So the reason why he became like this, was because he had been searching for her? As she had thought, this child had a mother complex, right? She casually cast a Dirt Removal Art on him, and persuaded him a little. Then, she gave Yu Luo a few instructions, told her about her plans for closed-door training, and passed Yue Ying over to her as well. Right after, she returned to the depths of that cold river.

Ever since Wu Song took the Sect Master position, this was the first time he felt so frustrated. When he returned to the sect, he found out that the news of him being rejected after trying to marry the Jade Forest Peak’s Sovereign Zhu Yao’s disciple, had already been spread to the entire cultivation world.

In the beginning, he did not really mind. After all, he was a man. Although it did not really sound good hearing that he was rejected, it was not considered a huge matter. Also, it was indeed his fault for being unfaithful to Yu Luo.

However, right after, he did not know why, but Celestial Indus Sect had come looking for him, and they wanted him to hand over Ru Lu, the traitor of their sect. Only then did Wu Song feel that things had become a little serious. Azureflight Sect had been developing at a rapid pace in these recent years, however, ultimately, they were still a sect that had just been newly established and did not have much insurance.

Celestial Indus Sect however, was a deity sect which had been passed down for millions of years. In the recent years, they had even gained another Demigod Sovereign. No matter how one saw it, they were not a sect which Azureflight Sect could contend against. Furthermore, the person who came, was even acting in the name of Sovereign Qi Han.

He said that the Sect-mate Ru Lu had harmed in the past, was exactly Sovereign Qi Han’s disciple. Wu Song had suspected this as well, but Ru Lu simply cried as depressingly as she could, and insisted that she was framed. As the daughter of the Sect Master, for what reason would she harm a junior-martial sister from the same sect as her?

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