Disciple – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: A Single Woman in a Doubles

Hence, Zhu Yao handed over these matters to Wu Song without any worries. Though, occasionally, when he had problems regarding formations and mystic arts, he would consult her.

Zhu Yao began to feel that there were many mystic arts in this world which could be merged with the knowledge of modern era, and the unleashed might was very stunning. There were many similarities between the two worlds. This world simply used divine arts to explain things, while that world of hers believed all these were science.

Five years passed in a blink of an eye. Yu Luo’s cultivation had already reached the middle levels of Foundation, and the day of the Great Inter-Sect Tournament had finally arrived.

Zhu Yao was actually a little anxious. Because, in a few days, the reincarnating support female lead was about to step onto this grand stage.

Zhu Yao only pulled her disciple to the site on the very day of the final match. There wasn’t any difference between this Great Inter-Sect Tournament and the previous one, even the three Sovereigns had arrived neatly at the scene.

As always, one of them was sitting on a mythic bird, one was sitting on a white tiger, while the other was sitting on a jade lotus.

Only she herself… had flown her sword there.

Uh… Had she accidentally fell by a level? However, if she were to use those mystic artifacts which her master had left her, she was afraid that it might deal a huge blow to their confidence.

Among the three Sovereigns, she was not all that familiar with the other two, and they had only nodded at her in acknowledgement.

Only Feng Yi turned her head to look at her. At that moment, Zhu Yao even thought that she had seen through something, and her legs had almost turned jelly. Fortunately, Feng Yi did not make any other movements. Most probably, that persuasion she did at that moonlit night had taken effect, and she was now treated as a friend of hers.

Most likely, Zi Mo did not expect that she would come, and when he saw Yu Luo behind her, he became even more stunned.

“Little martial aunt, what are you…” Zi Mo stood up, anxiousness filled his entire face. Why did she bring his daughter out for? There’s so many outsiders today, what if some incidents were to occur?

Zhu Yao realized that all the seats were already taken, hence, she sat straight onto Zi Mo’s seat. I’m sorry, stealing his seat was a Jade Forest tradition. I can’t help it.

Yu Luo gave Zi Mo a greeting, and then, stood right behind her.

Zi Mo was so anxious, fumes were about to rise from his head. However, there was nothing else he could do, but suppress the suspicion in his heart.

Little martial aunt must have her own reasons for bringing his daughter out here… right? He was really worried for his precious daughter.

On the ring, the Essence final match was ongoing. She still remembered back then when she first came here to watch, her master was still by her side. And there were… many other people, whom she couldn’t remember too clearly.

Back then, she felt as though everyone on the ring was very incredible. However, when she looked at them now, she felt that they were all really average. She could even easily see through their weaknesses.

Just as she was feeling bored, suddenly, a resounding notice entered her ears.

“Elder of Azureflight Sect, along with the disciples of my sect, has arrived!”


Zhu Yao suddenly lost her composure, and had almost fell off the chair.

Azureflight Sect? It can’t be!

Everyone present was a little doubtful as well. The final matches of the Great Inter-Sect Tournament were already ongoing, why was there still a sect coming in at this juncture? It’s too late, wasn’t it?

Zi Mo, was after all, the host. Although he was a little doubtful, he still turned around to welcome them.

A group of five people came flying over from afar. The one at the very front, was a very young man. He looked as though he was only fifteen or sixteen years old, and was a little baby-faced. His plump cheeks, made people feel like pinching them, yet, his cultivation was at the Nascent Soul Paragon stage.

Behind him were three boys and one girl, and they looked to be around fifteen to sixteen years old. All their cultivation levels were at the elementary levels of Foundation.

When they flew over, Zhu Yao had already recognized them. Weren’t the four people at the back, Wu Song, Radish Number Two, Radish Number Three, and Radish Number Four?

However, just when did the Azureflight Sect ever have an Elder at the Nascent Soul stage? Wasn’t that place supposed to be a field of little radishes? When did an old radish pop out? And she didn’t even know about it?

That old radish did some polite talk with Zi Mo, suddenly, his eyes shone, and he charged right towards her.

First, he bowed towards her, and then, he looked at her with an excited expression. “Isn’t this Sovereign Zhu Yao? I have long heard of your great name, and being able to meet you today is extremely fortunate of me.”

Zhu Yao reflexively leaned to the back, as she looked at this baby-faced old radish who acted all familiar with her.

Who the hell are you?

“Mistress, mistress, Sesame missed you so much.” Just when she was having her suspicions, she heard a familiar voice being transmitted over. Sesame?

After looking around for a moment, she did not see any figure of a beast anywhere.

“Mistress. Here, here.”

Zhu Yao looked forward, only to see that old radish blinking his eyes rapidly. Suddenly, she understood.

She then transmitted her voice over. “Sesame?”

“Mn, mn, mn, mn. I’m mistress’ little beastie, Sesame.” The old radish continued to blink.

“The hell, when did you have a human form as well?” Why didn’t she know about it before?

“Little beastie is tenth rank, naturally I’m able to transform. Mistress, I miss you so much.”

With an excited look, the old radish widened his eyes at her, looking as though he could pounce towards her and rub against her in the next moment.

“Scram!” Zhu Yao coldly replied. His face instantly sank.

“Dear Elder, how should I address you?” Zi Mo timely interjected.

“My surname’s Sei.” Sesame replied with a teary look.

Zi Mo was startled for a moment. Just earlier, he was still looking all brilliant and sunny, what happened to him now? This Elder ‘Sei’ sure was fickle.

“Elder Sei, have you brought your disciples here to participate in the Great Inter-Sect Tournament?” Zi Mo had never heard of the Azureflight Sect, and guessed that they should have come from a certain small deity sect. He politely asked. “Although all deity sects are eligible to participate, the tournament has already entered the final matches. If esteemed Sect wishes to participate, I’m afraid you will have to wait till the next tournament.”

“We’re not here to participate.” Sesame replied haughtily.

“…” Then why the hell are you here for? The corner of Zi Mo’s lips twitched. “Then Elder, you’re…?”

“Obviously, we’re here to look…” Sesame looked at Zhu Yao. After receiving a glare in return, he weakly changed his replied. “We’re here to look around.”

“Hoho… Elder sure is humorous.” If he wasn’t a guest, Zi Mo really wouldn’t wish to be polite with this Elder who seemed to have some loose screws in his brain. After instructing a disciple to arrange a seat for him, he no longer bothered about him.

However, this Elder seemed to be really interested with the Demigod Sovereigns, and had even especially moved his chair right beside martial aunt Zhu Yao. With an excited expression, he seemed to really wish to converse with her.

Zi Mo was a little speechless. In the cultivation realm, strength was what mattered most, and worshipping the strong seemed to be a natural instinct in everyone’s bones. However, a shameless Elder like this who acted in such an obvious manner was a rare sight. Looking at that excited face of his, which seemed as though he was about to start drooling, he was simply… too shameless!

But why were the four disciples he brought along standing so bluntly over there as well? This was a grandstand for Nascent Soul practitioners, you know.

Did the sect rules of Azureflight Sect allow such behaviour?

Zhu Yao began to feel a slight headache as well. Although it could be said that she had no choice but to harvest a bunch of little radishes, after all, she herself was still a member of Jade Forest Peak, which belonged to Ancient Hill Sect. Relying on her cultivation as a Demigod, it was not impossible for her to build a sect on her own. However, if she did so, she would have to leave Ancient Hill Sect. This was also the reason why she had never told Zi Mo about Azureflight.

If he had known of this issue, he definitely wouldn’t dare to chase her out of the sect, but, he would definitely take that bunch of little radishes into Ancient Hill. However, with just the aptitudes the bunch of radishes possessed, most likely, they would all be arranged to the outer sect, and she would be unable to take care of them all either. In that case, it would be less restraining for her if she were to establish her own sect instead.

However, this Sesame was a pig-head. She had been hiding these matters from everyone, yet, he actually brought them out for a blind stroll, and openly at that. Zhu Yao was so furious, her teeth began to hurt, yet, she couldn’t express it out.

“Mistress, are you happy from seeing Sesame? Are you glad? Aren’t you really surprised?” Zhu Yao’s expression turned cold, and Sesame began to transmit his voice desperately.

“Mistress, there’s already four people who built their Foundation in the sect. Isn’t Sesame very dependable?”

“Mistress, you’re thinking of rewarding little beastie, right?”

“Mistress, have you thought of wanting to hug me?”

Zhu Yao felt as though her blood vessels on her head had popped out. “Shut your mouth!”


“Say another word, and I will castrate you!”


Her mind was finally quiet. Zhu Yao rubbed her swelled-up forehead, glanced over to Wu Song at the side, and transmitted her voice. “Why are all of you here in Ancient Hill Sect?”

Wu Song was startled for a moment. After looking around, he then realized it was Zhu Yao who was transmitting her voice. His eyes shone, and replied in his mind. “Elder Sesame said that we have already built our Foundation, so we should come out and experience the outside world. Hence…”

As expected, it was that second-rate who instigated this.

“In the future, do not blindly listen to Sesame’s commands. He’s after all, a demonic beast. Although he possesses a high rank, regarding human affairs, he still lacks experience.”

Wu Song nodded, expressing that he had remembered her words.

Zhu Yao then found out a few matters regarding the sect. He, Radish Number Two, Three and Four, had all recently built their Foundation. Building their Foundation within five years, among tri and tetra spirit veins holders, this speed was already pretty extraordinary. And, according to the groups Zhu Yao had arranged them in, these four people all belonged to the same group, while the other member, Radish Number One, was in the process of building her Foundation as well. Zhu Yao was a little stunned. This was an unexpected creation. Back then, the reason why she arranged them into groups, was to have them practice and coordinate their attacks against enemies. She never expected that their levels of cultivation would rise together as well.

She then asked about the situations regarding the cultivation of the other groups of little radishes, and realized that the situations within each of their own groups were similar as well. The levels of cultivation among members of the same group were all really close. This wasn’t actually an occasional phenomenon. Zhu Yao felt that there was a need to personally witness their cultivation circumstances now.

“Master, the next match will be the finals for the Foundation practitioners.” Yu Luo suddenly sounded out.

Zhu Yao sternly looked. As she had said, the competition for the Essence group had already ended, and two Foundation Paragons were currently flying onto the ring.

“Oh, go on then!” Zhu Yao waved her hand.

“But, I didn’t hear my name.” Yu Luo’s expression was a little anxious.

“Oh.” Zhu Yao came into sudden realization. “I didn’t register your name for you.”

“What?” Yu Luo was a little stunned. What happened to the promise of allowing her to participate?

“Just head directly onto the ring!” Zhu Yao said without a mind. Registering or whatever, was really troublesome, you know!

“But, there’s already two people on the ring?”

“Then fight both of them, go! Round the both of them up!”

“…” Yu Luo was silent for a moment. Looking at the ring, as though she had decided something, she replied resoundingly. “Yes!”

After saying that, she immediately flew towards the ring.

Zhu Yao nodded satisfyingly. Her disciple had to be this cool, dazzling and tyrannical. Wasn’t the title of champion simply all about defeating the strongest person?

The two finalists looked at the female practitioner who suddenly appeared in the middle, and was momentarily stunned. What kind of situation was this? What happened to the promised final match? Why were there three people?

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