Disciple – Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Theory of Cultivation Coordination

“Wu Song, come over here.” Zhu Yao waved her hands to signal Wu Song over, and he obediently walked to her. Wearing her cold and prideful mask as usual, Zhu Yao sternly said. “From this day onward, all of you will be the first disciples of Azureflight. Wu Song will be your eldest senior-martial brother.”

A hint of joy appeared on all of the little radishes’ faces. Giving ‘that’s really the case’ looks, they called out together. “Eldest senior-martial brother.”

“Sovereign?” Wu Song raised his head a little hesitantly, and looked at her.

Zhu Yao continued. “Most probably, I won’t have the time to take care of all of you. In the future, Azureflight Sect will be left to you. You must take good care of your junior-martial brothers and sisters, understand?”

Wu Song tightened his hands, and only after a moment, did he heavily nod and answer. “Yes, Sect Master.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded satisfyingly. It seemed like his sense of responsibility was already being slowly formed. It was a good sign.

Zhu Yao had the rest of the little radishes leave, and had Wu Song stay behind. Then, she took out the crystal for testing spirit veins she found at Sword Pavilion earlier, and signalled him to press his hand on it.

In that ball, three types of colour – gold, red and yellow, appeared. As expected, he possessed the metal, fire and earth tri spirit veins which she had seen in her dreams.

Wu Song looked at her a little strangely.

“You possess the metal, fire and earth tri spirit veins, although it’s not really good, it’s not bad either.” Zhu Yao explained. “Right now, you’re the eldest senior-martial brother of this sect, so naturally, you have to cultivate. I don’t wish for you to have too big of an achievement with your cultivation, however, you have to guarantee that you will able to protect those children, and manage Azureflight Sect well. Are you able to do it?”

Wu Song pondered for a moment, and then, nodded fiercely.

Only then did Zhu Yao pull out an empty jade tablet. She held it on the palm of her hand, engraved a few metal, fire and earth type mystic arts into it, and then passed it over to him. She instructed him that after he managed to learn how to take in spiritual energy, he could start practicing the mystic arts inside.

She even casually engraved some artifact refining methods which her master had left with her as well. His spirit veins were most suitable for refining artifacts. As long he worked hard, he might be able to become a Master Artificer. Then, she began to tell him in detail how he should go about taking in spiritual energy.

Following how her master had taught her before, she circulated her spiritual energy within his body once, before allowing him to return and comprehend it on his own.

Wu Song, however, sure had comprehended it really quickly. On the early morning of the second day, she realized he had already reached the first level of Essence. Most probably because of the sense of responsibility she applied on him, he was really diligent in his training.

Zhu Yao spent an entire half a month before she finished straightening out the big and small matters in Azureflight Sect. She did her best to restore the usual activities of the sect, and had the little radishes perform their respective duties aside from their training. At the very least, they would not starve to death.

She engraved all those mystic arts, that were written on the wet records, into jade tablets. While she was doing so, she altered some of the details inside, and added remarks that could help them understand the arts better. Most of these cultivation techniques were still rather decent.

The demonic beasts that were transferred over by the formation, were stationed down the mountain due to her arrangements. Every entrance of the Mountain Barrier Great Formation was being safeguarded by them. Although these demonic beasts were not taken in as spiritual beasts, they still did not dare to go against her words. On the contrary, they were a little eager and excited.

As expected, the identity of a dragon was really useful.

Naturally, Zhu Yao altered the Mountain Barrier Great Formation. It was no longer a formation used for merely concealment, instead, it now possessed an actual defensive capability. At the very least, while the formation was in effect, without a mountain entry token, practitioners whose level of cultivation were below the Demigod stage were basically unable to enter.

After finishing all the miscellaneous tasks, Zhu Yao once again took out a few mystic artifacts her master had left with her. After making her choices, other than two fifth rank mystic artifacts, the rest were all mystic artifacts ranked eight and above. Unless they reached the Nascent Soul stage, they were basically unable to use them.

As expected, there was nothing she could do even when she had too many treasures. Hence, she could only do her best to engrave more instructions such as artifact refining methods and formation theories. However, when it came to creating talismans and taming beasts, she had only managed to leave down a few of them. As for refining pellets… Sorry, her master had never liked to use pellets and medicine, so he had never taught her either.

So, this last jade tablet she had left was empty.

Fortunately, there were simple pellet refining methods in the sect, for example, the method to refine Food Abstaining Pellets. At least, the little radishes would not have to starve to death.

Zhu Yao spent a total of three months before she managed to handle all the matters appropriately. Even without her, no one would be able to easily lay a hand on this piece of land. Wu Song had reached the third level of Essence as well. And, the first sect rule she established was, they were not allowed to head down the mountain before building their Foundation.

Hence, Zhu Yao left Sesame and a Communication Talisman at the sect, before rushing back to Jade Forest Peak.

Although Sesame was not willing to accompany the crowd of little radishes, and had acted like a spoilt child, rolling on the ground while asking her to take it along with her, it was still ruthlessly rejected by her. Other than having it to casually give pointers to the little radishes’ cultivation, she needed to rely on its tenth rank demonic beast’s might to instil fear in those low rank demonic beasts that were guarding the mountain, to prevent anything from happening while she was not around. It would be bad if a disaster were brought into their doorsteps.

“Master, how is it?” Yu Luo retracted the hand she used to cast the arts, looking at Zhu Yao with an excited expression. This trip Zhu Yao took lasted for half a year, and Yu Luo’s realm had already stabilized three months ago. Seeing that she had yet to return, she thus trained her ice-type mystic arts for three months. Now, her casting speed was not slower than an actual ice spirit vein holder in the slightest.

Zhu Yao nodded. What she was worried about was another matter. “Little radish, you will turn fifteen next month, right?”

“Yes.” Yu Luo was a little curious, as her master actually remembered her own birthday. Truthfully speaking, to practitioners, time was no longer an important aspect, especially when it came to dates like birthdays which would happen every year. Such dates did not mean much, and if her master had not brought it up, she might have forgotten about it.

“Only five years, huh.” Zhu Yao muttered. Five years later, it would be the day when her body would get taken over, as shown in her dreams. “After this, I will be teaching you sword techniques. You must gain sufficient achievements in the sword within five years, and it would be best if you’re able to comprehend sword intent.”

“Sword intent!” Yu Luo was startled for a moment. “Isn’t that something that can only be comprehended after one has formed her Azoth Core?”

“There’s no absolutes in this world.” Who determined so? Didn’t Xiao Yi comprehend it when he was at the Foundation stage as well? Although he did possess a cheat.

“Why the rush?” Yu Luo sensed that her master seemed to be rushing for time. Back then, she had her immediately build her Foundation, and now, she wanted her to comprehend sword intent. Were the requirements for all Jade Forest Peak disciples this high?

Zhu Yao looked at her, and then, sternly said. “I want you to participate in the Great Inter-Sect Tournament that will happen five years later. And you must take the number one spot in the Foundation group!”

Yu Luo suddenly widened her eyes. Number one? But she had just built her Foundation, and it might not even be possible for her to reach the intermediate levels within five years. Furthermore, the practitioners who participate in the tournament were mostly Foundation Paragons. “Master, I…”

“You just have to give me a simple answer. Can you do it, or not?”

Yu Luo gritted her teeth. The Great Inter-Sect Tournament was a martial arts meet participated by sects from the entire cultivation realm. If she were to take the number one spot, she could indeed become famous throughout the realm in a single night. Because of that spirit vein test she had when she was young, everyone knew that there was a water spirit vein furnace in Ancient Hill Sect, who had always been kept under the tutelage of a Demigod Sovereign. If she could obtain the number one spot with her water spirit vein, at least, there would no longer be anyone who dared to look down on her.

She took a deep breath. As though she had made a firm decision, she nodded fiercely. “I can do it!”

“Good.” Zhu Yao nodded. She really was afraid that Yu Luo wouldn’t dare to leave, and instead, hide in Jade Forest Peak her entire life. If that was the case, she wouldn’t be able to grow up forever. “Tomorrow, I will begin teaching you sword techniques. You must work hard.”

“Yes, master.”

Speaking of sword techniques, although Zhu Yao used the sword as well, when compared to her master, she was basically trash. However, her master had never taught her any official moves or sword arts either. He simply sparred with her constantly.

Truthfully speaking, her master’s method was very simple. ‘Practice makes perfect.’ Only through actual battles, would she know what kind of sword attacks would be most suitable. In actual fact, there were no definite moves in sword techniques.

So, there was only a single method she was using to teach little radish. She simply gave her a direct thrashing.

Seeing her falling down time and time again from her attacks, and crawling back up again to seek more beatings, Zhu Yao felt a little… happy. Hahaha. As expected, becoming a master really makes one perverse.

Little radish was a good child with great morals. Although this was related to her education which started from young, with her current daring and courageous personality, she would definitely not stray off from her current path.

For five entire years, Zhu Yao passed her time by immersing herself in the joy of beating up her disciple.

As for the excavator– ah pui. As for the matters of Azureflight Sect, when she returned, she had already informed Zi Mo of the sect annihilation incident. Naturally, she did not bring up the matters regarding the little radishes who had fortunately survived. Zi Mo’s expression was very ugly, and most probably, he was trying to figure out what the heretic practitioners were trying to achieve by suddenly annihilating a second-rate deity sect, which wasn’t exactly that famous in the first place.

Regarding the matters after that, Zhu Yao did not continue to bother. After all, this involved the entire cultivation realm, it’s best to have the Sect Master handle such brain-wrecking matters.

Wu Song had often contacted as well, informing her of the large and small affairs which had happened in the sect. Speaking of this point, she really had to thank Zi Mo. Back then, he had forced a large pile of documents regarding the sect’s affairs to her, which thus allowed her to understand many of the inner workings of a sect. Hence, she had perfect control over the management of Azureflight Sect.

However, those eighty-two little radishes did not really have good aptitudes for cultivation. Most of the disciples were made up of tetra spirit veins holders and penta spirit veins holders. The number of tri spirit veins holders like Wu Song was just a handful, let alone duo spirit veins and heavenly spirit vein holders.

This was extremely disadvantageous for the growth of the sect, because no matter how desperately they train, most probably, not many of them would be able to reach the Nascent Soul stage.

However, Zhu Yao did not believe that was so. In the modern era, the strength of a group, did not rely on a single person or a few selected individuals. It was all depended on the coordination within the group. If it’s unbeatable with a single person, then bring over an entire part- ahem… an entire group. Having multiple spirit veins had their own benefits, at least, they would be able to coordinate really well in a group battle.

Zhu Yao had Wu Song pay heavy attention to the specialty of each disciple, and then, had them raised by focusing on each of their specialty.

Water and wood specialized in healing, so by having those with these spirit veins specialize in water and wood mystic arts, they could become members in charge of healing in the rear. Fire and metal specialized in offense, by having those with these spirit veins specialize in fire and metal mystic arts, they could become the main attackers. Earth specialized in defense, and by having those with this spirit vein specialize in earth mystic arts, they could become the main defenders.

She could have everyone form up in small groups, and have them coordinate and act together regularly. Similar to a party in games, there were tanks, healers and damage dealers. Would they still have to be afraid of not being able to defeat a boss?

Even if she did not allow them to head down the mountain on their own, there were still many demonic beasts on the mountain. Casually pulling one or two of them for a spar in order to practice their coordination, was a plausible idea as well.

Zhu Yao told this method to Wu Song, and had him pay attention to their distributions, at the very least, there must be more than five people in a small group. Naturally, it would not be really effective in the beginning. However, if given time, the coordination between the team members would slowly solidify, and their strength would be shocking.

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