Muimui-tan Prologue 1-4

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Prologue 1-4: Labyrinth King

In my present condition, it would be near recklessness to keep advancing inside of this cavity. At that point, what came to me was, “Then how about the outside?”
Thanks to my ability with using my thread I’m able to move from leaf to leaf, also moving from branch to branch is possible too. Even if it takes time like this I should also be able to go to the top.
It was a sudden idea! It was an idea that came out because I can move myself around using the thread.

Because I don’t know what could happen, I need to secure a large quantity of food. Because of that I started to collect pieces of leaves inside of my bag. Really, that magic leaf is really helpful.

Ok now, it’s time for departure.
Moving from branches and leaves is quite a pleasant feeling. And when I get hungry the leaf that I take advantage of the leaf that I land on and eat it.
Occasionally when I’m moving between the leaves I encounter another caterpillar… Hello, good day. But there is no reaction from Caterpillar-san, he seems to be in some kind of trance while eating the leaf. Well, it’s not like he will suddenly attack me… right?

Even though the other caterpillars seem to be of the same kind as myself, it seems that all of them have green skin. Then does that mean that the blue skin caterpillar is rare?… Does that mean that I’m special?

At some point, while I was moving to the top the branches started to be fewer. Since the distance between the branches began to increase I clung to the trunk of the tree to keep moving upwards. And then I got hungry while I clinging to the trunk, so I took out my bento and started eating the leaves that I stuffed in there, moshamoshamosha.

The fog…. no it’s not fog-ish thing but a real fog, suddenly came into my field of vision. Although earlier I said that it was clear that seemed to be a lie now because there started to be strong wind and rain began to fall. Because of the rain I couldn’t attach more thread to the trunk and my body began to be blown off by of the wind.  The moment I thought of such thing, the wind began to blow harder making me hit myself with the tree. It hurts… but I didn’t give up. I began to extend the thread so I could keep climbing.
Abruptly the rain and the wind just stopped. Woah, did I just passed through the clouds? this really is a big tree… And I still can’t see the top of it.

After I stopped several times to eat, I finally was able to reach what seemed to be the top.
There, in the middle of it there was a single building.

There didn’t seem to be any branches, just a building that seemed to grow on the middle of it. It looked like it was made out of stone, and its shape was a semi-circle dome like a bay window, it had a little foothold extended from it which you could jump off.
I attached my thread to the bay window’s(?) foothold so I could stand on it. From here I could see the clouds that were far away below me. It was a fantastic scenery that it made me think that it was an illusion. With such view I started to eat my bento, moshamoshamosha

Now, I think I should enter.
The inside of the building was not spacious, even this body of mine who had bad eyesight could easily observe its interior.
In the middle of the room there was an beautifully decorated pedestal. It had a carved design of a dragon…?
And inside it there was a pitch black monument? is what I thought about it, it was some kind of black cube.After, I didn’t see any door connecting to this room. Then, besides the bay window how are you supposed to enter here? even if I look at it from the outside the size of this building and the space inside of this room doesn’t seem to match.

Well, for now I guess I should examine the pedestal, there seems to be something on top of the pedestal.

On top of the pedestal there was… is, is that a Sc•ter!? It looked just like the Sc•ter from a certain manga. This would be like “Power level… only 5?… garbage” without a doubt it would say that!.
I immediately picked it up from the pedestal and placed it on my face. At first I wondered if it would fit on a caterpillar’s face, but once I put it one… I couldn’t take it off. I mean it this thing is really stuck on my face, is this a cursed item!? It’s not the time to playing around!?

Suddenly, Some strange letters appeared in my field of vision (They appeared in the top right corner). Wow, what’s this. One by one mysterious characters began to be displayed.
It began to display sentences that I couldn’t read, after a while the sentence began to change its characters to others that I could recognize.

[Language analysis finished, Creating different language comprehension skill.]  
[Different Language Comprehension skill has been successfully created, Telepathic Communication skill is being created.]  
[Welcome!, to the farthest place of the earth. Displaying initial recorded message.]  

“A, a, un, first is…. Welcome to the farthest ends land.How could y… Oh well, I know it’s a struggle for you to arrive here, right? You maggots. Aa~, I’m an existence called ‘Labyrinth King’. If it’s you guys who’s struggle to arrive to this place, it’s a thing that you must have already hear about, right? The thing that you hold is something that I named the Monocle of Wisdom. Though I believe that it won’t be easy for you guys to even comprehend the value and also the significance of Monocle of Wisdom, but in case you were able to comprehend it then it’s fine to also consider capturing the remaining labyrinth. I have left the real meaning of this world on all of the labyrinth that I have captured before. Well, isn’t it fine to do your best if you are really able to do it, right?”
tl/n: This paragraph is too hard for me x.x – Tabiko
tl/c: yeah – indra13

[The Initial message end.]  

……What the heck is this? Though I also got surprised by the somewhat nonsensical chuunibyou sentence that it hold, there were various word that came out from it that got me interested in it.

The farthest ends land?
Labyrinth King?
Remaining labyrinths?
The real meaning of the world?

It’s like a Chuunibyou’s delusion, this sounds like the prank words from someone with some screw loose in their head. Even so “Wisdom Monocle” huh?, why not name it Sc•ter.
After the “Monocle of Wisdom” was equipped, various things began to be displayed in the right side of my vision. There are line extended from various things which from that line some words were displayed. For example, at the tip of the line that extend from the things like skeleton that leaning on that wall “Bone of the Labyrinth King” is written on it. Huh? Oi!

The Labyrinth King is dead.

Below “The bone of the Maze King” other lines were displayed that said “Status Plate (Black)” why is there a single word attached to it?. Sta, STATUS PLATE!? is this like those, the ones that one would receive when they go into another world Adventurers Guild that lets you see your own status, those status plates? Without a doubt I need to get it. When i was gazing at the status place characters began to be displayed in my field of vision.

[Status Plate (Black): Maze King’s special status plate. Cancelling class and skills restrictions.]  

Perhaps the “Wisdom Monocle” is able to examine as well? I should try to examine my own body .

[Name: Lord of the ice storm] [Race: Dire Crawler (Giant Crawler – Degradation species] [Strength: Moderate, Endurance: Relative, Agility: Awful, Intelligence: So-so] [For further disclosure of information the skill Appraisal must be upgraded]  

… Uhhh, I don’t have any choice but to also tsukkomi-ed this kind of examination. Why is my status is “Relative”? What the heck with that vague-like feeling. or rather,”Degradation Species”, “Degradation Species”. That’s why I could not find any other blue skin caterpillars, it was because they are weak not rare!

For now, I will check the status plate. I pick it up to see it. Without saying, just like the monocle it do not come off and stuck in my hand. This is like a PC tablet. I try to slide the table thing with my hand. Oh, it started to shine like a screen.

[Status Plate (Black) authentication complete]  

Letters began to appear in the status plate.

Name: Lord of the ice storm
Race: Giant Crawler – Race level: 1
Class: None
HP: 90/ 100
SP: 82/ 810

Strength: 4
Endurance: 2
Agility: 0
Intelligence: 1

Skills: Intermediate Appraisal (Monocle of Wisdom) / String Shot: Skill Proficiency 6443
Class Skill: None
Attribute: Ice: Skill Proficiency 312  Wind: Skill Proficiency 312
Magic: Ice Needle: Skill Proficiency 100  Ice Ball: Skill Proficiency 524
Uooo, I got so excited from the game-like information. Rather, so there are things like Skill Proficiency huh? Uooo, I really like to fill up a Skill Proficiency. I want to reach the max level. More precisely, because it also reach up to a thousand digit, that means that the MAX digit is probably 9999? Hafuu.
Uh, I guess I really am overwhelmed by the information that I got huh? But, before that I must examine a lot of thing first, right? Like the Black Rectangular thing in front of me!.

I tried to examine immediately.

[Skill Monolith (Flight) : Able to acquire the Skill Tree of the Flight System]  

[PS: This is supplement for person who examine the monocles for the first time, ok? The Skill Tree is fundamentally can only hold up to 4, you know]  

tl/n: dunno 4 what, skills maybe? – indra13

Thi, this is…… I have expected it, but skill huh?
When I try to touch the Skill Monolith.
A letter appear on the Monolith.

[Acquire the Skill Tree of the Flight System? Y/N]  

It’s “Yes” in this kind of situation. Since I don’t even possess any Skill Tree right now, also because I got a feeling from the PS before that I can replace it later on.

[The Flight System Skill Tree was acquired. For more detail, please check it on the Status Plate]  

When I look at the Status Plate, under the Class Skill, there are something called Sub Skill added on it.

Sub Skill: Flight
Float LV0(0/10) Kinesis LV0(0/80) Fly LV0(0/300) Hyper-Perception LV0(0/100)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In one chapter, this “caterpillar” gained:
    * Flight
    * Class restriction removal

    So, the author is removing this “caterpillar” even more from its own natural existence, and just shoving it into the garry-stu area of “OP MC, can do everything”.
    I’m at a loss regarding the point of being a caterpillar, when the author seems to focus on everything else but being one.

    The story was obviously written very off-handedly, it’s pretty cute but I got less from what I expected…It kinda reminded me of Kumo desu nani ka, although Kumo actually maintained its focus on the MC being a spider, rather than moving away from it so quickly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Edit: I think I didn’t made my first point clear, so I’ll try to articulate it better:
      If the MC gains the ability to fly, and doesn’t have to worry about “would being a caterpillar restrict my skills and magic?” — him being a caterpillar becomes more and more non-important in the story, which begs the question what does him being one actually provides to the story.

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