Muimui-tan Prologue 1-3

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Prologue 1-3: First Battle.

The shock of watching Jirou-kun’s get insta-killed was delayed, I wonder if I can’t compare the size of watching that scene to watching people get killed?

It feels like this is quite an important thing.

Anyways, I noticed something about my body size. The girl and her? group seem to be rather small, they seem to be around 1 meter tall. If I would compare them, the leaf would be 8×10 meters wide. I wonder how big is the size of this tree where a countless number of those kind of leaves grow on it.

From the large trunk that you can’t even see the tip of, there extended a lot branches. It seems like these branches have overgrown.

Truly, it really surprised me to see how big this tree is, isn’t it.

Good grief, I’m really glad that I was not reincarnated into an ordinary caterpillar… I’m gla~d! I think that if I had been reincarnated as a small and ordinary insect, I wouldn’t be able to handle the current situation even if I did my best to handle it. Though I’m still not fond of the idea of having been reincarnated into an insect. Seriously, just having a size which is close to that of a human made me feel relieved.

So, the next step.

First of all, I think that I need a better weapon. A long range weapon would be good, I should try make one right now.

Oh I know, a bow!

To make it I will try to go for one of the small branches that are starting to grow. First, I’ll try to break it with magic.

Right, I should strengthen the magic first. I will make it around the size of a bowling ball. I should practice steadily until I produce a result. Then I will try to make 6 of it.

- [Ice Ball] -
One by one six Ice Balls appeared and started to go to attack. The ice balls attacked the branch and I saw a faint blue light… Then, uhmmmm, the branch was unhurt.

Magic is really weak, or so to say it rather has no effect at all.

I suppose there is no other way than just gnawing the branch. gajigajigaji*… whoa, this thing is incredibly hard.
(*tl/n: sound of chewing/muching the branch. like *chew chew*)

Everyday I continued to chew this branch for a short moment and cutting it bit by bit. It was an effortless work. Thank you

At some point, I attached the magic thread (Ah, the thread that I spit out, I started to call it magic thread) it to the branch and pull it with all of my force. And with a sound of creaking the branch broke.

Branch get!

And so, about that magic thread, I wonder if I can take it out from my hands. Even if it seems to come out from the mouth, it doesn’t, but instead it comes out from the mysterious trachea. If I imagine that it comes out from the hands it should, right? I should try it out. As this would be incredibly convenient. If I’m able to shoot it from my hands is less inconvenient. The first upper hand it’s a little longer (Although is not long enough to be able to fold it) and the others are long enough to support the body. If I shoot the magic thread from my hands I should be able to reach various thing with it. It works as a substitute of a person’s arm, like a hand.

The first lower leg could be used to support the body and be able stand up. If it’s like that I’ll have 6 hands, from which I could practice to shoot out magic thread from. And if I do that I will be able to shoot out magic from my six hands, right!? Practice and training are important.

I bent the branch and connected the magic thread to it to make bowstrings, it’s a simple bow but it’s done.

To make an arrow I would need to chew a branch until it’s sharp. And I could make the feather part from the leaves that I eat. That leaf is unexpectedly strong, isn’t it.

I’ll make one right now to test it.

When I released, it made a good sound while in the air, and it got stuck in one of the tree’s branches.

Its power is quite good for how it was made. But, it didn’t flew straight. It might have been the way I sharpened it or the leaf as the feather. The accuracy is clearly a problem. Would this somehow… be fixed with practice?

From now on it’ll become my daily work to make more arrows.

Magic practice. Making a bag with thread (to practice intricate movements with the magic thread). When fatigue starts to accumulate I eat the leaf. And then sharpening a new branch to make an arrow. New arrow practice. This is my daily routine.

For me who has a personality that likes doing this kind steady work is good, really good.

At some point I grew accustomed to using the bow, and the arrows began to pile up (I’m pretty sure I have around 100!), I decided that I would try enter the cavity that the adventurers previously entered.

I hung the bag that I made with my magic thread on my left shoulder, inside of it is my bento which consist of a lot of leaf fragments, and handmade arrows. And hung in my right shoulder is the bow.

Finally, the first step of my adventure has come.

I shoot my thread at a branch far away and shorten it to move at high speed. I really feel like Spiderman. Now that I’m able to shoot it from my hands, it really is helpful.

Then I finally went inside the cavity.

Inside was quite dim and I could hardly see or feel anything.

The entrance of the tree looked like a passage, and in the middle of it there was a wall in which within of it there were man-made products. Eh, what’s this?

It’s not giving out the feel that the building is coiled by the tree, the stone and the tree is mixed together. Hmmm, how should I put it…. it’s feel that the building and the stone agglutination failed…. or rather the wall’s of tree are growing from the crooked building…. Geez, seriously, what the heck is this?!

Right… this is another world. Really, it really just hit me, “I really am in another world”.

As I continued to advance forward in the tree, it gave me the impression as if I were in an exploration of an ancient ruin. When I shot my thread as I normally do to the ground to move around, for some reason it gave out a ‘kachi’ sound… gagaga*.
(*tl/n: sound of rocks falling or something mechanical)

In an instant from under the thread a spear sprung up… Huh?

A dungeon where something like a spear springs out is amazi~ng… Eh?, what’s this. A trap? if I had made the mistake to step on it I would have died you know.

A moment later the spear retracted to the ground… Huh?

Well, I do think that it would be impossible to advance with a trap in such place. it is impossible. It’s unreasonable because unless someone has the ability to detect traps, for a normal person this would be impossible. absolutely impossible

Therefore, let’s turn right. The strategy that I should implement here is “Let’s search for another wa~y”. Well, well…, I came here just because of the thought of “Let’s chase after the adventurer”.

When I continued inside, I heard a chiichii cry. Is that a mouse?

But that sound actually came from the sky. Huh? It’s a ba~t.

It was a big, blue bat which started to attack me. Since it’s only one there doesn’t seem to be others.

AHAHAHA, the first battle, the first encounter!. Now, the great me will show you my power.

First, I’ll use magic.

-[Ice Ball]-
I aimed the Ice Ball at the blue bat and fired. But the bat just nimbly evaded it. Wha-, what!?

Without giving up, I rapidly made more Ice Balls and fired them towards the blue bat. After four of them I finally landed my first hit on him. Once again I saw the faint blue light and with a loud clack the Ice Ball broke when it hit. But it didn’t seem to have been effective on the blue bat at all. “Ugh, seriously, what the heck is this?. Is magic really that garbage?, garbage?, is it so?”. I don’t have time to think of such things while the blue bat is coming to bite me. I use my magic thread to quickly move away from it. tha-, that was close…

If magic doesn’t work, I guess my only option left is to use the bow.

I set up the bow. Then pull the bowstrings (my first upper hand seems to be divided into a thumb part so I’m able to grab objects, just like Dora•mon’s) with the use my magic thread which I extend from the upper hand resembling a grip. And from the second hand I extend more magic thread to take an arrow and then place it on the string, and prepare to shoot.

I begin to observe the movements of the blue bat… and fire.

The arrow had a good momentum, but as I thought, it didn’t flew straight, so it only scratched the blue bat. Nevertheless, it inflicted a small damage on the blue bat, since from the place that was scratched by the arrow a small amount of blood was coming out. Hm, as I thought, the arrow seems to be effective.

The blue bat was surprised to receive damage, it started to cry loudly like a mouse and disappeared into the dark.

… Fuu. That was like when a monster escapes in a game and doesn’t give any experience. But it really felt as if I had narrowly escaped death. It seems that in my current condition, it’s impossible to fight. Really, it is impossible.

For now I should just return to my home, to my leaf. For the time being I need to think about my next action.

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    What’s the point of being a caterpillar if he’s just going to imitate humans right off the bat?

    I’d much rather if the story tried to develop his existence as a caterpillar by actually exploring what it means to be a caterpillar, rather than just trying to pretend to be human, which is cute on its own, but it just makes being a caterpillar pretty meaningless.

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      He is a monster with tools. Which makes him super dangerous to humans.

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