Muimui-tan Prologue 1-2

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Prologue 1-2: Adventurer?

First of all, it’s time for my meal, moshamosha.

For now, I seem to have been able to come to understand my condition so far.

This is another world with magic, right? What’s that. This seems to be a case of reincarnation into another world, but instead of reincarnating into a human, I seem to have been reincarnated into a caterpillar, oh well. I would have preferred to have been reincarnated as a baby.

Mn? About that, I’m probably not exactly a caterpillar, but something like a caterpillar-type of monster!?

But, aren’t caterpillar-type monsters just a small fry?, caterpillar-type monsters give out an image of entry level monster don’t they. I mean, I’m just like Rune•ta*. Among of all the things I could be reincarnated it had to be an entry-level type of monster, It was that kind of impression. It’s not realistic at all.

(tl/n: i was told that this was a monster from FF5 but as i have never played any game of this franchise i can’t be sure)

And I wonder that if there even is some kind of rank-up to a higher class? I really don’t want to remain a small fry. I wonder how much magic would I need to possess for a rank up.

Or is it possible that caterpillar-type monsters are higher rank in nature!?

Well, even if I wonder about it here, I won’t reach a conclusion… and I don’t think that I’ll get anywhere close to one unless I go down to a town. (well, that’s if there even are human towns.)

Even if I went down to a human village, (since this world seems to have magic) it’ll somewhat scary unless I become stronger. I mean, I’m a monster.

First of all I need to become stronger.

Just what is this. When I eat this leaf I feel so happy that it saved me from a lot of trouble of looking for food. I will show everyone that I will survive like this for a thousand years. AHAHAHA

Even if I got tired from shooting thread and using magic somehow eating this leaf makes me feel better. This leaf is really amazing! This leaf, just what kind of leaf is it.

I keep calling it a “leaf” but to be honest, it’s quite big that it could fit 8 caterpillars in horizontal position and 10 in vertical position. It reminds me of a class room.

I was using the thread to move like Spiderman from one place to another around the leaf.

Even I, whose eyesight had become worse, could see the edge of the leaf well enough. I should be careful to not fall off this leaf. I think that if I fell from here I would die instantly…

Aa~, after trying to move, this body is really hard to move around with. Because I can just move with the thread, it’ll become my way of moving around. In short, moving around = practice with shooting the thread. However in the future I want to be told something like “What is he, how can he move so fast his speed must be around 5km/h!? How is he that amazing!?”.

Oh yeah, while I was thinking about the size of the leaf I remembered something, that besides myself there were other caterpillars. I noticed this when I was measuring the size of the leaf, there seems to be other caterpillars like myself on the other leaves. From the edge of the leaf I was barely able to see this other identical beings that like myself, chewing on the respective leaves that they were on. Oh well, it seems that this won’t be that lonely anymore. But it seems that they aren’t the same color as me, they seem to be green not like me who’s blue. It must be some kind of mutation. Yes, a mutation.

His? name will be [Imomushi Jirou] . (I will be the eldest son, He? will be the second son) after this I’ll observe his movements.

The result of my training it’s quite good, my magic power became bigger and now I’m able to have 6 ice needles floating around me.

But a problem appears.

I tried to hit the one of other leaves with one of my ice needles but it didn’t even leave a scratch on it… nor did it vibrate. When I launched, it only emitted a dim blue light, and when it hit, it broke to pieces. Could it be, could it be that magic is really weak!? No, it can’t be! It’s just that the leaf must have a strong resistance!

What happened to all that practice that I did every day…

That day, as always, I was practicing moving around with the thread and also with using magic. But shortly after that, in the branches faraway, I saw something coming. I’d think that I had seen everything since I had been here for so long, but it was my first time seeing something like this.

Since I was quite far from it, I couldn’t really tell what was that thing but, it was wearing a skin armor that looked light, a girl? (looking at the that longish golden hair I determined that it was a girl) and for some reason she was walking slowly while being wary of her surroundings. Behind her there was a lump covered in some heavy-looking metal armor without being worried of breaking branches. Then, a person with a robe, a man? At this distance I can’t really tell but, is that person wearing a hood?

I couldn’t make a distinction because of how dark it was.

Wait… this is THAT. A thief, a warrior and a magician, they are adventurers right? Uoo, I want to get closer to them. I want talk to them and ask them about various things about this world!

The adventurers started walking closer to the tree branch that is close to the leaf where Jirou-kun lives. It seems that Jirou-kun has noticed the adventurers. How would he approach this situation? I started to tremble as I was looking at them.

While the thief girl? started to slowly and carefully approached, Jirou-kun started to shoot his thread at her, and she was getting entangled in it. Well, well, I’m surprised of Jirou-kun’s sudden actions, she was supposed to be on alert but it seems like she didn’t notice Jirou-kun presence. Ms. Incompetent huh?

A moment later.

In an instant the warrior appeared behind the thief girl. And then the hand that was carrying the warrior’s long sword flashed. And Jirou-kun was sliced in half.


S, scaryyy. No questions asked, huh. I’m sure that it was Jirou-kun’s fault for suddenly spitting the thread at her but I don’t think that that was a reason enough to kill him, no, it really wasn’t.

Although I said that I would like to approach them, but after THAT, I no longer want to do so

As the warrior sheathed his sword, the magician behind the group started using magic which wrapped around the thief girl and started to burn the threads. The thief girl seemed to be a little angry.

The three of them started to walk along the tree’s branch. And then, they went along the branches and leaves, until they went into a cavity on the tree.

Ah, was there a tree cavity always in such place……? If I do my best, even I can go there.

After I train a bit more I suppose I could try to go inside it.

No, really, if I don’t get stronger, I’ll end up like Jirou-kun. Haa…

Jirou-kun, your end came so quickly, I will never forget you.

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