Muimui-tan Prologue 1-1

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Prologue 1-1: I became a wizard in the true meaning.

I woke up without understanding what I had become.

I was in some strange place.

Originally, I was not a person with a good eyesight, but now my eyes can barely see a faint light. On top of that, my field of vision had been filled with strange things.

I had a multi-display computer which fills one’s vision with computer screens, there were 3 to the left and 3 to the right. Because of it, the places to look at seemed to be increasing, such that if you wouldn’t know where to look at your head would fall into disorder.

Following my instincts I started eating the leaf that was under my feet. moshamosha moshamosha*.

(tl/n: “moshamosha” is referring to the sound he makes as he eats the leaf)

I check my current condition for a second time.

I try to see how my body looks like. My skin seems to be blue, I seem to have 4 arms or feet on my each of my sides… a caterpillar… Thanks, that’s what you would like me to say, but why this!? Why a caterpillar!? Well, well, I can think of it while I eat my leaf. moshamosha moshamosha.

I check my condition once again. Right now, I’m on top of a large leaf. Although I must admit that this leaf is sort of delicious, so I will accept it for now. moshamosha moshamosha. I suppose eating and sleeping will be my way of life from now on.

I begin to notice more and more things. It didn’t matter how much of this leaf I ate (though I say it like that, the part that I eat only opens a small hole on the leaf) since it seems to get restored on the next day. It seems that all the holes I made while eating the leaf disappeared by the next day. Huh, It seems that I won’t need to worry about food in the future! moshamosha moshamosha.

As I was eating this leaf I began to wonder about various things about my present condition.

First of all, I woke up looking like this.

It was pitch black and the stress and silence was beginning to gather after I had finished my work (there is a lot of stress on modern society, don’t you agree?). I was going to the convenience store to buy some dinner and shortcake for myself… that’s all… that’s all I remember!

My birthday had been the previous day. I went to the convenience store to buy a cake for the sake of the lonely one man birthday, I’m finally becoming a wizard. Then I went inside of my futon sorrowfully and started to cry my eyes out. Really? And here I was thinking that I would never become a wizard. Just the thought of it is really sorrowful.

I was never popular to begin with.

Though I know that it doesn’t mean anything if it comes from me, my appearance is not THAT ugly. I’m the androgyny type of guy, my height is not that tall, but no matter how old I am, my appearance is younger that what it should be.

My personality wass not bad… probably. At least I think it was okay, I want to believe so. But I do have a memory that I said “I better die” or “go die”, but that’s a normal though right? Right?… I had a junior at my work that I yearned for… well, I only wanted to treat her to dinner and she says “as expected of Senpai, I want to become like you.” in a good mood. Shortly after she said “eh, senpai, you never had a girlfriend even though you are that old? m9( ^Д ^)” “Because I would be troubled if you misunderstood me if we went back together so” What the… she was ridiculing me. So she was like “I would rather die than… with you” type of human. Huh? Perhaps… does it mean that nobody likes me? Huh? Oh well, we have derailed a lot from the main story, but it seems that I have the memories prior to my birthday, huh.

How did it become like that.

……Anyways, I don’t understand this too well so I will just keep eating this leaf. Moshamosha Moshamosha.

Well, I think I should stop eating and just go to sleep again.

But I noticed that there was a change.

Something appeared in my field of vision. A mist or something like one was coming, at least I think so, there was nothing I could do to define what it was. The mist’s color was red, blue, black…well, it seems that my mind had finally started to go mad! At least that’s what I thought.

But my instincts were telling me to inhale that mist? There was a strange sensation in my heart as I became aware that the mysterious trachea was inhaling the mist. My heart was beating rapidly as I inhale it. Why? I don’t understand why I’m doing this, but it must be related to my instinct.

I wonder how much of it I have inhaled. I wonder how much of that mysterious mist I have accumulated inside of me, I need to spit it out to clean my trachea.

――《String Shot》――

I spat strings from my mouth…? And, now that think about it.

My mouth started to shine, but it didn’t come out of the mouth, but from this mysterious trachea.

I should try to shoot various strings to confirm this.

But I don’t seem to be able to. Is there some kind of re-cast time?

I got tired from just shooting out strings. I would say that it also is quite mentally tiring.

Also it seems that I’m able to change the length and momentum of the spit. Though it’s more tiring the more I stretch the length and strengthen the momentum.

The thread seems to have and adhesive power that makes it able to attach it to various things. Like the one that Spiderman can shoot out.

When the thread is cut, it seems to lose its adhesive power. It becomes some kind of silk thread that is pretty but not strong.

If I got tired from shooting the thread, I would eat the leaf below me, and then I would go to sleep. When I woke up, I would shoot the thread and repeat that experiment again and again.

From shooting my thread again and again, the recast time-like thing seems to have become shorter so I just kept shooting it continuously until the recast time came again… It feels like the skill is about to level up.

I kept shooting the string again and again until I noticed, isn’t this some kind of magic? It seems to be coming out of my mouth to my surroundings, but some mysterious energy accumulated on the exit of the mysterious trachea. “This isn’t the normal laws of physics” was what I thought.

But my instinct told me that I was doing something else to create the string? The phrase “Is it a miracle or is it fate?” came to my mind.

What if, what if this world is another world? What if this floating mist-like thing is something like magical power…!?

That sounds like the typical ideas for a light novel.

First, lets try to imagine the ice. Games are an obscure fact, but ice magic is my favorite so I start to imagine the ice.

I tried to make the thread out of ice… however, it wasn’t successful. But, there was a new feeling in the mysterious trachea. What is it that I’m lacking? My imagination or the method?.

I kept trying and trying, and I felt some kind of response but it still didn’t work. My imagination may be the problem then.

This time I will try to image the water first. I imagine that the water is freezing and changing its shape to that of an icicle.

――[Ice Needle]――

Before I was aware of it, there was a small spear made of ice in front of me.

I, I did it!

Uoooooo, it’s magic. It really is magic!

This actually is real magic!

In that moment, I became a wizard in the true meaning.

And then, along with the feeling of power I fainted.

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  1. Theseus says:

    He seems like 1,000,000 year old spirit beast from combat continent 2

  2. Anonymous says:

    When I see reincarnation stories like this, I like to imagine their fauna isn’t “magically, fantastically odd” because “that’s just how it is in a world of magic, animals do magical, weird things” — No, nono. I like to imagine that the world was relatively normal beforehand — but then came the reincarnators, and started fucking up how nature works.

    Maybe some guy got trapped in a carnivore-plant, and started coming up with weird spells to attract prey? And there you have the local tourist attraction of the valley of strange lethal succubus-plants.

  3. karmanisman123 says:

    thanks for the chapter

  4. Lololol says:

    Wonder if I will become a wizard too and reincarnated into happy life. If not I need to make
    Not that I care about my life anymore.

  5. Zypex says:

    I hope I don’t turn into a wizard when I grow up.

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