Moon Bunny Cafe’s hiccups

Hi guys, I am aware of Moon Bunny Cafe’s problematic random downtimes. I believe I have pinpointed the problem, and am currently working things out so that this does not happen again. This problem should be gone by the end of next week, but I will keep you all updated in this post should a delay happen (hopefully not).

I apologize for the inconvenience.


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4 Responses to Moon Bunny Cafe’s hiccups

  1. elle says:

    could you pick up translating “Man Man Qing Luo”? it sounds really good, reminding me of “to be a virtuous wife” and “dkc”

  2. Matalvaro says:

    man… sorry to ask, but do u have any idea when u guys can do TSLD(tensei shitara slime…) next chap?srr to ask…
    ty =x

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