Monohito – Chapter 5

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Monohito Chapter 5 – Consultation on Troubles

On that day, dinner in the Mikarune household changed in various ways. Instead of the usual three sons, there is a lone magician, that change is a surprise for Mikene’s mother, Irine.

Hearing who that man is and why he is here, her complexion paled, then wept with gratitude.

“Nonetheless, to receive help in a dangerous situation, it’s just like the magician in the stories Mikene likes.”

Irine who had just calmed down, teases her daughter.

“Hoho! A magician’s story is it.”

Riheed who clings onto anything magic related pays attention.

“Eh, that’s right. This child loves that story from the old days. Haven’t you heard of it? Rescuing the princess of the forest people who was kidnapped, helping the hero to defeat the Maou, there are various stories and legends of the magician.”

“That’s a very great…magi…cian?”

In the middle of his words, Riheed openly is worried over something.

Everyone looks at such a Riheed with curious eyes.

“Ah, excuse me. I’m a little bit familiar with those stories.”

“Because it’s famous story, you might be familiar with it.”

“Yeah, that might be it.”

Riheed somewhat slurred his words, but no-one pays attention to that and questions Riheed while going ahead with the meal.

Because of Riheed’s life experience, he could surprisingly keep up with the topics, moreover had an abundance of things to say.

Occasionally an absurd thing would be said, but in general Doruin and Irine had a favorable impression.

Like that, when the rare lively meal in the Mikarune household nears its end, Doruin turns towards Mikene.
“It’s about time you come back from school, there’s thing to do afterwards. In truth I intended to wait until graduation, Mikene, though it’s a little early you must marry.”
Doruin dropped a bomb.

The Ojou-sama raised mother Irine, has no doubt that it’s her daughter’s obligation and happiness to marry into a good house.

That being the case, she raised her approval to Doruin’s words at the end of the meal.

However, Mikene who rarely listens to her parents words unconditionally, hesitates to speak.

Doruin who sees that state, reflects on his slight impatience, while thinking what to say to Mikene, the meal comes to a close.

“Come talk with me.”


There was no partner to consult with in the Mikarune household, so Mikene approached Riheed.

Because it is inappropriate for a man and woman to be alone at night, Aryu waits behind them.

“Is fine to consult with the maid-san here?”

“I’m positive Aryu can hear all I have to say.”

When Aryu and Riheed’s eyes match, her head bow lowers slightly in apology.

“Hmm, then what does Mikene want.”


To be frank, there is no regret in regards to leaving magic school.

However, what can Mikene do instead.

The time she taught magic to Riheed, from the bottom of her heart she thinks that was enjoyable.

She thinks she would like to do something like that in the future.

With difficulty, Mikene conveys her feelings to Riheed.

“Then, shouldn’t you say so to your father?”


Up to now Mikene is not what can be called self-centered, so she didn’t know what would be fine to say.

“Really, such a troubled Ojou-sama.”

Riheed stands up while saying so and takes Mikene’s hand.

Aryu who was going to move, is held back with his eyes, then leads Mikene by the hand goes to the terrace of the guest room.

“Even if you say or don’t say your selfishness, whether it’s a good or bad thing isn’t for people to know. For example, say you choose marriage, your parents will be happy at first, but won’t they be sad if the partner turns out to be a helpless guy? Assume the opposite and you don’t marry, at first your parents might be sad, but won’t they be delighted if you leave your name behind in history as a magician? When you can’t decide, it’s best to decide based on selfishness, that way even if you fail it’s your own result.”

When Riheed says so, he looks up to the night sky from the terrace.

“Your life and death shouldn’t be the work of other people. It’s not necessary to worry so much. After all, any troubles are a tiny thing under this sky.”

Riheed throws out clumsy words in this situation and raises his staff starting a magic.

When the aria ends, Riheed and Mikene’s body floats and ascends to the sky.

“Eh? Eh!?”

“Hey hey, don’t struggle. You could fall.”

Mikene had earnestly listened to Riheed’s words, but that seriousness turned into caution.

Suddenly noticing a floating sensation because of Riheed’s magic, Mikene is extremely flustered.

“Look! When you look at things from this height, the worries of people become worthless! Don’t you think?”

Under her eyes is the moonlight shone forest and spring, additionally the lights from the actions of people is mixed in, a wondrous atmosphere set in.

While seeing that spectacle, Mikene nods may times to Riheed’s question.

Light tears started to float while looking with all her might.

The two stay like this for a little while without conversation, Mikene enjoys the trip in the sky.

Returning to the terrace, Aryu is waiting with an expression like a demon.

“Riheed-sama, think about what you just did! Flying to such an altitude with magic, what if you were to fall down! Ojou-sama could catch a cold!”

“It’s only flight magic, I can do it with my eyes closed! And I made a layer with the wind so she won’t catch a cold, she couldn’t even feel the coldness!”

Aryu with a menacing look is undaunted and yells at Riheed in return.

Seeing that, Mikene abruptly starts to laugh.

Riheed and Aryu who were quarreling look dumbfounded at Mikene’s behavior.

After Mikene had finished laughing for a while, in a state of having become unbound she faces the two.

“I’ll go see my father and mother now and convey my feelings.”

When saying so, Mikene is about to leave the guest room,

“Do your best.”

Riheed’s short words of encouragement reaches Mikene’s ears, bowing delightfully, she leaves the room.


Aryu looks gladly at the retreating figure, but in some aspects it was lonely to see her off.

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