Monohito – Chapter 4

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Monohito Chapter 4 – Books Are Important

“Uh-huh, I see.”

Sitting down and with his arms folded, Riheed groans and frequently nods.

Textbooks which were brought similarly sat before him along with the figure of Mikene who is joyfully teaching him modern magic.

“A little more documents would be nice. The school library prohibits taking out magic books.”

“What about bookstores?”

“It’s rare for magic related books to appear in bookstores.”


Riheed became speechless.

Seeing that state, Mikene recalls the lessons she had on magic history.

“Uhm, 200 years ago most magic related books on this Sass continent were bought by a magician. Because a single magic-related book contains many things, it’s said that with their disappearance the succession of those magic were cut off. After that it was decided magic related books in Rhonks would belong to the country. However even the teachers don’t know whether that’s true or not.

The one ruling over the country of Rhonks including the Mikarune household’s territory in the east, is King Masa.

Rhonks Kingdom is inside the continent known as Sass.

Most countries inside Sass had a peculiar incident 200 years ago where magic culture disappeared.

“Such a troublesome…eh…?”

Riheed who was in the middle of his speech realized something.

Swiftly looking up while somewhat perspiring he rapidly says.

“Well, isn’t such a thing fine! Is there not a means to see the country owned books?”

“They cannot be seen without permission from the country. And permission isn’t easy to get, it seems it even takes time for the school teachers.

Committing to memory Riheed’s suspicious appearance and questions, Mikene politely answered.

“Then what about the Magic school’s library!?”

“The school library is prohibited excepting to authorized people, I don’t think it’s possible for Riheed to enter inside.

“What’s up with this era…”

Riheed, who feels down, drops his head.

The sight of Mikene consoling such a Riheed can be seen in the Mikarune household’s guest room.

Doruin who hears the results of Aryu’s investigation let’s out a deep breath.

Just as thought, links were found between his two sons and the adventurers who had attacked Mikene.

Without what could even be called an investigation, the facts came out.

At any rate, the sons used the name of the Mikarune household several times when getting those adventurers to commit their evil deed.

Bearing a headache, Doruin collects his thoughts.

In the meanwhile, Doruin’s butler Barton hears the characteristics of the adventurers who were seen in the village from Aryu, and Hyph who had escorted the adventurer’s to town, is standing silently and motionless.

Hyph is making a funny face trying to endure an incoming sneeze, when his foot is stepped on by Aryu.

“I’m utterly fed up with those stupid sons.”

Deciding on something, Doruin raises his head towards Barton, Aryu and Hyph stop fooling about and look at Doruin seriously, waiting for his next words.

“Restrain those two. From now on they are not permitted to use my name or this household’s name, their relations with this house will be broken off. Punishment must be given to them for trying to harm Mikene. Irine must not hear about these series of events, convey to her those two have gone ahead and entered the military.”

Irine is the wife of Doruin, and mother of Mikene.

Raised as an Ojou-sama, though diligent, she’s still somewhat living in a dream. If told about her sons trying to kill Mikene, Doruin thinks she’s likely to commit suicide, so he is hiding these events.

It’s regrettable but my youngest son cannot inherit this house. I though given sometime he would find motivation, but it’s time to stop pampering that lazy person. Barton, I leave it to you. One way or another, turn him into someone useful. I don’t mind what it is, even if his life becomes the worst, make him useful.”

Hearing Doruin’s words, the three each nod then disperse to accomplish their jobs.

Only Doruin who saw their retreating figures is left in the room.

“Stupid sons…”

Doruin’s deep sigh dominated the room.

“Damn it! Those idiots! Every time a problem arises I take care of it, but they blundered at a crucial point!”

“Su-such a thing, Aniki! It’s bad. The absolutely will talk.”

In the territory in the east of the kingdom, in the center of Doruin’s lands, is the town where the Mikarune household’s residence is, in the extremity of Eretousa is a gathering spot for thugs now it only has two men in the gloomy room.

Loitering in the small room, they are shouting at one another.

“I know that!”

“Then let’s end this!!”

The two are impatiently exchanging opinions but a plan hasn’t appeared yet.

“To begin with, I only told those guys to threaten a little bit, but they go and do that!”

“Th-that’s right. So me and Aniki aren’t to blame!?”

The brothers try to prove their innocence with a ridiculous theory.

But in the end that theory isn’t enough.

The door is smashed down and Aryu and Hyph storm in.

The two dumbfounded brothers are easily captured. There was a little enmity from Aryu and Hyph towards the two for making a move on their important Mikene, and with a heavy hand their consciousness is reaped.

Thus, the names of the two young men vanished from the Mikarune household.

“Let go, let me go now! Barton!”

In a hallway of the Mikarune residence, Barton is holding the third son by his neck and dragging him out of his room.

“You! Using such violence on me, do you think father will be silent! Do you want to be fired!?”

Though the foolish words of the third son is heard, Barton who is dragging him doesn’t show pay any attention.

“Damn it! Let go!”

For Doruin’s trusted, all-purpose butler Barton, holding down the struggling third son is a trivial matter.

“Boy, your long rest time has come to an end. After this you will firmly learn what’s necessary to be the master of this household.”

Barton’s coldhearted voice resounds throughout the hallway.

“Stop joking! Do you think father will permit such a thing!?”

“Sorry to tell you, but this is the instruction from Master. All is good as long as it’s not to the extent that you die.”

Barton gives an uninterested reply to the third son’s ugly screams.


The third son no longer resists, looks at Barton for a moment, then continues to be dragged without change.

Thus, under the supervision of the all-purpose butler, the Mikarune household heir training plan started.

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