Monohito – Chapter 3

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Monohito Chapter 3 – A Father’s Distress


Riheed and Mikene come out of the forest taking along the adventurers who have turned into puppets, when a young man and woman run up to them.

“Aryu! Hyph!”

The woman is wearing maid clothing, the man is wearing simple armor on his body.

“Ojou-sama! Are you injured!?”

“We heard from a villager that a large number of adventurers entered the forest and rushed here.”

The maid clothed woman, Aryu is checking all over Mikene’s body The armor wearing man, Hyph sees the vacant eyed adventurers lining up behind the Ojou-sama, and afterwards looks towards the tall man who appears to be a magician.

“Thank you, Aryu, I’m fine. Hyph, he helped me when I was attacked in the forest, so stop making such a face.”

Mikene tears away from Aryu’s side, and cautioned Hyph who was partially glaring at Riheed.

“That was impolite of me. I am called Aryu and take care of Mikene Ojou-sama’s personal necessities. Thank you very much for looking after Ojou-sama this time.”

“E-excuse me. I am called Hyph an am in charge of Mikene, Ojou-sama’s personal protection.”

Riheed who looks at the two, after thinking for a bit suddenly moves.

With lightning speed grips Aryu’s arm, when it’s raised a knife falls out and pierces the ground.

“I see. Maids are versatile nowadays.”

For a short while Riheed observed Aryu, let go of her arm, picks up the knife, returns it to Aryu’s hand and falls back one step.

“Why a maid came together with a guard, puzzle solved. With such an arm it seems the role of aguar can be accomplished.”

Saying so, Riheed alone consented so and folds his arms while nodding.

“A-Aryu! Is this how you act towards the person who saved my life!”

“Hey hey, that maid-san took precaution out of worry for you, it’s poor to raise such a voice.”

Riheed rebukes Mikene who is angry to calm down.

“I am very sorry, Ojou-sama.”

“It’s fine now. Be sure not to do it next time.”


Aryu deeply bows her head towards Mikene who forgives her while sighing.

“Now then, when can you teach me magic!?”

The two guards stand ready towards Riheed who raises a voice lacking self-control.

“Settle down please. Let’s first return home, after that I’ll teach.”

“Hmmm. Let’s hurry up!”

“In any case do something about those thugs there.”

Riheed, who is getting excited by himself, leaves the treatment of the vacant group to Aryu.

“As for that, Hyph will stand watch here, when we return to town we’ll send the guards over.”

“I have understood.”

Hyph returns an awkward polite response.

Riheed who heard that plan nods once, lightly swung his large staff and stacks a magic over them.

“With this there consciousness won’t return for quite a while.”

“T-thank, you.”

“Yeayea. Then let’s go. Fwsshh! Hurry!”

Hyph gives a strange thanks to the heated up Riheed who is pushing Mikene’s back.

“W-what are you doing to Ojou-sama!”

Aryu who found a fault with Riheed raises her voice.

The party continues down the road to the lively village.

Explaining the situation to the village chief, the adventurers are pushed into a vacant house and put under watch.

Leaving behind Hyph in the village, the party makes their way to town on the carriage with Aryu driving.

Arriving at the mansion in the center of the town, they get off the carriage.

Riheed shows interest at the little changes the people who live in this town have undergone in 200 years, and inquires about this and that with Mikene.

Mikene who answered politely felt a little tired.

As soon as they enter the mansion, the master of the mansion came personally to greet them.

Seeing an unfamiliar man with his daughter he is vigilant, and looks to the maid next to his daughter.

“This person saved Ojou-sama who was almost attacked and was given a trip to here.”

“Call me Riheed.”

Following Aryu, Riheed speaks and takes a step forward.

“What! My daughter’s savior!! My name is Doruin Mikarune! By all means let me give my thanks! I know, please stay in my residence!”

Once he heard Riheed was his daughter’s benefactor his attitude changed completely, and Doruin greets and says his thanks with a loud voice.

“Hmm, much obliged.”

Riheed bows slightly.

“Mikene, guide him please.”

“Yes, Otou-sama.”

Doruin call out to Mikene as soon as he hears Riheed’s reply.

Mikene leads Riheed along with the butler who was behind Doruin, to the guest room.

After seeing them off, Doruin looks at Aryu with a severe expression.

“Tell me the details at once.”


The two disappear into Doruin’s study.

After hearing what Aryu had to say, Doruin acted promptly.

A person was sent to the office of the town guards, and guards were then sent to the eastern village.

Simultaneously the stupid sons are examined.

Aware the Mikene is coming home, aware that Mikene was going to the forest today, and with reason to harm Mikene, he realizes there are only his sons.

“Stupid, I knew they were stupid…but…”

Inside Doruin, are feeling he doesn’t want to believe, perhaps his feeling were fighting with one another.

Riheed, who was guided to the guest room by Mikene and butler, immediately pleads to Mikene for a lecture on magic.

Mikene wasn’t in bad spirits, but the matter in the forest was shocking. Thinking it could be a distraction, she planned to take up Riheed’s request, but before that throws out a question.

“But what magic is it? Are you not already a splendid magician. I think it’s you who should teach me.”

“Though I can use magic, mine is old. I want to know new magic, specifically magic from the past approximate 200 years!”

“Apart from particular details of that period we don’t know much, most magic from before 200 years ago has disappeared, but I think I know a magic that can suit Riheed-san’s request. But can Riheed use magic from before 200 years ago?”

“Yep, I can.”

Riheed’s quick reply makes Mikene surprised.

“If that’s the case then it’s amazing.”

“Hmm. Well first teach me magic!”


And so Riheed faced Mikene’s course on modern magic which began.

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