Monohito – Chapter 18

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Monohito Chapter 18 – First Day

“Eh, it’s sudden but I’m introducing a new friend to everyone.”

The teacher standing on the platform, Kyrie, says so and beckons towards the classroom entrance.

With that signal, Riheed who is that new friend enters inside while stiff from nervousness.

Encountering this environment for the first time, since morning his tension has taken a nose dive and his ace is full of anxiety

“Riheed. Hobby is reading, specialty is summoning magic. I’m entering midway but please take care of me.”

Riheed didn’t present the lengthy self-introduction he thought about for a long time, his head was blank inside, in the end he went with the short greeting the maid who was worried prepared, the classroom is looked around with unease.

Finding the smiling Mikene and Litris in his field of vision, Riheed is relieved.

“Now then, Riheed has moved into this school in the current term because of special circumstances, it can be thought that there’s many things he doesn’t understand. Please shoe kindness everyone.”

The pupils reservedly reply to Kyrie’s speech.

“Well then, as for your place, the one next to your acquaintance Mikene-san is good, I’m sorry but please open up an adequate spot.”

In accordance with Kyrie’s words the students start moving their desks.

Promptly, in the middle of the classroom, there was a gap next to Mikene.

Kyrie, who confirms that, takes out a wand and points it towards a desk while muttering something, light stretches out from the wand and coils around the desk.

The desk floats without a sense of weight and it glides along the ceiling following Kyrie’s wand movements.

Like that the desk cleanly fits into the space next to Mikene.

“Now then, please use the seat over there Riheed-kun.”

“Y-yea, understood.”

Though Riheed wanted to interrupt with various questions about the magic Kyrie used, he endures it and moves to his seat.

“Homeroom is finished, so please don’t barrage Riheed with questions. Please sincerely show moderation and common sense that won’t be disgraceful for a Rhonks magic school student.”

Kyrie reminds the pupils while leaving the classroom.

The students who saw that retreating figure, simultaneously as Kyrie closes the door with his hands behind him, they gather around Riheed’s surroundings.

All the students are gracefully dressed, but none can conceal the curiosity in their eyes.

There were multiple matters of the new midway student, a person who tries to confirm the truth of the rumors about Riheed which had spread, a person trying to investigate the relations with Mikene who is popular in the school year for various reasons, a person who plots to associate with Riheed for their benefit, and numerous others.

Seeing the dazzling expressions in the classmates eyes Riheed has a little sense of pulling back.

“What magic did you use during the midway school entry exam?”

“It was a relatively showy attack magic.”

As expected there was nothing about the luminous body.

However, there are numerous rumors related to Riheed and the powerful impact of the luminous body’s party trick.

“What’s the relationship, between you and M-Mikene-san!?”

“Hmm, my late father was an acquaintance of Mikene’s father, I’m receiving favors from their residence.”

Bending backwards to avoid the somewhat excited male student, Riheed answers with what was thought of beforehand.

“What household are you from?”

“My late father was a personal acquaintance of the Mikarune-household’s head of family, the household itself is just of a commoner.”

Because that question was expected, a model answer which prepared beforehand was returned.

As the questions of this and that were answered, the tide of people in Riheed’s surroundings were disappearing as it’s understood that he is a commoner.

To some extent this was expected, Riheed doesn’t particularly care about the situation, rather he joyfully opens a textbook and questions Mikene and Litris about the curriculum’s contents.

Several pupils who see that send glances of jealousy towards Riheed who is on good terms with the two, the popular Mikene who is the daughter of a lord holding a large region, has a superior figure and high ability, and Litris who is the daughter of a wealthy merchant and has nearly no social disposition.

“Mu, how long until class starts!?”

A fair amount of time has passed since Kyrie left, Riheed makes gestures expressing his feelings that he can’t wait.

“Because today is the beginning of the school term, there’s no class.”

Mikene, noticing the fact that she forgot to tell him since its normal, points it out.


Riheed opens his eyes wide in surprise.

“The classes take turns with magic power measurements then can go home.”

“Magic power measurement!?”

Litris explains further.

Riheed is occupied with being surprised.

“It’s a routine event at the start of the school term. I think you’re aware that as magic power grows so does the magic you can use and handle even if it’s small, so it’s an indicator of growth so far and after this.”

“Umumu, so it’s magic power measurements ever since when.”

Riheed groans from Mikene’s explanation while counting on his fingers, but he soon gives in.

Mikene herself can say with confidence she who has twice read the school guide as well as the school history book and the like cover to cover doesn’t have any blind spots.

“As for Riheed-san, since it’s your first measurement after entering this magic school it’ll become the standard for after this.”

“I see! I’ll do it going all out!”

“The result won’t change whether you try or don’t.”

Mikene pours cold water on Riheed as he musters his determination.

“No matter how hard you work, only your hand is placed on the measurement device. Conversely you can’t take your hand off.”


Hearing the process of the measurement, Riheed is devising something bad.

While Riheed is pondering something, the classroom door opens and the teacher in charge informs them Riheed’s class’ turn for the magic power measurement has come.

Under the teacher’s guidance, everyone starts to move in groups.

Riheed also moves with the flow, with an ominous faint smile while murmuring.

Mikene and Litris are worrying while moving, the no good think of Riheed’s magic power measurement is going to begin.

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