Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 24

Heya~, I’m back! *claps to myself*. My exams are over now, my health is restored (drank potions, bitter ones), and so I will be back on posting MnD per day. Here is my rant, oh my~, it’s big.


I’ve re-joined my part-tie job, and I also have other work (not including anime watching and all that stuff), so I will try to get some time from my schedule to give you people chapters in whole, not parts, everyday. If I can’t give then, simple, I couldn’t get much free time. As for the Sponsored Chapters (previously known as bonus chapters), I would change my schedule, why? Cuz, the reader gave money! He/She ain’t doing charity job. I too am in a quite pinch for this month (salary comes per month), so I would love if readers give money~. Sponsored Chapters may get postponed, but that is only for the time when I’m posting KnM too. Oh yeah, I finally found, what other translators mean by ‘Slave Day’, basically, that’s something I would also get into when there are too many donors. And with this


SO here you go~, your Chapter 24

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Just some boy from somewhere in this world trying to translate some WN's and LN's. For letting readers have fun and I kill m extra time.....Somehow I am even able to gain money too.

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  1. MaCcoy Neri says:

    arggh..!!! Chapter a day? OMG.! OMG.!



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