DKC – chapter 52 sponsored by Lady Hipployta

Please welcome her Ladyship Hipployta who is generous enough to sponsor today’s chapter 52. Feel free to praise her ladyship in the comments for her generosity. As a thank you, we will give Lady Hipployta a sneak look into what we think when translating DKC… Below is an expert from Brian after editing the last two chapters and more than likely today’s chapter.
“my god
what’s with his eyes
does he have 100 different eyes
this ugly guy
his eyes like blackness
his eyes like fire
his eyes like blahblahdl;safjkdalskfja;sldkfja
so many eyes 0_o he needs to dontate them to blind children
he has so many eyes, he could use them write everyone’s autobiography for them.”
Hope your Ladyship Hipployta enjoyed this chapter. Brought to you by June and Brian.

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5 Responses to DKC – chapter 52 sponsored by Lady Hipployta

  1. ludagad says:

    Those are like my thoughts when I’m reading hahaha. I love the novel, and I’m curious about their adventures. But every time the author starts going on a tangent about their eyes, their face, their looks… I think too many adjectives. If she got rid of those, 3 chapters will become 1.

    • June says:

      Being the evil slave driver and translator, I might try that for an April fools joke…Since the author keep using the same vocabulary, I just throw it in and make Brian the editor suffer by putting it into a complete sentence. “evil laugh ahahahaaaa”

  2. Somebody loves Nobody says:

    As usual, you guys never stop. Thank you for sponsoring, Hipployta!

  3. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally
    well written!

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