Magic Robot Aluminare: One-Armed Aluminare Part 4

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I steadily guided the black Aluminare towards valley while running around in the forest. If possible, I would like to pushed it down into the valley, but when I saw the opponent’s maneuvering technique, somehow it was unlikely that I be able to do it. It would be a battle between Aluminares as expected.

“Hey, it’s time to give up”

“As if I could do that. What about you? How about you give up”

“It’s the captain’s order, I can’t disobey him!”

“Although you are the one piloting the machine”

If he threatens them using the Aluminare, he would be able to control all the underlings. By the way, I’m surprised that the one riding the Aluminare was not the captain. Is he really that trustworthy or was the captain’s piloting skill that bad?. Well, that guy sure was skillful.

“It’s because things such as supplies and maintenance are left to the underlings. If I betray him, I’ll just probably be cornered right away. But, if I do not betray him, he will let me join on a lot of fun battles. So there’s no reason to betray him, right?”

“You’re a battle freak!!”

“That phrase sound fun. I will call myself that from now on. Battle Freak Felouche, please take care of me until you die”

“I wont introduce myself here!!!!”

“You don’t have to since I already know. Eldo-kun!”

A large number of Ice Spears emerged around the Aluminare. Each one of the spears was probably 5 meters long. Even if just one of those grazes me, I will be turned into a lump of meat.

Well, because it’s an anti-Aluminare magic system I guess it’s to be expected.



Ice spears rained down on the forest with a rumbling sound and smashed the trees like breaking twig with creaking sound. And then, one of the trees fell down in front of me and blocked my path.

I jumped towards the sky to avoid it.

“I can finally see you!”

As soon as the Aluminare discovered me, it extended it’s arm. At this rate, I would get caught. But it wont be easy to catch me.

“[Air Block], [Quintuple Setup]. [Start]!”

Starting from my feet, several blocks appeared in the air. Using them as foothold, I evaded the Aluminare’s hand with [AERO THRUSTER].

From the point of view of my opponent, it would seem like I was running in the sky.

Even the guy that calls himself Felouche raised a voice full of surprise.

“Amazing! It’s really amazing yo! It’s the first time I’ve seen a child evade like this!”

“I am doing this with my life at stake! Our resolve are different!”

“Ha Ha, well then, do your best to flee some more!”

“Unfortunately, the game of tag ends here!”

I had finally arrived.

I twisted my body and glared at the black Aluminare, and I said to it while falling from the sky.

“From here on out, the real fight begins!”

“What are you talking… I see…”

Felouche must have noticed something, since he stopped the Aluminare.

As I keep falling, I head towards the valley.

I was adjusting the falling direction with [Active Wing], aiming at the machine that I finally managed to boot up yesterday.

Using [Pinpoint Cyclone] along the way to decelerate my falling speed, I plunged into the cockpit.

“Although doing actual combat suddenly is bad for you, just endure it for me”

Closing the cockpit’s hatch, I opened the fuel valve and pressed the start button.

No anomaly in the various meters, remaining fuel was 10 percent, a sector of the monitors is out of order. Although there are a lot of dents in the left shoulder and the feet, it wont affect the battle too much.

I would like to say that all joints are all green but unfortunately they are all yellow. The Aluminare’s monitor shows that the whole body stability is bright yellow, however!

“Aluminare, launch!”

Stepping on the pedal, the generator revved up, and I pushed the launch button.

All systems of the Aluminare woke up and it leaned greatly while I was operating the foot accordingly as it creaked.

“Let’s go!”

I jump with full power from the stored energy on the legs. It was just a simple jump. But with the height of the Aluminare, I was able to grasp the edge of the valley.

I grabbed cliff with the right hand, and hooked my foot to it so i could step onto the cliff once more.

While the cliff was crumbling and collapsing, my machine jumped up again.

I looked up to the sky. The usual cliff can’t be seen from both ends of the screen.

If I looked down, the screen would be filled up the the vast forest. And the black Aluminare can see this machine.

I aimed a kick while falling towards the black Aluminare.

That black guy dodged it with a back step.

“Finally, I too can fight!”

“Is that your machine!? So the thing that the captain was looking for really existed!”

“I repaired this machine from scratch! Like hell would I hand it over to you bastards!”

“I’ll have to take it even if I had to kill you!”

Black came to me and stuck out its sword. He was precisely aiming at the cockpit. But wait—

“Aren’t you supposed to take me alive?!”

“If I can secure the machine then the captain will overlook it”

While fending off the stretched out sword, I rushed into his chest.

There are no weapon in this machine. Since there was none, I should steal it.

Reaching into the spare sword that has been equipped to the opponent’s hip. I only grabbed empty air.

“Oops, that was dangerous. I wont let you steal it.”

“Tsk, you did notice it huh?”

“You don’t seem that knowledgeable about the machine’s magic, I’ll end this quickly.”

“Like I’d let you do that”

The opponent had both swords in his hands. While I’m facing him with one unarmed hand. If this were a game, I would had gave up already because it was impossible. But unfortunately this was reality. Since this was the case, I better come up with way to overturn this situation or it will end up into real life version GAME OVER.

Although this is way too thrilling!

I kept thinking about ways to overturn this situation, while dodging the sword strikes that aims for the cockpit.

For the time being it was necessary to block off the enemy’s swords and deal considerable damage to the enemy’s fuselage, which will force him to retreat. The fighting here is so loud now. The other villages below should be able to see this battle. In other words, if I can make him withdraw once, there won’t be a second time

Since if there was a second time, it would be an all-out war between the National Army and the Group of the black Aluminare. As to be expected, even them wouldn’t dare do something so reckless.

“Argh ……”

The sword grazed my right arm and the armor around there fell off. The machine does not move like I had imagined. The reason being this was my first time piloting it, and too much wear on the joints.

Add that little by little and an operational lag will surface.

“As expected, your mobility is not good”

“It’s because I only did emergency repair”

“Just give up quickly”

“I refuse”

“You’re stubborn. I want to quickly finish this boring fight!”

After dodging the sword that was thrust towards me, another one was already approaching.

I won’t be able to avoid in time.

I completely gave up dodging it. In order to avoid a fatal strike, I squatted down. The head was blown off and the top movable monitor became useless immediately.

“Isn’t there something I can do?!”

Because I heard the history surrounding this village from the Village Chief, I knew that this machine came from the period of the north-south civil war. I could easily tell that it was a machine built for war, so one or two attack magic should have been written!

“If you do not want to sleep again, show me your guts!”

I drove a shoulder tackle towards the black Aluminare while trying to stand up.

It would be indeed hard to dodge at point-blank range after swinging one’s swords with both hands.

Two Aluminares fell down within the forest while mowing down trees with a big crash.

“That hurts!”

“That’s my line!”

Due to the fact the seat belt was rotten, it could not be used. So there was nothing to secure my body! In such condition, my face slammed hard on the monitor. I probably had a nosebleed already, but it’s not the time to care about such things.

With a desperate tackle, I was able to take the mount position. My hands won’t miss from here.

I reached out with my right hand, grabbed the enemy’s head, and pulled it with all my might.

The tubes that connects the head was exposed together with a creaking sound, and it snapped because it exceeded the durability.

This is payback for the camera.

Just when I thought so, my machine feel down after receiving an impact shock from the left side.

“Uh-oh, the captain will be mad at me”

The impact was caused by the black Aluminare’s punch as he discarded the sword.

I wasn’t able to properly guard because there was no left arm. But I can’t ask for too much. If I have to do without then, so be it, I just have to fight in a way that will offset that.

The black Aluminare tried to swing down the sword on his left hand while I was trying to stand up, I broke his balance by swiping his leg.

I was also able to recover as he regained his balance.

The black Aluminare checks the location of the sword that was supposed to be on his right hand, it was on the location where I tackled him. I guess he dropped it from the impact. Well I don’t have to worry that he’ll be able to use it suddenly.

“I think its time to get serious. I’m gonna be amazed if you survive”


As soon as the black Aluminare prepared its sword, flames started to envelop the sword. Furthermore, the ice spears from a while ago appeared around the machine.

So that’s what he meant by being serious?!

I suddenly shorten the distance between me and the opponent. I also noticed earlier that that ice spears travels in a straight line without any homing function. In that case, as long as I can properly see the tip of the spear, I can dodge the attack. After that, I’ll just stop the enemy’s sword.

Sure enough, he launched the ice spears at once and passed right beside me and pierced the ground behind me.

I stared at the sword that was raised above head, assessed the trajectory of the swing, and moved my arm.

I stopped the enemy’s arm with by grabbing it with my machine’s arm held it like a pole However, this was not good enough. The enemy’s right hand was still free.

The right hand moved as expected, throwing a punch aim at the cockpit. I repelled it with a knee strike.

Although my machine lost its balance and was about fall, I grabbed tightly at the enemy’s left arm and somehow it managed to support my weight. Because the enemy doesn’t want to get dragged down with me, the attack slowed down.

The arm that was struck by the knee was swung downward, but it doesn’t have enough force behind it to strip off my armor.

Just the noise of the impact was transmitted.

“Your fighting style is interesting! You’re different from those magic shooting crowd out there!”

“Thanks for the praise! It’s because I can’t use any magic!”

Aluminare’s magic can be activated just by pressing the button, but there are magic that I must not activate without passing through the appropriate process.

The mic and speaker for example, no matter was was the condition the engine, activating it at the touch of a button will not cause any adverse effect, so it’s safe. But magic spells such as flame enveloping the sword or ice spears appearing around the machine are quite capable of damaging my machine depending on the situation.

So, in order to maintain a safe condition, activation restraint has been implemented.

Like right now, in close quarter combat, the ice spears cannot be used. Since I was holding one of his arm, the enemy had no choice but to use physical skills.

Anti-personnel magic lacks power anyway.

I was correcting the stance of my machine by moving the right hand away and released my hold. I escaped from the enemy’s downward swing trajectory. At the same time, I rammed my freed right hand between the gap in the enemy’s chest armor.


“If I peel the armor, you’ll be exposed!”

“I won’t let you do that!”

The enemy released his sword and pin down the shoulder of my machine with both hands.

If this situation continues, it’ll become a contest of strength. I am in complete disadvantage with just one arm. I understood my predicament.

But, if I make use of that.

The black Aluminare forcibly pushed off my machine. Using its power, I whole-heatedly threw him behind me.

No matter how good his piloting skills are, its irrelevant. I was a mere simple fall on its back. But it was that reason that it was powerful. All the weight was supported by the hand that was jammed between the gap in the armor.

It was for that reason the phenomenon occurred


“The strategy worked”

The armor was resistant against shocks coming in from the outside. It’s because it was securely mounted on the body from the outside. On the contrary, it was surprisingly weak against force applied from within. It was the same for my machine. The Aluminare frame blueprint was written on the basic introduction. So I knew the fact that my machine was almost not that much different from how the armor was mounted on newer machines.

The armor of the black Aluminare wasn’t able to handle the weight of my Aluminare where I’m hanging on with my machine’s fingers. About three fingers of my machine got busted by the shock, but there was no helping it.

The sphere shaped cockpit and the generator in the internal frame got exposed.

“With this, even ordinary magic will penetrate”

The Aluminare resist magic with its armor. But there was only a piece of steel plate underneath the armor which is only 10cm thick Beyond that are the monitors that lined up.

My machine doesn’t have a weapon. So I had to tear off the enemy’s armor so that my own personal attack can penetrate.

“Both the cockpit and generator are exposed. Do you still want to fight?”

“Ah, damn. Don’t make the captain angry…..”

“It’s better if we end this with just this much damage”

“You’re right, but. Will you return my armor first. It will incur serious financial losses if I don’t have it”

The black Aluminare took the opportunity to moved back away, and moved back further after dispelling the ice spears.

I can say that the Aluminare cannot continue to fight any longer. But If I add another blow to the generator, it would completely be inoperable. It seems that it was avoiding such risks.

After confirming that there was enough distance, I went to the place were the armor fell off and picked it up. I also took the sword and the broken head.

“You know, it was great that you’re here”

“Then go back already”

“Haa, I’m going to”

We are approaching the village as we are retreating slowly. I never took my eyes from the enemy’s machine however.

As we approached the village, I checked the condition of the village by zooming in the monitor. Anjou was fighting with the captain and the others over there.

“What are you doing Anjou!?”

“You’re already done Eldo-kun?!”

“Felouch, what happened to the machine? As for your situation….”

“I’m sorry captain. I was defeated. Fighting a little bit more would have been really bad”

When Felouche said so, he operated the hands of his machine and pointed it towards the abdomen of the machine.

The captain was so shock, that it can be seen through the monitor, after seeing the exposed generator from the torn off internal armor.

“Captain, I advise that we withdraw”

“It can’t be helped then. Wake up you maggots! We are leaving! Anybody who can, must pickup a sleeping maggot! At any rate, these guys will not chase us!”

The armored men simultaneously withdrew as the command of the captain. The retreat was professionally done as they were trained bandits.

The even didn’t left behind anything that was valuable to themselves. If their comrade was impossible to pick up, they went to retrieve the swords and armors only.

“Do not chase them Anjou”

“I understand. More than that, you’re in a terrible shape Eldo-kun! Your nose is bleeding!”

I opened up the hatch when I saw Anjou was climbing up to the cockpit using [Flare Booster]. When Anjou came inside, she raised her voice in surprise when she saw my condition.

Oh well, I was running around the forest at full speed and rolled over the ground.

My clothes were tattered and I’m quite badly bruised.

I breathe out a big sigh as I leaned on the seat. Honestly I’m so stressed and exhausted. I just want to go home and sleep.

“Don’t mind the scratches, it will heal before long”

“It might be so, but……Hmmp, don’t make me worry more”

“Sorry for worrying you. By the way, speaking about that, why were you in a fight? Didn’t I told you to barricade yourselves in the Village Chief’s house?”

“But, but…..”

Anjou looked away while puffing her cheeks.

I’ll just poke those cheeks to let the air out for now.

“Hmmp, stop teasing me…..”

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

Anjou tilts her head and looked confusingly lost while looking at me.

“Eldo-kun, your eyes are open”

“Of course its open if you are awake”

No not that, your eyes are wide open!”

“Eh? Seriously?”

My eyelids were certainly wide open when I touched my face to check.

This is—-

“It may be because you were excited while piloting the Aluminare”

Anyhow, in addition to having launched it at full power the first time, there was also the battle. If I think about it now, during the time I was fighting, I was completely under high tension and felt a little bit of fear, Surprisingly, I couldn’t say the same about Felouche.

“Hah, it will return back to normal in a day”

“It’s better if you don’t return back to normal! You look way cooler this way!”

“Really? Is it because of the glinting eye I had inherited from my father?”

“Not at all, Eldo-kun’s eyes gives a very gentle feeling”

“Even is said that now…”

I felt like it will return back to normal if I sleep, I don’t have any way to prevent it.

“Eldo-chan! Anjou-chan!”

“Eldo, Anjou!”

“You two!”

Anjou and I exchanged glances when we heard the voices calling us from a distance.

“I saw my father and the rest running towards here. It seems that these guys saw the withdrawal of the bandits from the house.

And they said……

“Eldo, you come down and sit down here!”

“Anjou too should do a seiza!

“It’s good that both of you are safe”

Papa demanded that I do a seiza with an angry look that can probably kill a person. Anjou’s mother looked like a demon while she made Anjou to sit in a sieza. And the Village Chief, Mama and the rest of the villagers burst out in tears as they were overcame with emotion.

Still I’m tired and would like to go home and sleep but….. Good gracious, the time where I will be able to take a break will be far off.


The broken Aluminare and its group where moving through the forest.

Their stride was heavy and their mood was gloomy. Among them, only Felouche was smiling pleasantly in the cockpit.

The captain came up to hear the details of what had happened, but he grimaced after seeing it.

“You look very happy even though you failed”

They gained nothing on the operation this time, plus they had a damaged Aluminare. High Magia Liquid was already very expensive, and the operating cost of one machine was very high. If they are going to fill up the tank, the cost would be equivalent to feeding everyone in Eldo’s village for one year.

They incurred heavy financial losses on this operation. Even so, it was on a level that they can’t do anything about it.

Felouche just smiled when he saw the captain glaring at him.

“Yeah, I honestly did not think I would be able to enjoy it”

“I didn’t think that you would be defeated. Did he had a great machine?”

The reason why they gave the machine to Felouche was because his piloting skills was the best among them. It had been confirmed by the past Aluminare battle they fought so far. The captain wasn’t able to believe that Felouche was defeated.

“His machine was in the very worst condition”

Left arm was missing from the shoulder, and cannot activate any magic. All joint parts was tattered as it can be seen that there was lag in control or bad information transfer.

If the opponent was a normal pilot who learned Aluminare piloting skills from the country, then Felouche might be able to capture the machine without any damage.

But Eldo’s piloting skills refused to yield to Felouche.

“Did I mention Eldo-kun? He knew how to fight with an Aluminare. He was like he had gone through endless combat and finally became a veteran pilot, as he was able to use the Aluminare to its full potential”

“And you got defeated by that?”

“I did not intend to lose. I would have won if we kept going. But I think there was chance that this generator will get damage though”

“Don’t say that he won then”

“For me it is a win if you fight and survive. I can fight more in doing so”

Remembering the fight just a short while ago, Felouche’s smile was turning into something like ecstasy.

“The Aluminare is an instrument. Therefore, you shouldn’t think of it as a person. You can still fight if an arm was cut, You can remain calm if a finger was broken.

When Eldo realized that an attack was unavoidable, he took an immediate action to avoid the worst by sacrificing the head.

That was not an easy thing to do.

“What do you sacrifice to minimize the damage? How much damage can you take to keep fighting? If you can fight while taking that into consideration, then that will be the first the Aluminare real power can manifest”

“That kid was able to do all that?”

“Doing that much is not possible”

Even through it was through a monitor, receiving a sword right on the face on a whim was not normal. Even Felouche didn’t knew if he will be able to make that judgment right away. If only for that moment, he thought that he was lower than Eldo in terms of skills.

Felouche can’t stop laughing because of that.

“He will surely become a knight”

A knight was a special name given only to a Aluminare pilot unit.


“What is it?”

“Let’s leave Fay Tal and go to Aubade Empire” Our losses was great this time around, if we become a mercenary under the direct control of the empire, we can save on repair cost”


The captain was also thinking about that. The Aubade Empire was the neighbor of Fay Tal Kingdom. That country was always pursuing the lands of Fay Tal that there are always skirmishes. They had unique system where they accept mercenary units as part of their armed forces in order to guarantee their war potential.

If they go to Aubade with their Aluminare, they will certainly be received with special treatment. The empire will replenish their fuel and repair the machine.

There was no conflict with the rules of de Liverpool.

But that also means that they will have to fight for the interest of the country.

After showing a hesitating attitude, the captain decided.

“Right, I’ll accept your suggestion Felouche”


“However, you have to win next time. I will drag you down from the machine if you lose”

“Please leave it to me. Ah, I’m so looking forward to it. I’ll be certainly able to kill Eldo-kun!”

Seeing Felouche smiling, the captain gave a sigh and went down from the Aluminare.

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