Magic Robot Aluminare: One-Armed Aluminare Part 2

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After launching a successful experiment that day, Anjou and I had came under the Aluminare once again.

It was not possible to repair the rump until now since it was in a sitting position.

I was able to repair the backside by carving a space on the cliff that I can crawl into. As expected you will also need to create a space at the bottom of the Aluminare to repair the rump, but since there was a possibility that it will lose its balance and crash, I didn’t start working on it.

Therefore, only the rump was still heavily damaged when it stood up, it looks really bad.

“OK, first of all”

“We have to clean of the mud and rust”

“It is as you said”

As one would expect for the last 8 years, it was troublesome to bring the tools from the village every time. Also, there are repairs that wasn’t completed in a day, so a shed was built which would also protect the tools from rain.

I used a crevice on the cliff for the shed, it was simple but big enough to store tools and stuff.

I took the cleaning tools from there and fetched some water in the river.

“It seems I have to clean of the hardened mud first”


Compressed by the weight of the Aluminare for years, peeling off the mud was unexpectedly hard as it was as hard as a rock.

I clung on to the waist frame of the Aluminare gracefully with one arm, straddled by the foot and pulled down the mud with my available hand.

The surface easily crumbles, but as I get closer to the frame I had to use more strength.

The tough things to beat are the thin leftovers. So it was Anjou’s turn.

“Anjou, will you please?”

“Yes, Yes~”

Anjou was waiting at the foot with a shovel in hand and activated a magic.

Anjou’s [Flare Booster] is a movement type magic similar to my [Aero Thruster], but with one big difference. That is, it can hover on the spot.

My [Aero Thruster] lets me jump up by using the shock from an instant burst of air, as for the [Flare Booster] it’s literally equipping a booster on your waist with power continuously operating. Therefore aside from hovering, you can freely make turns in the air while flying which gives it an edge. But on the other hand, I don’t spend my magic to maintain speed, there are enough advantages to make it up for it.

Anjou went up to my position while hovering.

“I’m here to help”

“Then step aside for a bit”


I released my hand from the frame and jumped off to the ground. Anjou then raised the shovel.

“Here we go!”

With a cute yell, she swung the shovel towards the Aluminare downward.

With a violent sound, the shovel strongly struck the frame that it made a dent.

“One more time!”

When she swung the shovel once more, the dent on the frame grew bigger.

If it was a brand new Aluminare, it would probably had screamed already, There was a reason for this however.

If the mud is hard and doesn’t come off, you should move the softer one.

By warping the frame, it made some space between the mud and easily peeling it off. If it’s beaten to such extent, as long as I don’t see it I don’t mind it. Because the machine itself was already beaten up before, having one or two more small dents now is insignificant.

In the meantime, the mud began to come off.

“Anjou, It’s about time!”


She lowered the shovel and moved away from the Aluminare while hovering. After I confirmed that she’s away, I shot an [Air Blast] towards the mud.
When the gap between the mud and the frame was hit, the mud crumbled off.

“Great, next is the rust”

“I have prepared the brush”

“We just have to scrape it off as much as we can”

There was no other way but to scrape off the rust as much as possible.
Anjou and I kept scrubbing off the rust diligently.

When the sun went down, we stored back the tools and proceeded through the road back to the village.
Although calling it a road, it’s just a trackless path made of branches sticking out at the side of the cliff.

Anjou is already used to operating the flare booster as she slips through between the branches. Sometime she will walk since there seems to be a time limit on her magic.

If possible I would like a magic that let me stay afloat, but with wind magic its difficult to stay afloat without sufficient endurance.

And if I’m going to make the scale too large, it would become a tornado. Likewise, the amount of energy to maintain the fire is tremendous.

Anjou came to my side and then.

“Stop for a moment Eldo”

When I stopped on the a branch, Anjou rose up to the sky and was carefully looked towards the direction of the village.

“There is something strange going on in the village. The people are gathering on the plaza”

“Did the merchant arrived?”

Shopping from the merchant was one of the very few amusement the villagers had. Therefore, every time the merchant comes, all the villagers will certainly gather on the plaza. It certainly is strange for the merchant to come so soon, it’s a little early for it.

“Something is different. Is that…… A black Aluminare?”

“Aluminare!? And it’s black!?”

This is strange. The frame of the Aluminare of this country is completely painted in silver, and there is a double-headed lion on the left side of the chest as the symbol of the kingdom.

For this reason, there shouldn’t be a black Aluminare in this country. Even the neighboring country that always fight against this country had a different color.

So, I could only think of it as a free Aluminare. But that’s supposed to be highly impossible.

The High Magia Liquid, which is the energy source of the Aluminare, is only produced by factories controlled by the country. No, to say it accurately, because the country was keeping the technology a secret, they can’t certainly produce it.

“I want to see a little bit too”

“Eh, even if you said that”

“Just support me so I’m just gonna hold on to you”

“Ho-hold on to me!?”

“Hurry up!”

“I… alright”

Anjou was blushing as she came down.

I was getting impatient so I clung unto Anjou and jumped up to the sky with [Aero Thruster].

“Hiyaaaaaa! Don’t jump so suddenly!”

“Listen up, just activate your booster”


Anjou started the booster and we are descending slowly. It’s OK if it’s Anjou alone, but it certainly was difficult for her to also support my weight, so we can’t stay on the air.

Therefore, I added my support.

[Pinpoint Cyclone]

The wind rolled up into a whirlpool under my feet, and leads our body up to the air. In doing so, we have finally hovered on the air.

“Is that it?”

I can surely see the black Aluminare in the depths of the forest.

The feet are hard to see but I immediately recognized it because it stood taller than the tree from the waist up.

“If it doesn’t belong to a country. then where…….”

“How are we going to do this?”

“I will have to investigate carefully. But I have a hunch something bad is happening, so Anjou should wait here in the forest”

That must not be a regular army. It’s obvious that Aluminare is a powerful military force, but it does not mean that having one will make the group respectable.

Well yeah, I also have that much military power, but hey, you’re allowed that much as a reincarnated person and above all my Aluminare is not a weapon.

Anyway, it’s necessary to investigate the group that has that.

I left Anjou in the forest and hurried to the village.

I stopped just right before the village and checked the situation from the bushes, there are men in black armor going in the village, something was said to the villagers in the plaza.

I can’t hear them from this distance as expected, but if I use magic.

[Sound Collect]

“So you don’t know anything?”

“Yes, I didn’t knew the merchant were selling such things either”

“Then where is the kid now?”

“He went to the forest to play, but since the day is coming to an end, he will back soon……”

That was the conversation between the Village Chief and some man in armor. The merchant was near, was I ratted out? If my guess is correct, their aim will be my Aluminare.

That silly idiot made this troublesome.

With that said, the Village Chief, who aimed to be an Aluminare pilot in the old days, should notice that they aren’t a regular army. So why is he very friendly?

No, it’s different. If you observe closely, the Village Chief seems to be a little bit flustered. He seems to be pretending not to notice.

If the other party was a bandit, the villagers would probably be massacred if they got found out. So he is feigning ignorance on purpose? It’s a good thing I learned piloting the Aluminare. Although it’s a different level from the Village Chief.

“Who are the parents?”

“We are”

Papa and Mama step forward from among the villagers. Then the armored men instinctively reached for their swords because they were frightened by the menacing gaze of Papa.

If they had pulled it out, I would have immediately dashed out, but a man who seemed to be their leader admonishes his subordinates.

“I’m sorry my men were rude”

“It’s OK, since Papa’s face is scary”


The villagers hid their laughing faces at Mama’s answer. Papa had an embarrassed expression. Oh well, the armor wearing group was still frightened.

They can’t move. I must hear their talk.

“Did you know the parts were are talking about were bought by your son?”

“No, because that kid can do anything by himself. We know nothing in particular”

“Then did you notice anything unusual?”

“About that— Ah, It was 8 years ago that he suddenly wanted to have some pocket money. There is little use for pocket money in this village”

“I see”

That commanding officer was unexpectedly listening to the story politely. I’m glad nothing happened yet to the villagers, but honestly it puts me in a bind. There’s nothing to oppose them.

If I’m asked to hand over the Aluminare which I personally operate, I see no reason to refuse.

If the bandits attack, I might be able to defend, but after that it will be scary. It’s possible there will be rampage on the village and the villagers will get hurt. I don’t want to selfishly do this by myself…….

Rather, if the village was devastated by the bandits, I will brazenly board the Aluminare.

“So where can I possibly find this old Aluminare? But if I will believe the story, you’re saying that an 8 year old kid was fixing the Aluminare”

“That kid is intelligent since he was young”

“That’s right. He was helping us in hunting while using magic when he was 5 years old”

“Really, you have such a wonderful son”

No no! Don’t speak too friendly…….

Do I have to check at them from a different angle?

“Our child loves the Aluminare. If he sees this black Aluminare, he will surely fly back here immediately”

“Is he familiar with the Aluminare?”

“Yes, he was absorbed in reading a national textbook that he got from the Village Chief, so he was able to examine the Aluminare in various ways”


The voice of the commander became stern as he glared at the Village Chief. With that, the surrounding men moved slightly.

Aa, the Village Chief was enduring it….. his face was becoming pale.

This is bad. Since I know a lot about the Aluminare, they are now aware that it’s possible for me to notice that the black Aluminare is not normal.
The action taken by the bandit that understood their cover has been blown was――

“It’s necessary to change strategy. All members, arrest them!”

“I’ve waited long enough!”

“This is what I wanted since the beginning!”

“The captain became irritated!”

All the men in armor pulled out their sword together and pointed it at the villagers. The villagers didn’t understood the sudden change in situation so they screamed.

“Wa, Why it has to be this way!”

“There is a possibility that the kid knows this Aluminare was modified. So, I’m gonna make you into hostages quickly”

“For that reason. All women must be over that house, for the men go to this house! If you disobey you will not be forgiven!”

It happened after all. Just as I was about to dash out from the bushes, there were rustling of bushes behind me then Anjou appeared.


“Why did you come here Anjou?”

“They have companions in the forest also. I came to inform you since they seem to be looking for you”

“I see, however this is great timing. All of them are bandits. We have to go rescue the villagers since they were all caught”

“I understand. So, what will we do?”

“You go to the house were the women are kept and explain to them the situation. Then, I will begin to rampage, the armored men will come to me and you crush them with a surprise attack. go for at most 10 people. Can you do it?”

“Of course. 10 people are not a big deal”

Within 8 years, Anjou increased her Multi-Cast by up to 13. Thinking about it, I can only do up to 6, is this the difference between genders as expected? Or it this just simply Anjou’s talent? Oh well, either way is good. Anjou can Multi-Cast and climb to a place higher than I can ever reached. But I’m still stronger if it’s about application of magic. Since she doesn’t have sophisticated reincarnated knowledge.

“When you defeat the armored men, gather Papa and the rest of the villagers and take refuge in your house. If possible, cooperate and tie the bandits up”

“I understand, but what about you Eldo?”

“I will hold that guy down”

I glanced at the black Aluminare. If I don’t hold him in check, the bandits will keep fighting forever. It just shows that the Aluminare is a strong military asset.

That’s why as long as I keep it down, their morale will surely drop.

“Be careful”

“Don’t be careless too. The opponents are more or less professional killers”

“I understand. There is nothing more scary than being wounded. Therefore, I know my limits”

During hunting, nothing is more dangerous than a wounded animal. Even herbivores will attack you without question. Anjou fully understood it after she learned magics and started helping me and Papa during the hunts.

“Then, I’m going”

I came out from the bushes, while using the expanding shadow the evening sun, I approached the house where Papa and the rest had been gathered.

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