MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Are you forming a team or a royal harem?

The library was the same as always, empty and silent. Other than the girl sitting at the counter and Ouyang Tao, there was no third person.

The book that he had failed to complete yesterday still laid open on the table. The notes that he had taken laid there neatly as well. The notes had also been specially stapled together —— this was obviously Zhao Yuehan’s doing.

Going to the library to read every morning had already become an important part of Ouyang Tao’s life. It was not only because there were still a lot of things left to read, but more importantly, it was to thank his saviour for saving him.

Ouyang Tao walked over and greeted courteously: “Good morning senior.”

Zhao Yuehan looked up and replied simply: “Morning.”

However, there was something slightly different from usual. Zhao Yuehan did not continue reading immediately nor did she ask Ouyang Tao whether he needed anything. She just continued staring at Ouyang Tao.

“Ehh?” Being stared like that by Zhao Yuehan, Ouyang Tao could not tell what’s wrong. He hastily looked at himself from top to bottom “Is…… Is something wrong with me?”

“The power of jealousy.”


“Disappeared…… My mistake.” After finishing, Zhao Yuehan lowered her head and continued reading like usual.

If it were someone else, Ouyang Tao would probably just treat it as a mistake. However, Zhao Yuehan’s instincts were very sharp. If she observed something, it must be correct. The incident before was a good example.

However, if Zhao Yuehan said that it was alright, there probably shouldn’t be any problems. As he thought it over, he made his way to his usual desk and started to make notes while reading.

It was only half a month till his next match with Tia. According to the rules, Tia could create up to twenty machines this time round and the weapons could go up to grade eight. Furthermore, Ouyang Tao had not prepared any tactics against her.

Therefore, Ouyang Tao had no choice but to burn the midnight oil now. He hoped that he could complete a product as soon as possible, as he stayed at the weapon testing arena every afternoon to collect data and test results. At night, he would return to his dormitory to continue working in his laboratory.

Then, someone placed a cup of hot tea on Ouyang Tao’s desk. When he looked up, he realised that it was Zhao Yuehan: “Please enjoy.”

“Thank you senior, sorry for the inconvenience.” Lately, Zhao Yuehan found that Ouyang Tao was not very focused and hence, she prepared energy drinks for him. This made Ouyang Tao feel extremely thankful.

However, Zhao Yuehan did not turn and leave immediately. Instead, she looked at Ouyang Tao and softly uttered two words: “Form teams.”

“Eh? Team…… Ohh, are you referring to the battle group?”

“Yes.” Zhao Yuehan nodded, before saying something that completely shocked Ouyang Tao, “I want to join.”

At that moment, Ouyang Tao even questioned whether he had heard it wrongly.

According to what he knew, although Zhao Yuehan was a graduate student, due to her identity as grim reaper, she was not affected by scores and grades. Also, she enjoyed several special privileges.

To avoid misunderstandings, Ouyang Tao decided to verify once again: “Senior…… Did you say…… You wanted to join my battle group?”

“Yes.” Zhao Yuehan was very positive in her reply.

Zhao Yuehan’s battle capabilities had already been witnessed by Ouyang Tao. If she weren’t protecting him, she would not get injured for sure. He was absolutely certain of her strengths.

However, the problem laid in the fact that she was a graduate student. Each group could only apply to have one graduate student guide them and Ouyang Tao had decided that he would like to ask Chen Feng about it. (I guess leading the group and joining the group are two different things. That’s why Tia is able to lead them while he could also ask Chen Feng to guide them.)

Chen Feng battle capabilities was exceptional as well. Also, according to his tutor Lu Yun, Chen Feng had plenty of experience in battles. He could probably learn a lot from him.

More importantly, although Chen Feng was strong, due to the fact that he could not speak, it causes great trouble in communication. Therefore, people wouldn’t usually invite Chen Feng to join their teams. Also, Ouyang Tao was one of the few that did not need words and could rely on the changes in his expression to understand him.

Also, another reason why Ouyang Tao chose him was because he realised that his group were all girls and if he did not have any male companionship, it would be too awkward.

Therefore, when Zhao Yuehan suddenly wanted to join, it made things a little difficult for Ouyang Tao and he could not outrightly reject her as well: “Then…… Senior, when we go on missions, what happens to the library?”

“Close it. It’s okay once in awhile. Because only you visit.” Zhao Yuehan’s reply probably meant that since only Ouyang Tao came to the library to read, closing it once it awhile would not cause much inconvenience.

“But…… Can you go outside?”

“No worries. But need to increase restrictions.”

This meant that Zhao Yuehan was able to go out under certain conditions.

Using his final excuse: “But Senior, you are a graduate student.”

“No.” Zhao Yuehan said, waving her hand slightly. This caused the file Ouyang Tao left on the table to be flipped to a certain page. Pointing to one of the introductions, she said: “I’m a first year.”

Ouyang Tao took a careful look at the file and it did indeed write: Spirits Department first year, Zhao Yuehan. The picture was hers as well.

Big Sister, you can actually do that…… Your privileges are a little too much.

But Ouyang Tao calmed down quickly. Since Zhao Yuehan was not joining as a graduate student, it means that his plans could still be carried out. Having such a strong battle power is of no harm.

Hence, Ouyang Tao did not try to reject her anymore: “Alright, thank you senior.”

The battle group had easily reached the minimum number of people required and the strength of the members were not weak at all. This made Ouyang Tao relax quite a bit……

However, there was one person who was not satisfied, or in other words, had a big problem with it.

“What? ! Bro, what happened!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Why is it that other than you, all the other members are girls!”

That’s right, the person who was very unsatisfied with the turn of events was his sister, Ouyang Xue. When they were having lunch in the afternoon, Ouyang Xue had a very serious question about the name list for her brother’s battle group.

Concerning this, Ouyang Tao was very helpless as well: “Annie was recommended by you. Liu Xinya is her friend. Tia was the leader that Professor Lu had to persuade very hard to join us. Senior Zhao Yuehan, is very strong and she offered to join us. I can’t possibly reject her.”

However, even though Ouyang Tao gave her sufficient reasons, he still could not accept the situation: “No! I disagree, only having one male which is you, I can’t accept such a situation! Isn’t…… Isn’t this like…… Like……”

“Like what?”

How could a girl say something like royal harem.

Correction. Someone was not embarrassed to say it. That person was Tia: “Why is it other than you, the other members are all girls? Are you forming a royal harem? Disgusting.”

In the evening, she had met Ouyang Tao at the weapon testing arena coincidentally and asked about the issue. In the end it turned out like this.

“Ehh, don’t make it sound so bad, didn’t I say that I would ask Senior Chen Feng to join when he comes back? Furthermore, the members of the team aren’t fixed yet.”

“Hmph…… Forget It…… That’s not important. Since that’s the case, quickly go submit your application form.”

“Isn’t the deadline in two months? Why the rush?”

“There’s a mission.” Tia said in a tone that did not allow questioning “as I am your leader, you have to listen to my instruction.”

What the hell? Ouyang Tao was completely confused by what she said.

However, what made him glad was that Tia seemed to have walked out of what was making her sad the previous day and returned back to normal.

Since she was his leader, he had to trust her.

Translator’s notes: I had always used leader when describing Tia in the team, but reading this chapter, I think she adopts more of a strategist/leader role and does not involve in battle as Ouyang Tao was able to apply for Chen Feng to guide them still. Her actual role would probably be confirmed when they go out for a mission so I shall keep the phrase for her as leader for now.

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