MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 Shouldering Everyone’s Fate

“Curses… quickly answer, quickly answer!” Inside the inn, Ouyang Tao kept contacting Tia’s communication crystal. However, an hour had passed and there was completely no response.

Ouyang Tao knew that he was only a part of Liu Xinya’s plans. First, Liu Xinya wanted to use drugs to blackmail the siblings and then turning them into pawns like Annie.

As a result, she had fought with Ouyang Tao and revealed her identity. These were completely outside of Liu Xinya’s plans.

Moreover, Liu Xinya was absolutely not weak, Ouyang Tao had personally felt it. He had fought with Edward, who wielded the Fake Lucifer’s Crown, which was already very troublesome. From Liu Xinya’s words, her strength was clearly above Edward’s.

Then, what was her objective? Who was worthy enough for her to fight against? This was very clear —— Liu Xinya surely went for Tia.

Thinking about these things Ouyang Tao naturally immediately contacted Tia’s communication crystal and sent a warning. However, Ouyang Tao got more worried as there was no response.

At this moment, Ouyang Xue held ointment that Annie had just prepared: “Big brother, the medicine is done. Let me help you rub it.”

Although the wounds were not heavy, they were still painful. Moreover, there is no one who was good at healing magic among them. As a result, a fast acting ointment was the best option. Ouyang Tao sat on the chair and removed his clothes: “Ok… Thanks, Little Xue.”

“Wu, big brother, there are so many bruises on your body…” Seeing her brother’s wounds, Ouyang Xue felt pained. She lightly applied the ointment on his bruise.

“Ss… so painful…” When a bit of the ointment was applied, Ouyang felt a painfully hot sting. The ointment had a strong sting.

“Big brother, are you okay?”

“No…I’m fine. Continue…” Ouyang Tao clenched his teeth and endured——If he could not endure this much pain in front of his sister, what kind of man was he. However, the stinging pain gradually disappeared and the bruises recovered quickly. Seeing that the medicine’s effects were this good “Annie, the medicine you made is really useful. Thank you.”

“Wu, that’s good. My medicine finally did not have any defects.” Annie was so happy she almost cried “I never thought that it was Liu Xinya who sabotaged me… Why would she do this to me… I am clearly a good person and always worried about her…”

Fortunately Ouyang Xue was here, she quickly hugged Annie and said: “Good child, Annie is a good child. Don’t be sad anymore. It was not your mistake. It was all Liu Xinya’s fault. I also mistakenly believed in her.”

“Eh? Then, Little Xue, this bottle of ‘wine’ was given to you by Liu Xinya?”

“Ah! E…So….Sorry…” Being pointed out by her senior, Ouyang Xue’s shoulder trembled and she looked down “It’s because she told me that it was a secret recipe that could get me the scent of a woman… so I…so…”

“Let it be, as long as you are fine.”

Right now, these were not important. The most important thing was that Tia still did not respond.

Zhao Yuecheng put down the communication crystal, the smile he always had disappeared: “Big brother, forgive me for speaking bluntly, but I fear that the situation has gone bad. It seems like big sister’s premonition was correct.”

“What did senior actually tell you?”

“Big sister said that she could not feel that person’s soul. However, out of concern for Tia, she made me keep quiet and observe for changes.” Zhao Yuecheng lowered his head and said “I apologize, because big sister said that my most important mission was to protect big brother, so I had overlooked everything.”

The Original Sin of Jealousy’s power was mental attacks and mind control.

“Now is not the time to blame yourself. We need to think…” Just as Ouyang Tao was about to say something, the communication crystal automatically started and displayed a screen.

However, the one who spoke was not the owner Tia but Liu Xinya: “We meet again very quickly, right?

These words were clearly directed towards Ouyang Tao.

Ouyang Tao went straight to the point: “What do you want? Where is Tia?”

However, by comparison, Liu Xinya seemed to be relaxed and spoke unrestrainedly: “So cold. A while ago, we were closely touching each other in your bedroom, intensely touching each other. Ah…I will never forget that feeling for as long as I live, hehe…”

“Enough!” When Ouyang Tao looked at Liu Xinya, he only felt anger. If he could, he wished to immediately fix up this double crossing bastard “I will ask again, where is Tia!”

“Fine, fine. You are truly an blunt man.” After saying this, the lens moved and Tia appeared on the screen. It can be seen that she was inside the specialized car.

Tia’s head hung low as if she had fainted. Her hands were bound and Rem stood beside her without moving, his two eyes let out a purple glow——it was just as Zhao Yuecheng said, there was something wrong with him.

“Originally, your roommate seniors had killed the mechanical magician that our organization had hired with great difficulty, so we needed to replace him with this girl….” As Liu Xinya spoke a crafty smile appeared “However, honestly speaking, my interest towards you is bigger.”

After the earlier battle, Liu Xinya discovered something more valuable on Ouyang Tao.

Ouyang Tao deeply breathed in, warning himself to calm down: “Speak your terms.”

“Aiya, you are too direct, then I won’t beat around the bush.” Liu Xinya spoke “My condition is very easy, you just need to replace this girl with yourself.”

When Ouyang Xue heard it, she immediately objected: “No, you cannot agree big brother!”

However, Ouyang Tao indicated her sister to keep quiet and answered: “I can, but give me time to think.”

“Time? Hehe… of course I can. However, I won’t wait for too long.” As Liu Xinya said this, she gestured towards Rem. Afterwards, Rem picked up two syringes from the bag and respectfully placed one of them on Liu Xinya’s hands: “You should be quite familiar with the thing inside this.”

It was indeed not strange, Ouyang Tao recognized it with one look: “It’s that medicine again?”

“Similar, however much more potent to the extent that after wasting so much effort, I was only able to make two of them. However, now…”


Ouyang Xue was astonished. Liu Xinya directly stabbed the syringe into Tia’s carotid artery and pushed all the magic medicine inside.

“The antidote is here.” Liu Xinya pointed at the other syringe” You have three days to come find me at Silver Sand Town. If you are slow then… Aiya, that girl’s soul would be thoroughly swallowed and become a living dead. Ah, although I am an expert in controlling these kinds of people, I have no complaints after all she is quite the beauty, hehe…”

After saying this, communications were cut…

Silver Sand Town requires two days of travel from Black Steel City. Ouyang Tao only had at most two days to make his decision. This was simply not enough time for him to ask for help or make preparations.

Everyone became silent because no dared speak easily.

The first person who broke the silence was Zhao Yuecheng: “Big brother, although saying it like this might be cruel, but I believe that even if you go, it will only be walking into a trap, so…”

“I know.” Ouyang Tao stopped Zhao Yuecheng. He naturally knew, only an idiot would believe in Liu Xinya’s hostage exchange. This was definitely a trap, so the most realistic plan was to give up on Tia and preserving others at the same time inform the academy.

Giving up his comrade and commander was hard for him to do. He also did not have the courage nor the heartlessness to do it.

However, if they continued to delay right now and Tia woke up, they did not know what kind of plans were waiting for them.

So, after becoming the group’s leader, Ouyang Tao must make a decision or else it might implicate others.

However, this was very difficult…

This was the first time, Ouyang Tao felt the weight of the lives of others on his shoulders.

The first time, Ouyang Tao felt that life in the hands of destiny was this unfair.

The first time, Ouyang Tao felt the cruelty and helplessness of making a choice.

And, he, who held the finally decision, was so incapable and powerless… Ouyang Tao’s heart was filled with complex feelings.

Even if so, Ouyang Tao still clenched his teeth and made a difficult choice…

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