MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Who can help me right now?

This mission was supposed to be an easy inspection mission and there were no danger. Even more so, no battles——in theory it was supposed to be like this but the current situation had clearly greatly exceeded expectation.

Ouyang Tao couldn’t help thinking that he was truly unfortunate! His first ever battle was against Tia, the expert. His first mission now forced him to make an important decision. These two were both times that he was not completely prepared.

At this time, little sister, Annie and Zhao Yuecheng looked at Ouyang Tao, waiting for him to make the final decision. He could not delay anymore or else not only Tia but the people around him would also be dragged in.

“I have made my decision!” Ouyang Tao ground his teeth. Once these words came out if his mouth, the atmosphere immediately became tense. Everybody held their breaths in attention, waiting for Ouyang Tao’s decision “I have decided to go there alone. Zhao Yuecheng, escort Annie and my little sister back to the academy.”

Hearing this, Ouyang Xue jumped up in response: “No! Big brother, you cannot go alone! If you go then I will also go!’

“A…Annie is also scared and also useless, but… but I… I will never leave a comrade alone…” Although shaking due to fear, Annie courageously spoke.

“I am also the same. Moreover, if something happened to big brother, big sis would ruthlessly punish me.” The smile returned to Zhao Yuecheng’s face. He said “I know what you are thinking of big brother. You want to leave behind a trail for the academy to follow when we ask for help right?

That’s right, this was Ouyang Tao’s thoughts: “Yes. Liu Xinya could not do anything to me. For some reason, her magic and magic medicine do not work on me, so I should be able to stall her a bit…”

“Big brother, you are really too optimistic about the situation, don’t you think that you are, hehe… being too naive?” Zhao Yuecheng coldly broke Ouyang Tao’s delusion. “First, it would require five days to make a round trip, do you think that Liu Xinya will let you stall for time?”

“This…” Ouyang Tao truly did not think about this.

“Second, Liu Xinya is clearly a professional and would definitely not leave any traces.”

“True…” As long as she wanted to erase her tracks it would be easy to do, even Ouyang Tao could do it.

“Final and most important point is that, according to big brothers words, our enemy is the self-proclaimed Inverted Cross Army. Big brother did you know what kind of organization this is? Are you sure that the academy would send their army against such an organization?”

“…” Ouyang Tao was left speechless. He knew nothing about the Inverted Cross Army. However, he knew that they were capable of manufacturing fake Demon King Relics and definitely not good people

“My words up to this point mean no offense to big brother. The Inverted Cross Army is a secret world-class terrorist organization. Their objectives, members and other details are not clear. The only thing we know is that this organization is extremely huge. Moreover, they continuously cause trouble around the world. Every country is maintaining vigilance and a wait and see approach against them. However, they do not dare take the initiative and take action.”

“In other words, even if the academy knew about this, they wouldn’t do anything…” For Ouyang Tao this was the most despairing thing.

Moreover, this was the not worst case scenario: “The worst case scenario would be having our lips sealed by the academy.”

Saying this, Zhao Yuecheng used his finger and made a cutting motion on his neck. The meaning of this goes without saying.

Could it be that they must truly give up like this? Could it be that they would just run away? Ouyang Tao did not give up. However, the truth was forcing him to make this kind of decision.

If he gave up right now and then met another situation like this, how many teammates is he going to give up on? If he gave up now, he would be forced to give up again in the future!

No, absolutely not!

However, for the sake of Tia will he use his and his comrades’ lives to take the chance, and then be completely wiped out?

However, even if it was like this…

“Even if it was like this… even if it was like this…” Ouyang Tao clenched his fists, and ground his teeth “Even if it was like this… I know that this maybe impulsive…but I cannot just give up on a comrade. If you were in the same situation, I would also do the same!”

Just as he finished speaking, the door was suddenly opened with a bang. A black-suited male and female pair appeared in front: “Little girls and little boys, are you there!”

Seeing the two people appear, Ouyang Tao was overjoyed: “Senior Monica! Senior Chen Feng! Why are you here?”

“Does this have to be said? Seeing your appearances, it seems like trouble has happened.” Monica exposed a hunter’s smile “However, I love trouble. Hehe…”

Monica and Chen Feng’s combination was the strongest pair in the entire academy. They are also the only two man attack team. It was said that until now, when the two carried out missions they only had one case of failure and can be rated as the top of the academy.

An unexpectedly strong reinforcement appeared. Ouyang Tao and the others suddenly ignited with hope.

After understanding the current situation, Monica also showed a grim expression: “The Inverted Cross Army, and they caught a hostage… It seems that the current situation is the same as last time’s attack, this is going to be troublesome.”

“It is like this, senior. So…”

“However, before that, I must clarify something important.” Monica stood up and suddenly grabbed Ouyang Tao’s left hand.

Ouyang Tao was surprised because the strength Monica used was not the same as usual. It was as if he was the criminal: “Senior, what are you doing?”

However, Monica’s answer made Ouyang Tao helpless once again: “Why could you resists that person’s magic? If I do not clarify this matter, how would you report this to the academy? Will you tell that truth? That would not be a good thing for you and your sister.”

“This… damn…” Regarding this, Ouyang Tao was also not clear about it.

“If you told the truth, then the best case would be an investigation, the worst case…maybe you would become a guinea pig. Moreover, you are a commoner and do not have any backing, so the academy could do anything.”

“How could it be like this!” Ouyang Xue loudly refuted.

However, Monica only held out her hand: “Regretfully, little girl, Augustus Academy is not the peaceful place that ordinary people thought it to be.”

Monica was clearly not joking. On one side Zhao Yuecheng and Chen Feng also nodded.

What is this! Which is the actual enemy?! Ouyang Tao almost went insane. Why is it that at a time like this, he would be isolated without help?

Seeing Ouyang Tao’s nervous appearance, Monica loosened her hand “Good kid, don’t be nervous. Since I said it like this, it should be obvious that I’m not trying to hurt you. However, I must understand the premise.”

Chen Feng also walked over and nodded his head. Afterwards he patted Ouyang Tao’s shoulders telling him to calm down.

“But, I also don’t know.”

“Groan…” Monica wrinkled her brows. In the time span when he grabbed Ouyang Tao’s hands, she already analyzed Ouyang Tao’s constitution with her expertise in Beast Magic. There were no irregularities found. According to Ouyang Tao’s story the only explanation would be “Kid, can you let me see your gloves?”

“Eh, of course.” Ouyang Tao removed the metal gloves on his waist and handed it over to Monica.

Monica repeatedly examined for a while. When is seemed that she could not find any clues, she handed it over to Chen Feng. He also looked at it for a few minutes and also shook his head.

“That’s weird…” Monica doubtfully crooked her head. Chen Feng and her had conducted many secret missions for a long time now. They had seen more than half of the Original Sin’s power. So she could not understand how such an ordinary metal glove could resist against the Original Sin of Envy’s power.

“Senior, you see, I told you I don’t know…” Ouyang Tao innocently said.

“Ok, this is also fine. This matter is too vague.” Monica threw back the metal gloves yo Ouyang Tao and then looked at everyone “Remember, you must keep this matter a secret. When you write your reports, everyone must stay on one track. Do you understand?”

Everyone nodded their heads “Understood.”

After reaching an agreement, Monica once again exposed her heroic smile “Very good, then let us get to business. There is no time to lose, pack up and get in the car. We will discuss it along the way.”

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