MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 35

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Volume 1 Chapter 35 – Reversal and Reversal again

Lava was a kind of mixture, and in it, were three types of elements that could be used as materials: Silicon, Aluminium and Iron —— These three elements made up nearly forty percent of lava. At the same time, there was also some of other materials that were needed to make alloys.

One of the basic skills of being a Mechanical Engineering Magician is the ability to refine and purify elements from a mixture, hence, creating materials to use. Using all of his magic, Ouyang Tao had turned the lava below him into materials.

“Tia, there are materials here, hurry!”

“You actually manage to think of this!” Tia felt slightly regretful that she had not thought of that. The lode below was originally lava too. However, now was not the time to think of these things “Instantaneous Creation!”

In one breath, Tia used up all the materials that Ouyang Tao had made, instantly creating two machines. One of them was the grade 4 “Vengeful Spirit” that she had used before, but was simplified to the simplest structure that was capable of mobility, to allow Ouyang Tao to stay in mid-air.

Tia stood on the other machine. It was a strengthened version of the Vengeful Spirit, a grade 8 machine “Demoness”. The Demoness was much bigger than Vengeful Spirit. It had a fort built on top, a huge shield, and a weapon of Tia’s choice. The weapon was two pairs of twin barrel 120mm caliber magic cannons.

However, the problem now was that there were no magic stones. Which meant that the weapons had to be powered by her and that needed time.

This time, Ouyang Tao who now stood sturdily on top of Vengeful Spirit could finally use his weapons properly. He gathered all of his defense units beside him and redeployed his weapons. He continued using three groups of “Electrical.Longbow” to attack.

The concentrated firepower did not give Edward any room to breathe and he was slowly edged to a position where Tia had the angle to strike at him.

Although Ouyang Tao and Tia did not communicate verbally, their teamwork was immaculate. After delaying for half a minute, Tia was finally prepared.

“Charge up complete, fire!” The magic cannon shot out four energy bullets at Edward.

Ouyang Tao’s ten “Electrical.Thunderclap” fired off at the same time, and launced an attack on Edward together with Tia.

However, this was insufficient to take down Edward’s defence. Scarlet red magic formed a barrier in front of him, and blocked out all the attacks: “Hmph…… That’s all you’re capable of?”

In a prolonged fight between the two parties, it was obvious that Ouyang Tao’s side was at a disadvantage —— How could he and Tia’s magic powers even compare to that of a Demon King’s relic.

Then, Edward started to increase his powers, pushing out the magic barrier bit by bit, and slowly, earned back the advantage he had.

Ouyang Tao and Tia had no means of escape and could only defend at full strength.

Seeing that his victory was more and more certain, Edward spoke: “Ouyang Tao, do you know, I’m so jealous of you. Jealous that you’re able to turn my ideas into reality. Jealous that you’re recognised by others. Jealous that you’re able to choose how to lead your life…… However, these are all not the real reason I want to kill you.”

“What…… What does that mean?”

“She only has you in her heart. As long as you’re alive, her heart can never be mine!”

“Eh?” What does that mean? Ouyang Tao could not comprehend.

The only thing that was clear was that Edward really wanted to kill him.

“My eternal farewell!”

Just as Edward was about to deliver the killing blow, a figure broke through the flame wall and appeared. Like a sharp sword, the figure cut down at the barrier in front of Edward, instantly splitting it into two.

“What…… UWAAAAAAH—— !” The sudden blow shattered Edward’s defence as fourteen energy bullets all hit Edward, causing him to fly away. At the same time, the flame wall surrounding them disappeared.

“Oh no, it can’t be!” Ouyang Tao did not want to kill him even though Edward had wanted him to die. However, when he saw Edward get struck, his first reaction was to pray for his safety and immediately rushed to him on Vengeful Spirit.

Not just Ouyang Tao, the surrounding people all instantly sprinted to the point where Edward fell, however……

The place where he fell had been a grass plain. Other than a burnt hole in the ground, there was nothing else: “No one? Why?”

While Ouyang Tao was in the middle of wondering, there was an intense unease in his heart. At that time, there was a sudden chatter behind him, followed by a burst of flame.

Drats! Edward still has battle power!

However, it was already too late. Edward carried the unconscious Ouyang Xue and flew into the sky.

Seeing the situation, Ouyang Tao panicked: “Oi! Didn’t you want to kill me! What did you grab my sister!”

“Hmph.” Edward did not speak but merely turned into a red light and flew into a distance.

With no time to hesitate and think, Ouyang Tao immediately rode on “Vengeful Spirit” and gave chase.

“Idiot, it’s a trap!” Although Tia complained, she still followed Ouyang Tao closely behind.

Unknowingly, Ouyang Tao had already left the school area. The red light suddenly disappeared, before another red light suddenly shot from below, shooting through his Vengeful Spirit. It shook violently before crashing down from twenty metres above ground.

This time Ouyang Tao fell quite heavily. Despite the abundance of overgrowth slowing the fall, Ouyang Tao nearly could not stand up after the fall.

The debris of Vengeful Spirit laid beside him as he tried to move his right hand, giving it some emergency treatment. However, a leg stepped on it heavily.

“Huff…… Huff…… Got tricked eh……” Edward was breathing erratically now. He was covered in blood which made him look even more hideous. He had obviously suffered injuries as well which was why he chose to ambush.

In Edward’s left hand was the unconscious Ouyang Xue while his right hand concentrated magic which was aimed at Ouyang Tao: “Any last words?”

“Ah Xue would be devastated if she saw you like this…… AHHHHHH —— !” Without finishing what he wanted to say, Ouyang Tao screamed out loud in pain. That was because Edward had stomped heavily on his right arm.

“You knew…… You must have known!” Edward hysterically uttered in sadness “As long as you were alive…… Her heart would forever be yours! Which is why…… why you could say those words to me. Bastard! DIE!!!”

The fatal scorching red light chopped downwards. Ouyang Tao could not avoid it and used his left hand to block it.

However, a miracle happened. A mysterious energy absorbed the powers of Edward’s attack, keeping Ouyang Tao safe.

Not only that, Ouyang Tao also felt that the injuries that he suffered fully recovered. Even some of his strength came back to him.

Just as Edward was stunned, Tia arrived. Because Ouyang Tao and Edward were too close together, so she did not dare to fire and instead charged forward with her sword.

Edward single handedly blocked her attack but was still injured. He could no longer completely defend it like before and his palm was pierced. He was forced backwards and knocked onto a huge tree behind him.

However, Tia did not expect Edward to use the opportunity of his pierced palm to grab the hilt of the sword. He held it tightly before burning the hilt bright red, forcing Tia to abandon her weapon.

However, that short instant allowed Edward to retaliate. He quickly stepped forward, turning his wrist. The sharp blade laid horizontally at Tia’s neck.

“Don’t move!”

Edward and Ouyang Tao shouted out loud at the same time.

In a short span of time, Ouyang Tao had used the debris from Vengeful Spirit to reconstruct a “Electrical.Longbow”, charging it up with his magic and aimed it at Edward.

“Hoho…… Isn’t this an interesting situation?” Edward savaged expression revealed a tinge of cruelty, “You only have one weapon and I have two people, which person do you choose? Hehe……”

“Don’t fool around!”

“Stay still!” Edward shouted out loud, “Don’t try to pull any tricks, because if you do, I will immediately cut of this woman’s head and turn your beloved sister into ashes.

“You……” Ouyang Tao gritted his teeth. He did not dare to fool around this time. He clenched his fist tightly, as beads of nervous sweat dripped from his forehead.

“Choose, or I will kill the both of them!”

Right now, the most afraid person would definitely be Tia. Because in a two choice dilemma, it was obvious who Ouyang Tao would pick.

To Ouyang Tao, this two choice dilemma was more like a bet: “Edward, even so, I choose to believe you!”

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