MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 34

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Volume 1 Chapter 34 – The Bitter Struggle within the Stalemate

Facing the hatred-filled Edward, Ouyang Tao was both sad and helpless.

Sad because he didn’t want the situation to turn out like this. Although they became acquainted not too long ago, Ouyang Tao had already treated Edward like a dependable friend.

Helpless because he knew of Edward’s suffering and hatred, but was unable to help. He could only feel pity for his talent had been overlooked.

And now, Ouyang Tao could only do one thing as a friend. Which was to stop Edward’s current madness.

Since he had already completed all the preparations he could complete, he would no longer retreat. Ouyang Tao stood up, as an orb that he used to control magic appeared in his left hand. He was ready to fight.

Edward felt the aura that Ouyang Tao gave off change, and closed his eyes: “Ooo, you finally accepted the truth? Looks like you’re prepared to give it your all.”

“Yes, I’m prepared to give it my all.” Ouyang Tao was determined to fight. However, it was not to destroy, but to protect. “Edward, I believe that this is not the real you.”

“No more nonsense!” Following an angry shout, Edward fired his red light everywhere, shooting down all of Ouyang Tao’s “Electrical.Commotion” from mid-air, before turning into red light himself, while preparing to use the same technique.

This time, Ouyang Tao was already prepared. The “Electrical.Longbow” behind him accurately fired off, and knocked the red light out of mid-air.

Immediately, Ouyang Tao changed from defence to attack. Fifteen “Electrical.Longbow” split into three groups and moved around while firing from different positions. It continuously shot out strong beams of light and used its continuous firepower to suppress Edward.

However, what Ouyang Tao was doing was not meaningless suppressing, he had one aim —— the Lucifer’s Crown on Edward’s head.

Zhao Yuehan had explained it before, the power of the original sins were balanced . Even though Lucifer’s crown provided such a strong power, it also made a certain part of the user’s sense weaken.

As long as he could find the weak point, Ouyang Tao would be able to attack the relic using that advantage. As long as he could destroy the head ornament, Edward would return to normal —— That was what Ouyang Tao thought.

“Despicable……. Despicable……” The retaliation came suddenly, and facing all around attacks made Edward stumble. He could only focus defending and dodging.

However, such a situation did not make Edward restrain himself. Instead, he became even crazier. He raised his hands again and created a magical array in the in the sky: “Divine Punishment, Spellfire Calamity!”

The magical array expanded in the sky before shooting out countless bullets which fell like rain. It looked as if the doomsday told in legends had arrived, but….

“Divine Punishment, Destroyer of Earth!” The attacks came one after another, and did not give Ouyang Tao time to react. A magical array appeared on the ground below Ouyang Tao. Then, it exploded and lava splashed out, causing Ouyang Tao to lose his ground.

“That was close…….” Luckily, Ouyang Tao manage to stand on a few defense units he placed in mid-air, hence, avoiding the strike. However, there was someone else trapped here! “Oh no, Tia wouldn’t……”

“I’m not dead!” Tia of course would not die in the fire. She had unknowingly changed into a purple and black compression battle suit. She stood on a windball that rose into the air. She was above Edward. Holding her sword with both hands, she aiming it at Edward’s head, and quickly flew down.

This time, Edward was visibly slower than before, as he only realised it right before the sword was about to take his life. Despite dodging hastily, Tia’s sword still left a long scar on his body.

After striking him successfully but not achieving what she initially planned, Tia continued her attack. The longsword that was shining brightly in gold light aimed at Edward’s throat once again, and tried to stab him.

This time, Edward manage to block it immediately. At the same time, Ouyang Tao also used his “Electrical.Longbow” to attack him. Edward pushed Tia back and blocked Ouyang Tao’s attack at the same time.

“Ugh…… Not bad…… Haha…… I can tell……” The injured Edward appeared even more ferocious as he shot a malicious glare at Tia, “I can tell that you’re not like that brat, and really want to kill me…… Haha……”

“What?” Ouyang Tao was surprised, “What are you doing!? You really want to kill him?”

However, Tia also had her reason: “Then do you want to be killed by him?”

“Kill me? That’s good, that should be they way! Kid, watch and learn. If you do not have that sort of killing intent, you can’t do anything.” However, Edward relied on the strength the relic provided. He was not afraid and the scar on his body recovered quickly.

It looked as if matters were getting more and more extreme. It was getting out of Ouyang Tao’s hand. This time, Edward was going to use an even more crazier attack……

Outside the fighting zone, other than Chen Feng who relied on his personal abilities to try and forcefully breakthrough the flame wall, the others were all helpless. Chen Feng was unable to move inside the flames and the other two would definitely be unable to put up a fight with the demon king’s relic.

Furthermore, if the culprit escaped this time, there would not be a second chance to catch him.

Monica knew this and decided to lend a hand.

“Professor Lu, I’ll hand this kid to you.” Monica knocked out Ouyang Xue who was still crying and struggling before passing her over to Lu Yun. Then, she fished out a blue dragon scale from her twin peaks and shouted towards the people around. “All of you make way!”

Everyone scattered immediately and left behind an empty space. After absorbing the dragon scale and turning it into her strength, her body transformed. A gigantic ice pillar immediately formed around Monica. Suddenly, it shattered and a twenty metre long dragon appeared. (T/L note: Wooo, there are dragonssss)

“Ice Breath!” After turning into the ice dragon who represented the water element, Monica immediately attacked, spitting out an ice beam at the flame wall, and weakened the flame spiral.

However, it was still not enough……

With this breach, Lu Yun made a prompt decision: “Everyone, focus your strength on suppressing the flame wall, quick!” The hundred or so people in the area immediately sprang into action. No matter how strong or weak, everyone released their water magic in full force, and assisted Monica in suppressing the flame spiral.

Staying in the fire, Chen Feng felt the power of the flame weaken. He immediately increased his strength, and the magic he used caused his body to shine in a metallic silver colour.

Chen Feng was very similar to Ouyang Tao, both of their magical attributes were dominated by metallic properties. However, Chen Feng chose to employ it in a different way —— He used it to turn himself into an indestructible sharp sword. Despite that fire was the weakness of metal, true metal does not fear fire.

And now, this sword was about to break through the flame wall obstacle.

Inside the battle, the lava made Ouyang Tao and Tia to lose their foothold. Tia could use wind magic to keep herself afloat but to Ouyang Tao, who could not use other forms of magic, this was a great disaster. Other than standing on his defence units that were in mid-air, he had no other methods.

Edward had obviously seen through this. Despite having a demon king relic that provided him with near limitless magical powers, when fighting one against two, he still had to be aware of accidents. Hence, while fighting Tia, he started to attack Ouyang Tao’s foothold, not allowing him to concentrate and fire his weapon.

As the defence units fell one by one, Ouyang Tao had already dug up most of his reserves: “Damn it, if only I had materials……”

If he had materials, Tia would definitely be capable of creating something that would help him stay afloat. But how could he possibly find materials now.

From what he saw, although Tia’s swordsmanship skills were not bad, that was not what she majored in. She was gradually losing out. If only I could provide her with materials……

No, wait…… If it’s materials…… There are some here!


“What! Can’t you see I’m busy!” Tia was engaged in an intense battle with Edward. As her golden longsword struck against the red orb, sparks flew all over the place.

She needed to focus on the battle and also maintain the windball below her feet. As time went by, her magic depleted quickly and the fight became more and more unfavourable for her.

“If I provide you with materials, could you make something!”

“Of course!” As she spoke, Edward’s palm struck down strongly. Tia hastily dodged it and stabbed her sword, forcing her opponent away. “If I have materials, he would be dead by now!”

“Good, leave the materials to me!” Ouyang Tao changed his strategy and used all his magic on the lava that was flowing below.

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