Legend Chapter 150

Here’s Chapter 150,

10 minutes late, missed out a bit on the timing of releases *cough cough*.

One thing I’ve just realised, but as an Australian, all my note regarding measurements are all in metric.
However, most of you readers are should be in America.
Do you all have to reconvert my metric measurement notes to imperial?

Side note, League MSI, Flash Wolves above King Zone after day 2.
Taiwan Number 1?

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One Response to Legend Chapter 150

  1. long and short of it is because a lot of tools here can use either metric or imperial we typically gain something of a familiarity with both systems – schools through basic education typically dont go too deep into it but anyone who works with tools like wrenches or ratchets drills allenkeys and such – you kinda have to learn some metric to use them – otherwise you kinda get lost fast lol
    tl;dr dont worry about it -its not a big deal and can easily be googled if really need be

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