Legend Chapter 150

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Rei would let Bolton live. However, he wouldn’t care about anything else aside from that. Galahat nodded at Rei reluctantly.

Of course, this wasn’t something Galahat wanted to accept. But Bolton, his older brother that he loved, had his life in the balance. Even if it was just a one sided relationship between the two of them.

(But……if I refused Rei’s proposal here, as he said himself, he would attack Bolton by himself regardless of me. And with Rei’s abilities and his Griffon, if the two of them attacked, Azoth Firm can’t deal with with them with just large numbers of low ranked adventurers. If they fought a straight on battle, they might be able to tire him out or exhaust his magic power, but in the end, Rei and Set are just a single person and animal. If they went for an ambush or night attack, there would be no hope. In that case, I have to join hands with Rei if I want to protect my brother from the worst case scenario.)

Thinking to himself, he swallowed his depressing thoughts.

Why had it come to this. He couldn’t imagine. However, the situation that was happening now was what his older brother caused. Even though they were only half connected by blood, as a younger brother, it was not the best choice he could make, but there was no better choice available. Galahat understood that and reluctantly accepted Rei’s proposal.

「Come in. First of all, I would like to tell you the current situation.」

Galahat moved away from the front door and welcomed the four of them into the room.

The room was somewhat bigger than the cabin above. However, there still wasn’t quite enough room for the four of them to relax.

Anyhow, this hideout was only supposed to be used by Galahat and Murt. There was only a single bed and chair in the 3 tatami sized room. As expected it was difficult to fit 5 people in the room. At the very least, Rei had a small build and Freon was a slender woman. Normally, Brazos was shortest in the group, but although he was a Dwarf and short, he had a lot more muscle than most humans. Because of that, Brazos took up an amount of space closer towards Galahat and Murt.
TLN: 3 tatami is just under 5m^2

「Seriously, there’s no room because of you, you muscle daruma. Go change your muscles to gold and money. That would be more useful.」
「What did you say, you bitch! Why don’t you sell all of your useless years after you turned 20! If you did that I would have some room to move around.」

Galahat took a deep breath in shock as everyone sat on the bed, a chair and on the floor.

Seeing the two of them like that, Rei gave a sigh in amazement as he spoke out.

「I know that you’re on good terms with each other, but keep it down. Galahat is in shock.」

At Rei’s words, both of them turned to look at Galahat for a moment. Indeed, Galahat was looking at both of them with wide eyes.

Maybe they tried to avoid that look, Freon gave a small cough before sitting back in her chair.

There was only one chair in the hideout, but on account of being a woman, she asserted her claim on it.

In addition, Galahat was sitting on the bed as his injuries had yet to fully heal. Murt sat beside him as Galahat’s assistant. As a result, Rei and Brazos were sitting on the floor.

「Ahem. So, the current situation……Murt?」
「Ah, yes, yes. The current situation is disadvantageous for us. The people who were forced into trivial jobs after opposing Bolton’s management policy are supposed to cooperate with Galahat-san. However, that doesn’t make much of a difference since the mainstream faction……」
「I see. It would be better to think that it will be impossible to easily drag older brother down from his position of president.」

There were many adventurers in Bolton’s faction, but except for a few people, most of them followed orders simply because they were being paid. As long as someone stood up to take Bolton down, there would be a few people who would join against him. Galahat judged that with a sigh. At the same time, he was also concerned that the adventurers would hurt each other.

「I agree. Because we lack the influence, if we want to force Bolton down from his position of president and put Galahat-san on top of Azoth Firm, there’s only the brute force method. We’ll make our move when Galahat-san’s supporters tie down the movements of the executives of Azoth Firm. During that time, we have to find the easiest and fastest way to secure Bolton. If the changeover of power goes smoothly, there will be less time spent fighting. The fighting between adventurers that Galahat-san is worried about will also be kept to a minimum……is what I was told.」
「Is what you where told?」

It wasn’t my own thoughts, Freon asked with a strange look at Murt’s words.

At Freon’s question, Murt nodded naturally.

「There’s no way I can come up with such a calculated plan. This was thought up by the members in Azoth Firm cooperating with Galahat-san.」
「……I see. Well, Certainly, if the battle time is short, the chances of adventurers getting injured becomes much lower.」
「That is right, as for people who like to fight……well, I won’t say there are none, but they are certainly a minority. Murt, is my brother currently in his mansion in the upperclass district?」
「Yes. As you know, he has spent a disgusting amount of money on it. It’s defenses have been upgraded quite a bit. 」
「Do you mean there are traps in the mansion?」

Rei asked with a frown, but Galahat shook his head.

「I don’t think he would put traps inside the mansion. Or rather, if he did, he wouldn’t be able to live in it due to the danger. If it were me, I would reinforce the walls and the fences around it with strong metal.」
「In that case, it wouldn’t be a problem if you just jumped over the wall or fence right? In the first place, we have a small group. There won’t be any problems if we just let Set go back and forth to carry people. Even if it’s Brazos, the heaviest of us all, that short distance should still be fine.」
「That won’t be possible. There definitely won’t be traps in the mansion, but it will be different if it’s the walls or fences. There’s always the possibility that thieves would try to get in. My older brother would have prepared for that as well.」

Galahat did not say any more, but having lived in the mansion of the president of Azoth Firm, who carried out heavy handed business, he had seen righteous thieves and mercenaries try to break in several times as well as people who had suffered from disadvantageous deals and wanted to steal something back. However, most of them were caught by the patrols along the upperclass district. Others were caught after being discovered paralyzed on the ground after being electrocuted by a kind of magic item on the fences.

Of course, covering a vast mansion in magic items in the walls and fences would cost a huge amount of money. But it was possible with the financial strength of Azoth Firm, that was Bolton’s power. Anyhow, Gilm was a frontier city and there was a lot of danger. Those who skimped out on money for their equipment paid the price with their lives. Azoth Firm dealt in the arms trade, the profit they gained by exporting weapons made from rare monster materials found at the frontier was huge. With that huge profit, they engaged in a lot of behind the scenes deals and bribery to lobby for for a variety of conveniences. Their power used that as the foundation. For example, the group that barged into the inn and the adventurers who attacked Set in the stables would both go innocent……although, they were more likely to get away with just a small fine.

「In that case, it looks like we’ll have to break through the front. Well, I won’t say it’s impossible. Anyhow, it’s Bolton……or rather, the highest ranked ranked adventurer hired by Azoth Firm is you at B rank right? Everyone remaining is lower than rank B. That means at highest, they will be rank C. There are about 40 of them, but it won’t be impossible to deal with them.」

Although Rei said that as if it was a trifling matter, there was person who was hung up on it. It was Galahat, the person at the center of this storm.

「Please, wait a moment. It’s true that Rei will definitely be able to blast away the adventurers hired by Azoth Firm from the front. However, As I said earlier, there are many people who work for them just for the money. As much as possible, I don’t want to hurt them.」
「No, you want to minimise the the battle time and break through the front at the same time? You, aren’t you contradicting yourself?」

At Freon’s words, Galahat nodded with a bitter expression.

「Ah. Of course I know I’m being unreasonable. However, let’s think about it. Let’s assume that we knocked out most of the adventurers here and settled the uproar. However, in that case, what do we do about the escorts we have to provide to the merchants heading to other cities from Azoth Firm tomorrow?」
「It’s the guild’s……oh, that’s right.」

Freon sighed.

Currently, Azoth Firm had a bad reputation in the guild and few people would accept escort requests. Even for adventurers currently hired by Azoth Firm, it was only because the pay was good. In other words, Galahat knew that in the short term, other than adventurers hired by Azoth Firm, no others would likely take up merchant escort requests.

Alternatively, they could recruit more people if they lowered the request rank to rank F or G. However, if they included adventurers to the extent of beginners, there was a high chance that the wouldn’t even add to the fighting strength of the escort at all. While there might be some talented people, the probability was only 1 in 10,000.

Knowing what Galahat wanted to say, Freon clicked her tongue.

「But, then what are you going to do. If you can’t defeat your opponent, the battle duration and the number of people who get injured will only increase.」
「……Ah. Because of that, I will depend on Rei. We’ll have to depend on Rei. However, if possible, I would like to avoid causing any major injuries. Killing is obviously not allowed.」
「Is it really necessary for me to consider that? I’ve said it several times already, but to be honest, I could settle this entire thing myself. Even so, I bothered to work with you. Are you trying to tie my hands and feet before I fight?」
「I don’t know how to put it……please!」

Galahat gave a deep bow.

Rei thought about it for a few seconds as saw Galahat’s worried look……and soon spoke up.

「Well, I can accept that as a request.」
「Really!? I understand. Please do it. Would a reward of two platinum coins be enough?」

Murt gave a surprised cry at the extent of the reward when Galahat said it.

Two platinum coins. That size of a reward for a request could not be found in rank D, which was Rei and Murt’s current rank.

「All right. However, the only thing I can do is go easy on them. Naturally, I won’t be able to give everyone only light injuries. You’ll have to consider bone fractures as light injuries.」

Because there was a method of healing called magic in this world, injuries on the level of bruises could be healed in a few minutes. Even if it’s a fracture, it wouldn’t be difficult to heal it on the spot if it was a good mage. Naturally, to heal a bone fracture with magic, the mage would use up a corresponding amount of magic power, so it couldn’t be used continuously. Of course there are things such as potions and magic power potions……however, potions that could heal fractures in a short period of time cost a fair amount and potions that could restore magic power were even more expensive.

「I don’t mind. If the internal organs are injured, like in my case, it will take time to heal. However, there are a few ways to fix it if it’s only a fracture.」
「Alright. The plan is decided. Let’s get started. Anyhow, a lot of things happened today. As expected, I’m tired and want to wash up so I can sleep in a soft bed.」

While thinking back on the lively events that had happened today, Freon stretched.

It hadn’t be more than a day since they had subjugated the Harpies. Even though they had taken a few hours nap, as expected, fatigue still accumulated. Freon thought of the ultimate luxury, a warm futon to laze about and sleep in, as she stood up for one last job.

Turning to look at Freon, Galahat also stood up.

「Galahat-san? What are you doing?」

Murt asked questioningly, but Galahat spoke as he checked the condition of his body.

「I am dragging my older brother down from his position. I need to be there when it happens.」
「Wai-! Galahat-san is not in a condition to fight! Even though we have to try to not kill any of them……」
「That’s right. However, I am taking my older brother down from his position as president. It is absolutely necessary that I am there when it happens.」

At Galahat’s words, the group raised their eyes.

It was true that it would be different whether Galahat was there when they take Bolton down. But……

「For that reason, you want us to bring along a burden like you?」

Galahat and Rei looked at each other for several seconds. Eventually, it was Rei who looked away.

「Do as you want. However, you’ll have to protect yourself. ……No, Murt. You guard Galahat. Even if you say that there are different factions, the adventurers are still hired by Azoth Firm. It might become complicated if you fight at the front.」

Galahat gave a brief reply. As they had decided their plan, they headed for the upperclass district as soon they could.

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