Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 192

Heya everyone. Spent some time this morning to go back through old chapters and add images from the 3rd and 4th light novel volumes into their relevant parts here. Here’s links to all of the chapters that had images added to them:

Chapter 83

Chapter 84

Chapter 101

Chapter 107

Chapter 109

Chapter 120

Chapter 124

Chapter 135

Chapter 144 — This image came from a unique LN event where they held a Golem Fighting Championship before Rin arrived. Meat won and demanded (requested) that Kehma be her hug pillow for a day. I’m adding this to [Extra: Meat Kuroinu’s Average Day] because it’s a scene that mostly fits the description and it’s much too good of an image to pass up.

Chapter 150

There were two images that I ended up having nowhere to put. One is the elf slave image, the other is the image of Rokuko kissing Keima—this one happens in the LN just before she leaves for the Dungeon Core Assembly, semi-forcibly kissing him before disappearing.

Enjoy the chapter!

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13 Responses to Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 192

  1. Sydt says:


  2. Lala land says:

    So… are you gonna show the picture of rokuko kissing keima?

    • Ziru says:

      You can find all novels’ illustrations in the project page.

    • AnimeLover says:

      Ah I saw it but its unknown whether it was lips to lips or not. Only way to find out if is through LN. Honestly I like the WN better. The Loli form is more adorable but can’t deny that LN is more .

  3. tnyhy says:

    Meh, dull characters, they all look the same and whats with the meatballons on their chests? Alien eggs?

  4. sodemas says:


  5. leon says:

    Ahh what ?? When did she kiss him? Did I miss something?

  6. Akira says:

    Why didn’t kiss scene occur in web novel? Ugh

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