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Extra: Meat Blackdog’s Average Day


A slave’s morning started early—
However, in the cases where she was being used as a hug pillow, hers would start considerably late so that she would wake along with Kehma.

The first thing she would do in the morning is choose her socks. This choice was a very important matter. This was because the place most visible to Kehma, her Goshujin-sama, was the feet. Meat didn’t understand what foot fetishism was that well, but if her esteemed Goshujin-sama desired it, she didn’t mind going two or three days in the same socks without using [Cleanup] on them.
… Yesterday’s were light blue striped socks that went up to her thighs, but today she went with white. She felt that striped ones were unpopular for some reason. It could only be explained as being Kehma’s interests, but through Meat’s experience, she believed that there was a somewhat higher chance of her being used as a hug pillow when she went with simpler, single-color socks.

“… Nn.”

When putting on socks, the first thing to do was to gently flex them. She only wore underwear and socks overnight so as to not wrinkle the maid outfit that was her work uniform.
Once she had loosened up her body enough, she put on her maid clothes.
They were things she had received from her Goshujin-sama, a maid clothes golem. It provided support to Meat’s actions, improving her kinematic performance… This was the same with the socks she put on a moment before, they were both also golems.

“… Nnnf.”

Preparations complete, it was time to work. However, because Meat’s room in the village chief’s mansion was immediately neighboring the inn, there was zero commute time.
In the morning she would serve adventurers grabbing meals in the dining room. The employees would take alternating shifts.

Meat generally wouldn’t participate in the morning due to her duties as a hug pillow, but shift alterations were possible for cases like this. [Night Attendance Shift] (Ichika-Christened) was the thing Ichika came up with to refer to the shift with Kehma, but so far there hadn’t been anything in it other than Meat’s hug pillow duties.
However, the other employees weren’t particularly dissatisfied. Rather, they simply urged their Meat-senpai on to work less and focus more on that.

Back on topic, the inn served sandwiches for breakfast. There was a bar nearby that would serve other dishes, but the sandwich was really popular due to how delicious it was. Them using white bread instead of cheap black bread was a well-known secret.
Meat ate a sandwich just before in preparation for customers.

“Fuwaaah, morning, Black-chan.”
“Ah, good morning.”

The first to wake up was the guild receptionist, Silia. Since her job was to handle the guild’s reception desk, she needed to wake up earlier than the adventurers.
After confirming that no one was looking, she quietly placed her hand on Meat’s heat and patted her.

“… Haaaaaah… I can keep on for another day now…”

Although Meat didn’t particularly enjoy it when anyone but her Goshujin-sama patted her head, she endured it for getting the tip. She saved up her tips to make her Goshujin-sama happy.
Receiving five copper as her tip, she brought her her sandwich. Entering the kitchen since Kinue wasn’t there today, it was a simple task for her to open her [Storage] and take out a premade sandwich.
Although this made it so that they could be delivered fresh since the time inside [Storage] was stopped, because of Kehma’s policy of saying that it would be troublesome in various ways if people knew about Meat being able to use [Storage], she would temporarily go into the kitchen.

After a while, the lodging adventurers woke up. Recently, because of Kehma’s [Investigation], [Exploring as far as the labyrinth area is alright], so adventurers had been coming aiming for the iron golems.
It was also alright if they encountered any threats since they could escape. Although there were a lot of people that thought that, in truth, Meat felt that Rin would instantly kill them with its fangs. She wouldn’t go out of her way to be friendly to other people though.

After finishing up with the adventurers’ breakfast, Meat went to train herself. When she practiced golem operation and magic skills, she would do so in the dungeon, but she trained her fundamentals inside the village, in the outdoor hall. In particular, she held many mock battles with Ichika.
By showing themselves train in front of the villagers, it also held the meaning of serving as a warning for just how much fighting strength her Goshujin-sama held. She would never show all of her capability though, of course.

Flicking the kitchen knife Ichika held away, she pointed her knife at her neck. They were both wooden training items, things Kehma prepared for them in ten seconds.

“… Aww, I’m not even’a match for Meat-senpai anymooore.”

Ichika also wore the a maid clothes golem, the same as Meat. Since Ichika had already possessed the ability of being a C-Rank, it was even more advantageous than for Meat.
In truth, Ichika was stronger when they started training.
However, Meat was equal with her after two months and was even stronger than her nowadays.

The difference was their difference in ability to adjust to the golem’s assistance. For Ichika, who had originally mastered her body’s own style, she was only able to acquire the benefit of simply augmenting her physical strength. However, for Meat, who used golems since the beginning, she learned how to move with the golem and be moved by it.
She was able to defend against attacks that were in her blind spots through the golem’s perception and was even able to use abnormal maneuvers to dodge arrows fired at her from behind through proper use of the assist.
Normally, whatever was inside the golem wouldn’t last if it did such absurd movements, but it was adjusted according to the strength and recuperative power that beastkin had.
As a result, a small soldier that could freely use superhuman-levels of acrobatics was born.

“Ichika is still stronger, without the assist.”
“For now.”

Ichika felt that she would be surpassed even without the assist soon enough. Meat was talented. For Ichika, nurturing that talent was enjoyable. She would be lying if she said that she weren’t a little envious, but even so, it wasn’t a bad thing for Meat to become strong. Meat could defend Kehma’s life if she was strong, so she herself would be able to eat tons of delicious things.
Meat kept training until around noon.

At noon, she served people in the dining room. Recently, they started serving lunch due to strong demands for it from inn guests and villagers.
It also served as cooking practice for Kinue recently, so it allowed people to eat delicious meals at moderate prices. Since leftovers could be served the following days due to [Storage], Kinue could prepare things without holding back.
Once the number of people in the room started dying down, Meat ate her lunch as well. Today’s lunch was rice balls filled with mayo hamburg steak. It was something that Meat had asked for Kinue to make for her and had recently become Meat’s favorite.
In particular, it was best when filled with the mayonnaise her Goshujin-sama developed. The meat and mayonnaise together were splendid.
Once she finished licking the remnants of her meal from her fingers, Meat headed to the reception desk.

She had receptionist duties in the afternoon. However, there wasn’t anything in particular that needed to be done for reception work. To list some of the duties: putting money into the bank-like golem, trading meal tickets for money, and handing over room keys to guests.
For Meat, who could only calculate simple things, it was no problem by simply leaving it to the golem, so it was very easy.
Kehma named it the [Register Golem], but Meat only understood that it was something incredible.

To become strong, it was also necessary to rest. Therefore, when there weren’t any guests around, she single-mindedly listened to the golem that had received a recording of her Goshujin-sama’s [Create Golem] incantation.
For Meat, listening to her Goshujin-sama’s voice was comforting. After all, being able to hear him any time she wanted, her Goshujin-sama that developed this golem really was a genius.
In addition, this golem’s appearance was that of a shell that could be found in Pavuera. The kind that someone would say, “You can hear the sound of the sea in it.”

She stored keys she received from departing adventurers in the register golem.
Once she put the keys onto the golem’s key holder, it would sort them back to their original locations all on its own. It looked like it might get stuck sometimes, but something like that hadn’t happened thus far.

“Ojou-chan, we’d like to stay the night.”
“One night, fifty copper coins. It comes with a sandwich in the morning. Other meals come with additional fees.”

A new group of guests arrived. They were a group of three male adventurers.

“Fifty copper!? An meals are excluded!? That’s a ton, lower it.”
“It’s fine ain’t it? Do it.”
“If you aren’t a guest, leave.”
“Haahn!? There’s no other lodging, this is the only one! This Asure-sama is lowering his head!”

He said that, but his head that should have been lowered was simply looking down on Meat. Judging that they weren’t actually guests, Meat decided to remove the fake-guests.
She pressed a button that was on the desk. Immediately after, a clay golem armed with a wooden training sword that wore an arm band from the adventurer guild appeared.

“Aaahn? The heck’s this clay golem doing? Cheeky bastard’s holding a sword!”

Saying that, one of the fake-guests kicked the clay golem.
Apparently, these fake-guests either didn’t have eyes or were slow in the head.
The receptionist woman—perhaps it was better to call her the branch head here—exchanged the arm band for cheap inn fees… it was something formally lent to then by the adventurer guild’s branch head. Therefore, strictly speaking, the clay golems were to be treated as temporary staff members of the adventurer guild. That fact was generally something understood… but these fake-guests actually kicked the clay golem.
In other words, at this point, these fake-guests were fools that defied the adventurer guild—she could treat them as enemies and defeat them.


When Meat suddenly flew out from behind the reception desk, she seized the legs of the fake-guest that kicked down the golem and left the rest to the golem assist, flinging him away.
The fake-guests were each thrown out of the inn, rolling outside.
The three were surprised at the unbelievable strength that came from Meat’s small body.
Meat then calmly walked out of the inn, a golem knife not meant for practice in her hand.

“Shit, Ritage, Dogokib! She can’t take all three of us!”

Likely due to the blood rushing to his head, the three of them already looked like nothing but muggers. The number of adventurers like this weren’t few.
Be that as it may, they had been foolish all the way until now. Right, the delinquents became adventurers for the IDs in order to borrow money. Out of money from paying the registration fees as well as running out of their borrowed money from spending it haphazardly, they came to the beginner dungeon that was making a name for itself as a place that can be used to earn money.
F-Ranks were allowed to enter the dungeon [Cave of Desires], so they doubted whether or not it was a place that could satisfy what they needed though… They knew about the clay golems, so they planned to stay until they hit E-Rank and earned enough money to somehow not be up to their necks in debt.

“… Grey rats are smarter.”
“What’s that!? Get her!”

The grey rats that were in the rat races were self-aware that what they were doing was entertainment, purposely creating lively races. They would even hold meetings about it the day before, they were very clever.
Although it was just something Meat muttered, the fake-guests just heard it as provocation.

She easily cut down the two clubs that were slowly coming at her from behind, rolling and kicking the legs of the two whose stances were destroyed.

“Too, easy.”

Taking the opportunity, she threw the fake-guests again. This time, into the adventurer guild.
Immediately after that, Meat panicked a little: [Did I get someone else involved by throwing them in?] The slave’s education had wound up becoming no-good since her master’s training was inadequate.

For now, she went into the guild.
Inside were four adventurers who were guests at the inn, as well as the receptionist.
Meat bowed her head lightly.

“… Did I get you involved?”
“Ah, no. It’s alright, Black-chan.”
“Nn, good. Then, these ones are the usual fools… more than usual. They refused the arm band, so please take care of the rest.”

Saying that much, Meat turned around and left the guild, heading back to the inn.
It should end with a stern warning. They might be forbidden from entering the dungeon for a while, or maybe have their qualifications revoked.
Meat sat at the reception desk again, listening to her Goshujin-sama’s voice.
… There would occasionally be adventurers with bad heads only seeing Meat as a beastkin child and threaten her. She felt Ichika was better at handling reception, her shifts would end without anything in particular happening.

Thinking back on her reception work for the day while she was in the dining room again for dinner time, she felt she’d rested a lot. She had to remember guests’ faces and their order tickets, so it was good mental exercise.
Around that time, Kehma turned up in the dining room. He held a D-Rank meal ticket in his hand. Meat gave him a super express treatment and went to Kinue to receive the D-Rank meal set, carrying it to Kehma.

“Nn. Meat? Good girl, you’re doing great, amazing~”

Kehma said that while petting Meat’s head. She unintentionally broke into a grin… no, Meat did her best to smile, but her facial expressions didn’t work that well so her ears flapped and her tail wagged instead.
And she realized that his line of sight was accidentally glancing at her legs… she really wanted to immediately take her shoes off for her Goshujin-sama to look right now, but he didn’t order it. So she endured. Her Goshujin-sama didn’t have the hobby of admiring feet and legs in public.

“… Come to my room today.”
“! Yes—!”

Rushing into the kitchen, she told Kinue: [Pillow!]

To that, Kinue replied: [Understood.]

With that her shift for the next morning became: [Night Attendance Shift] Finishing her duties in a good mood, she purified her body in preparation for her task as a hug pillow.
What she had to pay particular attention to was only going as far as cleaning off the dust and grime from her body. Also, she didn’t take off her shoes yet.
Taking off her maid clothes uniform, she gently wiped her body down with the onsen’s hot water, changing into her pajamas… a soft one-piece dress. Meat was the kind of person to sleep in her underwear when she slept alone, but she properly put it on for her hug pillow duties. It might be a remnant from her old life, but Meat found that she couldn’t calm down when she wore too much while going to sleep. However, it was another story altogether when it came to her being a hug pillow for Kehma… That, and according to Ichika, being shameless was no good.
After that, she headed to Kehma’s room… and went to use the restroom on the way. Kehma’s night started early and his morning started late. She obviously didn’t want to wet the bed, so she had to make sure that she wouldn’t be attacked by the urge to urinate midway through the night.

Finishing using the restroom, the super prepared Meat took a deep breath in front of Kehma’s room. Her heart always throbbed at this point.
Knocking, she entered the room. Kehma was already wrapped up in his futon.
Her Goshujin-sama repaired the dungeon and inn, cooked and did magic, researched golems, as well as did his duties as the village chief. His work was different from things like serving tables and waiting at reception that anyone could do, it was work that only her Goshujin-sama could do. He was very busy every day. She could only think of him as amazing and cool.

“Nn, you’re here~?… Nn…”

Meat took off her shoes. Kehma’s private room was a Japanese-styled one with tatami mats. She had to take off her shoes when she entered the room. No, she had to show him her taking them off, the fruit of her day’s efforts.
… Alright! He’s looking at my feet while wrapped up in the futon!
Today, Meat showed off her charms while hoping to have her Goshujin-sama move on her with a [Meat (Ecchi)] meaning. She was having a few wicked thoughts.
From Kehma’s point of view, he only saw her tail wagging back and forth and wondered why she was in such a good mood. He couldn’t even begin to guess what she was thinking about.

As preparation for sleeping, she slowly took off her knee socks. Additionally, she planned on ‘carelessly forgetting’ them when going back to her room. Ichika said it would make Goshujin-sama overjoyed. In that case, she naturally decided to forget them.
… She also wanted to ‘forget’ her scent-infused underwear. She hadn’t had a chance to until now though. It might have been better for her to just not wear them from the start, but her Goshujin-sama told her that she had to make sure to wear them.

“Excuse me.”

Changing the comforter for one they used when sleeping together, she turned off the lights and slipped in.
Then, she was hugged tightly by her Goshujin-sama. Her Goshujin-sama’s heat was comfortable.
… While searching for a comfortable position, she made sure to not forget to rub against his body, as though marking him with her scent. She also had no choice but to roll up her sleep-wear one piece. It wasn’t like she did it on purpose, wanting to feel her Goshujin-sama even a single layer of cloth closer. It was an accident. It couldn’t be helped.
Meat smelled her Goshujin-sama’s scent as she rubbed against him, it was irresistibly good. She had to stay awake as long as she could to enjoy it.

She confirmed that Kehma was asleep by his breathing.
… Her Goshujin-sama didn’t make any moves on her this time either. Even though she seduced him by rubbing her legs on him, he just slept and exposed his sleeping face to her.
Meat moved her body just enough so that the sleeping Kehma wouldn’t wake up, nibbling on him sweetly. This play-biting was a general display of affection for beastkin. The slave collar wouldn’t react either, so there was no problem.
And then, after spending a considerable amount of time doing this play-biting, she felt satisfied and decided to sleep.



Let’s work hard for Goshujin-sama tomorrow too! Then he might make a move on me!
She wished.


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