Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 165

Thanks everyone for the kind words regarding my lapse in releases…!

For those who were wanting to know, the midterm was for Discrete Data Structures. The question(s) in particular were regarding modular arithmetic and proving things that the teacher asked us to. The main stumbling point, at least for what appears to be all but three of the students who took the test, was how the questions were asked. None of us really knew what he wanted… yeah. They weren’t ever particularly mentioned during class time nor in any of the homework. The people that got it correct, after asking them about it, said that they “just guessed correct”.

Upside is that it looks like he’ll be doing a square root curve to the grades, so that’s great. (sqrt(grade%)*100) My 70% -> 83%. Woo.


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3 Responses to Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 165

  1. o/ says:

    I’ve taken Discrete Mathematics.
    And I’ve taken Data Structures.
    >Discrete Data Structures
    But what a weird name for a course.
    Did they fold them together? Why?

    >The main stumbling point, […] was how the questions were asked.
    >None of us really knew what he wanted… yeah.
    You raised your hand and asked for clarification, right?

  2. Nnelg says:

    I’ve had something similar before. In the finals for a high-level EE course, there was a problem which required finding the complex roots of a quadranomial function – something which, in case your algebra is rusty, requires either a lucky guess and/or a long and tedious approximation procedure in order to do without an advanced graphing calculator.

    Needless to say I didn’t have one. Neither did several other students. When confronted about this, the instructor actually had the gall to ask us why we didn’t “bring every tool available” to succeed.

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