LDM – Chapter 165

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Touring the Imperial Capital 6


We’re at a prairie today.
It’s a flat area sizable enough to be used for military maneuvers.
Haku-san’s here today. Misha’s with us as well for some reason.
Misha carried a large parasol so that Haku-san and Rokuko could be in the shade.
Isn’t that Chloe-san’s job?

“Chloe can process documentation, Misha cannot. That is why.”

So that was it?
Haku smiled and laughed while walking hand-in-hand with Rokuko… This is a picnic, isn’t it.

“However, this area is used for maneuvers, so it would be a little troubling for the dungeon to be made here. If it were somewhat closer to the border, however…”
“That place is obviously used as a battlefield though?”
“Oh? Wouldn’t that be great for DP income? Besides, undead would be quite inexpensive, right?”

It’s the always-smiling expression from a while ago. Looks like she’s glad to be able to settle her business and go out together with Rokuko.
By the way, when I checked out the DP catalog in this prairie, buffaloes, boars, and other quadrupedal animals were cheap. Even rabbits, too.

“Well then, shall we have you a simulated fight against Misha today, Kehma-san?”

With a smile, Haku-san clapped her hands together… what’s she saying now?

“Having Misha, an active A-Rank adventurer, to practice with; aren’t you happy enough to weep?”
“Nope, I’m the dungeon master. I have to stay in the back.”
“I’d be troubled if you didn’t at least have enough skill be a B-Rank adventurer.”
“What about Rokuko?”
“Rokuko-chan is okay. Isn’t her cuteness S-Rank? Besides, jeopardizing the dungeon core is ridiculous.”

Her attitude difference between me and Rokuko is too much… maybe I should be used to it already? Even though Rokuko is a B-Rank adventurer too…

“Let’s take a break to watch Misha and Meat have a mock battle?”

Rokuko came up with a compromise.
I took a quick peek at Meat… she was overflowing with enthusiasm.

“Haah, then please practice with Meat. Don’t be too hard on her.”
“Please, Misha-sama.”
“Umu! Leave it to me!”

Misha struck her chest. It shook.

“Well then… Oh budding seeds. Sprout and stretch—[Grow Wood].”

When Haku-san cast a spell, a tree grew up.
Misha put away the parasol into [Storage] and took out a cloth, placing it in the tree’s shade.
… She grew a tree to use instead of a parasol? Really?

“Rokuko-chan, let’s watch from here.”
“Alright, Ane-sama.”

I also went into the tree’s shade. I wasn’t allowed to sit on the cloth, but I didn’t particularly complain about it.

Holding her golem knife, Meat faced off against Misha.
Meanwhile, Misha was barehanded. As we were shown just a few days ago, she was a grappler.
It’s a mock battle, but weapons are serious. After Haku-san proposed that both sides use what they normally would, Misha gave the OK to it as well.

“So—start whenever, okay?”

Misha stood casually, not taking a stance. Just then, Meat suddenly slashed down.
However, the side of the knife was abruptly pushed aside by Misha’s hand, evading it without even a single step.

“Hmph, that’s a good blade. Your skills aren’t too shabby either. You’ll get better. Now, please, come at me. I won’t even move a step, alright?”
“… Hah!”

The sound of metal clashing against metal rang out.
The source was Misha’s foot meeting Meat’s golem knife.
When I took a better look, Misha’s body was covered with an aura that protected her against the knife.

“Fufufu, to aim for my feet right after I said that I wouldn’t take a step… your owner’s teaching is good.”
“You stopped… it?”

Meat backed up, taking a distance from her. A smile spread out across Misha’s face. Looks like she didn’t intend on attacking.

“What was that?”
“[Hard Qigong]. It makes things incredibly tough… Misha, if you take even a single step, you lose, alright?”
“Eeeh!? W-wait a sec please, Haku-sama! Really, that’s—at least let me use kicks!”
“Alright, Meat. Go ahead and use whatever skills you want. I will reward you if you win~”
“Understood! Oh flame, become a ball and hit my enemy—[Fireball].”
“Uwaaah, wa—!? Fireball at my feet!? H-hoooot!!”

After that, Meat mercilessly continued with magic skills and long ranged attacks, each being intercepted through Misha’s [Distant Guard]. She guarded against the relentless strikes at her feet with [Hard Qigong]. She also counterattacked Meat who had drawn closer.
And then—

“Ugu! … Ukyuu…”

Struck a counter, Meat was thrown to the ground from a blow to the gut. She was held against the ground with hands on her back. She wasn’t able to move, let alone get up.
That’s match set, huh.

“Phew, see, Haku-sama? I won!”
“Well done, Misha. You won against a child.”

Standing up, Meat walked over to me.

“My apologies, I lost…”
“What? You did well against Misha, she’s an A-Rank.”

We’re originally D-Ranks, so that result should be reasonable. I stroked Meat’s head.
Meat closed her eyes in comfort and wagged her tail.

“Now, next up is Kehma-san, correct? If you can cause Misha to take even one step, it will be Kehma-san’s win… If you win, I’ll give you information on Core 666.”

Haku-san smiled pleasantly. Did she hear something from Amelia-san?
… Will she seriously not give me the information if I lose? If I lose the Dungeon Battle, she’d be able to legitimately take Rokuko, wouldn’t she?

“… Can’t be helped, is it fine if I get the first shot?”
“Well, that much should be fine. Is it alright, Misha?”
“Honestly, that dog eared one is stronger, so it should be fine. Ah, let me change my stance before we start.”

Saying that, Misha spread her legs apart at shoulder-width, dropping her center of gravity.
Improving her stability huh. Just when I thought that—Bang! Bang!—she stamped against the ground with each foot like a sumo wrestler… She’s serious here, huh?
—Come at me.
Misha looked at me as though to say that.
… I’m going to wipe off that confident look of yours.

“Kehma, decide it in one shot!”
“Goshujin-sama, do your best.”

Getting Rokuko and Meat’s encouragement, I stood before Misha.
I then placed a small magic stone at Misha’s feet and recited a spell incantation.

“Mass of earth, change your form, abide me and become my servant—[Create Golem].”
“Uwah!? A golem, under me!?”

Misha fell over. It’s my win.


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