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60 Talent Researcher  Haba Ryuuichi

「I see……thank you for the report. Yes, I will also inform you when I found something」

I…Kurono Meria hanged up the call in the infirmary after exchanging information with Lieutenant Kirishima.

「As I thought, that man……」

We agreed to share the findings of the traces left at Shidara Ougen’s research facility, and regarding this case, a certain person’s involvement is very likely……no, it’s almost definite.

According to the seized documents, the head of the 「Talent Development Laboratory」, 「Kiryuu Yousuke」 is assumed to be the one who provided Shidara Ougen with the 「know-how of the Imperial Army」 that he acquired 5 years ago. The 「know-how」 is the 「Talent User Production Technology」 and 「Talent Enhancement Technology」 that came along with the country’s secret research project.

During that 5 years, he offered those technologies that only the key men of the army know to Shidara while making progress with his own research, but by the time the army and us (Teihen High School) broke in, all the important parts were taken away completely. The person who knows the importance of the documents very well…「Kiryuu Yousuke」 is the only one who will take those away.

But even if we search the whole world, the number of researchers who have that level of knowledge is extremely limited. Rather than that, when comparing it with the conditions, there’s only one person.

I have no doubt.
He is that 「Haba Ryuuichi」.

During the war, he was the person in charge of the secret research project, and he disappeared 10 years ago. He changed his face and used an alias called 「Kiryuu Yousuke」, and lent a hand to Shidara’s Talent User Production Project.

During these 10 years, the army and government, no, the information agencies around the world, couldn’t find him at all. The man who’s holding the the world’s most important information. His movements are starting to appear vaguely.

He was the world’s foremost gifted Talent researcher.
No, to the extent you can call him「the world’s greatest」. But that’s if you exclude his abnormal personality.
Although it’s not made public, his achievements were that terrific.
You could say that the current forefront Talent research is due to the foundation he built.

Now, there are three concepts that must be included when talking about Talent which are 「Talent Field (Domain)」, 「Talent Information (Talent Image)」, and 「Talent Zone (Record Range)」. These three concepts were originated from the research called 「Talent User Production Project」 which was performed due to the orders of the Imperial Army Weapon Development Department during the war. It started from the first project of the Talent User Production Project………aka 「Project Number One」 until 「Project Number Six」 which was discontinued due to the end of war. And the head of the nightmarish research……was him.

At present, as a general rule, the outline of the studies (files) which are not permitted to be read other than the country leaders, is like this.


【Talent User Production Project Outline】 Secret Data

Project Number One BMH 7 ~
Remarks: Experiment on animals
【Individual Identification Code】P1-N0001 ~ N0963

Project Number Two BMH 6 ~
Remarks: Human experiments using prisoners condemned to death
【Individual Identification Code】P2-N0001 ~ N0338

Project Number Three BMH 3 ~
Remarks: Confirming safety. Experiments on orphan, volunteer, and prisoner condemned to death
【Individual Identification Code】 P3-N0001 ~ N0311 【Extra Individual】P3-EP01~4

Project Number Four BMH 1 ~
Remarks: Establish safety   Specification Upgrade Test   Inconsistent Ability Result E~S
【Individual Identification Code】P4-N0001 ~ N0012 【Extra Individual】P4-EP01~02

Project Number Five BMH 1 ~
Remarks: Stability Improvement Result C~A
【Individual Identification Code】P5-N0001 ~ N0026 【Extra Individual】P5-EP01~03

Project Number Six BMH 0
Remarks: Concept Reform   Introduce New Theory『Technique to overwrite a section and the concept of growth』
【Individual Identification Code】P6-N0001 ~ N0005 【Extra Individual】P6-EP01

Project End MH 1

※【Individual Identification Code】Nxxxx indicates the serial number of the subjects in order.
※【Extra Individual】has no documents, only surgery
(※BMH : Before Mikado History MH : Mikado History)

(TN: BMH, if directly translated is Before Imperial Era. But in this case, the M is mostly likely Mikado. As for the H, I just use something closest to it)

According to this document, in these 7 years of research, he has gathered data of 963 animals and 692 humans. With that research that includes inhuman experiments on humans, he raised many results.


First, the clarification of 「Domain」.
The place where the ability of the Talent resides in the human brain. He determined that it’s at the center of the part called pineal gland near the center of the brain.

And 「Record Range」.
It indicates the 「size of the information area」 of the place which receives the information of the ability of the Talent in the brain. There’s individual differences, and it was proven through the experiment data that a Talent User’s brain is 100 times greater than an ordinary person.

The next is the discovery of 「Talent Image」.
He proved theoretically that Talent can be 「read」「written」 by understanding this clearly. It’s verified that Talent, 【Communicator】 has such function. These were the discovery that became the foundation of the「Talent Production Project」.

In addition, the discovery of 「Extrafication」 by writing a 「Talent Image」 surpassing the 「Record Range」. It’s uncertain to call this as an achievement, but……he was the one who confirmed it.

Moreover, the definition of the term 「Talent Strength (Intensity)」. The concept indicating the strength of Talent manifestation. He build a hypothesis that the more the 「Record Range」 being used, the stronger the Talent is. This is also verified through experiments.

And he also defined the concept called 「Talent Plasticity (Plasticity)」 which indicates the easiness of overwriting the Record Range. It gets harder as a person ages. And it was proven that young or infants accepted it easier through experiments.

In addition, the current 「Talent Classification」 was also taken from his research.
Along with the nomenclature rule, he classified the Talent into 5 types.


【First type】General

Talent Classification: People who apply a specific concept on everything

【Second type】Sense

Talent Classification: People who change a specific target’s sense

【Third type】Manipulator

Talent Classification: People who control a specific target

【Fourth type First class】Starter

Talent Classification: People who cause a phenomenon based on a specific concept

【Fourth type Second class】Creator

Talent Classification: People who cause a complex phenomenon based on a specific concept

【Fifth type】Interferer

Talent Classification: People who interfere with specific law and concept



These much of information are revealed to the 「surface」.
But he created a category called 【Special type】 that doesn’t apply to all those.



【Special type】Principle

Talent Classification: People who manipulate law of principle


The classification of this 「【Special type】Principle」 has not been made public yet. The name, identity and even the information of the people concerned are treated as state secrets. This feature is written as 「Capable of manipulating basic phenomenon such as time 『to the utmost』」, but the written studies of the definition by Haba were no founded anywhere. The reason why he classified this as special is nowhere to be found for some reason. Judging from his abnormal personality, I feel that there’s something weird here……although it is a trivial thing, but……

Anyway, there are many more of his achievements. There’s no end if I continue.
In a manner of speaking, he is a person who onslaught the Talent research all by himself.

He’s gifted with both abnormality and genius.
Even though he’s a criminal, he’s a mad researcher who feels joy by his own research that opened up many people’s brains.
His remarkable achievement was during he was with the army……and at that time, the mad result overturned the whole world.
He made those madness as his encouragement, and became a real monster.
That’s the man called 「Haba Ryuuichi」.

「He was this near to us. This is a really bad situation……」

And he has to do with this case. There’s a possibility he already know about 「their」 existences in Teihen High School.
A heap of investigation documents on the Teihen High School were found in Shidara’s research facility. The important parts were the false information that we circulated, so for now, it’s a relief, but from the documents they obtained, only the students’ personal information were omitted. Haba might have taken this away.

And also, he has taken every 「important parts」 that were carried out in Shidara’s research facility. That indicates that he’s still continuing that research.

And his whereabouts are unknown. Even if he wants to defend himself, there’s no concrete measure he can take.

「……And, only during time like this, Otou-san goes on a business trip……」

Otou-san is now heading to Hokkaido due to the request of the Mikado.
In order to beat up the clans of the Third Faction which are starting to join forces with foreign countries and target Serizawa-kun.
If his work finished without any problems, then he should be back by the night the day after tomorrow.
Until then……

「I hope nothing happens……」

Otou-san is absent for just a few days.
It’s not something unusual.
Up until now, it happened before, and nothing big happened at that time.

But, this time, I can’t help but to feel uneasy for some reason………

And I look up at the cloudy sky while praying.

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