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59 Idle Talk in the back hill

A certain green and deep hill behind Teihen High School.
A person arrived at the shrine on the hill.

Recently, for that man, this shrine is his house, and talking with the fox that can speak is his way of killing time.

But the fox looks a little odd to be called as a fox………rather than a fox, it’s more like a human.
Its stature is like a little girl with golden hair and fox ears. Wearing a short skirt kimono and the wooden clogs similar to the one worn by the Tengu.
Several tails grow from its hips, and those tails shake as if they are a different creature.

「Yo, Fox」

「I’m not Fox. It’s Shiro-jya」

「Shiro? That name sounds like a dog…」

「Right, name-jya. Atsushi gave it to me-nojya」

「Atsushi? That guy, huh……you met him too?」

「Right. And also, don’t call me “you”, Beard. It’s Shiro-jya」

「Then don’t call me “Beard”」

「What? You also have a name?」

「It’s Gouki」

「Gouki……………Gouki………Gouki…………? Gouki!」

The fox named Shiro, repeats the name it heard several times, and raises its ears up.

「Not good, too hard to say. You’re Beard-jya」

「Really, you………」

Then, a female student walked towards them after putting her bag down.

「So you’re here, Todoroki-senpai」

「Ah, Mizusawa, huh」

「I came to deliver this week’s teaching materials. I have placed it in the study hut. Please study for the test, okay?」

「Say, Mizusawa, I have an errand for you. Not long ago, people from the student council came, right?」

「Yes, Kirishima-san and a boy……Serizawa-kun. I heard that he touched you and then, he fell」

「Ah……he was very odd. The next morning after getting shocked by me, he came back to massage my shoulders」

「Todoroki-senpai’s shoulders? He touched you?」

「Ah, it’s the first time……to have someone other than you to touch me」

「I don’t touch you because I want to, you know? I sterilize my hands after touching you, okay?」

「Is that so…………then, please massage my shoulders」

「Did you hear me? Please don’t make such joke, Senpai. I’ll sue you for sexual harassment, you know?」

「So about the errand……」

「Please wait a minute………who is that girl?」

「Ah, it’s the fox around here. It’s now in its human form」

「I’m not Fox! It’s Shiro-jya」

「Senpai, are you alright? And also, lolicon is a crime, you know? Do you want me to report you?」

「No, it’s the truth, though…」

「Woman. Do you have a name?」

「Yes, I’m Mizusawa Misuzu. Nice to meet you. And did this man do anything strange to you? Are you okay? If you think that it’s dangerous, then please shout loudly and run, okay?」

「What do you exactly think of me…?」

「Mizu……sawa……Misuzu……? Mizusawa……Misuzu……? …………Mizusawa Misuzu!」

Once again, the fox named Shiro, raised her ears up.

「No good, too long. I’ll give you a better name. From now on, your name is Suzu-jya」

「Fufu, okay. I don’t mind if you call me Suzu」

「So, about the errand」

「Come to think of it, Suzu, do you know Atsushi-nojya?」

「Yes, though I only met him twice」

「When will Atsushi come again-nojya?」

「Again? He might not come anymore. He’s not affiliated to the student council after all」

「Atsushi won’t come here anymore?」

「No, he will come again to massage my shoulders……」

「Senpai. Please don’t enter the conversation from the side. That’s power harassment, you know?」


「What, he won’t come anymore, huh………」

The fox named Shiro, lowers its ears dejectedly.

「No, you might see him again, you know? He goes to the school at the foot of the hill, so it’s quite close」

「School? What’s that?」

「Eh? You don’t know what school is? Don’t tell me……」

「Ah, it will take a long time to explain about her……」

「Senpai. I can’t believe that you chose the wrong path……!」

「I don’t know what you’re imagining, but you’re probably wrong」

「Then, can I see Atsushi if I go to this place called school-nojya?」

「Yes. I think so, but only students can enter the school」

「Students? What’s that?」

「Hmm……people wearing the same clothes like me, I guess」

「What, then it’s simple-jya」

「By the way……you need to go home soon. Where is your house?」

「Here is Shiro’s house-jya」

「……How poor. Senpai. I’ll report the police for now, so please explain in details at the police station. Because I don’t want to hear it」


「Well then, it’s time for me to go. I have something to do-nojya」

Saying that, the fox named Shiro, turned into a fox and ran.

「Eh? That girl is really……?」

「So, about the errand……」

「Well then, I’ll take my leave now because you don’t have any errands」

「Wait. Please, at least, hear me out」

「Okay, I’ll give you 3 seconds」

「I want to bank in the reward for Atsushi-kun’s massage. For now, I’m thinking of about 1 hundred million」

「Senpai. Are you alright? I know that there’s no hospital that you can go, but it still makes me worry」

「No, I just want you to bank it in…」

「The sum is the problem. Don’t you understand?」

「Not enough? Then, 1 billion?」

「Senpai. You’re……really a genius. To come out with such idea that a normal person can’t」

「I don’t understand, but are you making fun of me?」

「Good thing that you understood. I suggest that you study more on common sense」

「Then………Is 10 million the market price?」

「Senpai. You’re really a lucky fellow. You did well to survive without getting tricked」

「Is it still too much? Then, 1 million」

「Senpai, well done. When compared to the first one, it got closer to the common sense」



Just like that, the massage fee was safely transferred to Serizawa Atsushi’s bank account.

Character File 048

NAME: Mizusawa Misuzu

CLASS: 【One who manipulates water (Water Maker)】S-LEVEL 2

President of the student council of Teihen High School. A third year student. Capable of moving the flow of water slightly, and creating a water ball as big as a volleyball in the air. Although she can’t manipulate many water at once, she can manipulate water from a distance. Also capable of manipulating the water composition. Because 「she can move anything that comprised of water」 from a distance, she can actually manipulate the blood in the human body which makes her capable of bringing death easily. She knows that it is possible in theory, but she has not tried it.
And because 「pure water」 does not conduct electricity, she has a great resistance towards electricity.
Hence, it is her duty to deliver the 「teaching materials of the correspondence education (Made by Teihen High School’s Teachers)」 every week to Todorki-senpai who can’t go to school.

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