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58 Akai Tsubasa and Kagura Mai

That was when I was 6 years old.

When my Talent manifested, I tested it out in my house.
Just like that, at that day, the house where I once lived, was burned down.
At that time, my grandfather and grandmother who were sleeping, were burnt to death.

The Talent that manifested was 『【Fire Starter】S-LEVEL 2』.

An ability capable of creating fire that can burn a human to death……easily.
When my parents knew that, they became afraid of me, and they immediately abandoned me.
Even my relatives rejected me……I was sent to be a foster child.

However, I have such ability.
No one wants to adopt me. Everyone feared, and shunned me……Forsaking me.
Just like that, when I was going to be adopted by the military at the end……

「Do you want to come with me?」

A person called me out.
It was the father of my classmate in the elementary school.
The first year of the same class…Kagura Mai. Her father.
He was a chief Shinto priest of the famous local shrine.

Certainly, I have been with Mai ever since preschool, and we played together a few times.
I have also met her father before.

But the 6-year-old me didn’t think that our relation was that good to the extent that he would adopt me.
When I was having a doubt, Mai’s father spoke.

「Can you…use that power to protect my daughter?」

He said that, and pulled my hand. That was the reason why he wanted me.

When I asked him, he said that Kagura Mai awaken to Talent at the same time as me.
The appraisal result was 『【Healer】S-LEVEL 4 S』.

Including the adults, there are less than 10 people. A 「Rare Case」.
In addition, it can recover lost parts. For people who want it, they will reach for it no matter what it takes. But if it’s that much of usefulness, then the number of people who want it is the same as it. Naturally, the information is concealed……so there was a need to hire many bodyguards in order to protect her secretly.

And so, I was selected as the 「bodyguard disguised as a classmate」.

I accepted it. At any rate, I have nowhere to go.
If there’s a way to use this loathed power, then I wanted someone to teach me that.

Just like that, he gave me a detached house at the Kagura house, and I grew with Kagura……
And I learned how to use my power gradually.

But a certain incident happened during the fifth year of elementary school.

The puppy that Kagura picked up, Tarou was killed by someone on the road.
It’s said to be done by a vagrant who lost his place in the war, but it’s not definite.
Anyway, at that time, Tarou’s limbs were cut off…and its intestines were scattered all around.

While crying, she gathered all of those, and used her Talent.
But even if her Talent is powerful, that was already a corpse.
There’s nothing she can do with it.
There’s no way the dead can revive. That’s the logic of the reality.

When I thought that Tarou’s pieces of meat shined faintly, they started to wriggle like it’s alive………and gradually, they moved to the place where they should be………and at the end, they returned into the shape of a puppy.
Not only that but……the puppy came back to life and started to walk.
An impossible miracle occurred in front of us.

But it was after that.
That her Talent weaken suddenly.
Until then, her Talent can heal any kind of serious wound, but it vanished completely. And became only capable of healing blows and scratches.

After that, she took many tests and examinations………and her Talent evaluation decreased to 『【Healer】S-LEVEL 1』. Even though there were requests from the private hospitals, it’s useless when it comes to healing Talent Users who lost their limbs or body in the battlefield.

Just like that, I was relieved from the duty suddenly at my fifth year of elementary school.

My role ended there.
No one wants me anymore.
That’s why, I couldn’t stay here anymore. I thought that.

But it was decided that I continue to stay in the Kagura house as a freeloader.
Because Kagura’s father told me this.

「If you want to stay, then feel free to stay. If possible, I want you to stay as a friend with Mai just like this……Can I entrust it to you?」

At that time, I was very thankful.
Although I didn’t say it even once before, I felt like I’m in debt to Kagura and her father for my whole life.
I don’t know how to express the feelings in words.
At the end, I still don’t know.

During middle school.
Another big incident occurred.

The strong-willed Kagura raised a dispute with a nasty delinquent group……and she was confined.
I realized that Kagura didn’t come back even though it’s already evening, and I went to look for her.
I intruded my classmates’ home and followed the eyewitness information that I obtained forcibly. I understood that they confined Kagura in a room at the school.

I ran to the school desperately.
I smashed down the school gate and intruded the school. Because I didn’t know where Kagura was confined, I pierced every wall in the school with flames, and searched all of the rooms.
Just like that, I found Kagura easily, and I beat up the delinquents…

But it seemed that I opened to many holes.
And it looked like the power I use to pierced the wall, was slightly too much.

As a result…

The school building that became worn-out with many holes, collapsed and blazed up greatly.
The scene was reported in the news nationwide.




At the end, after going through all those troubles, my evaluation was revised into 『【Fire Starter】S-LEVEL 3』
There seemed to be less than 200 people in the country.
I don’t wished for such evaluation, but by obtaining that evaluation, I have gotten many recommendation from the private Talent schools.
There was even an offer from the military. But I don’t care of such things.

Because Kagura’s Talent evaluation was low, the distance from her house, and the principal was an acquaintance to her father, Kagura enrolled in Teihen High School.
That’s why, I also decided to go there.

Because she’s not combat specialized, I need to protect her.
There’s also the favor to her father who raised me up.
Because I thought of those.
If I’m with her, I can protect her from some disputes.
I also thought that.

And that’s……

「……like that」

I’m weak. I’m too weak.
Even during the fight against that arm-growing Talent User. Even during the confrontation with the white robed man. Even during the match against Takasei Academy’s Kurasaki.
We managed to win against that arm-growing guy because of Serizawa, and I couldn’t even do a thing against that white robed man.
In addition, even in the fight against a student of the same year, I was completely defeated in the end after being careless.

I’m really weak.
I know that very well.
It’s out of the question.

「Tch……I’m like a small fry」

If like this, I probably……can’t even protect Kagura.
While cursing myself………
I walk on the road at night with a dog.


Tarou pulled the leash as if telling me to go faster as my pace decreased.

「It’s……good to be like you. So carefree」

Just like that, I quicken my pace…

As if competing with Tarou, I ran towards the detached house of Kagura house where I’m freeloading.

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