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50 DATA【Character File 001 – 045】

The key people’s 「Character File」 who appeared in the first arc.
(There are some part that are updated due to the story progress)

Character File 001

NAME: Serizawa Atsushi
CLASS: 【Thermo Operator】S-LEVEL 1 > 3 Level Up

Capable of changing the temperature of the things he touches. For example…
「Heating up a cold bath to lukewarm」「Heating up a cold oden」「Changing the temperature to a comfortable one in a humid room」「The ice cream on his hand will never melt even during the summer」, etc.
It is classified as the lowest level, Level 1 as it has no usefulness (Microwave oven, air conditioners and even refrigerator can do the same). The range of effect is only to an extent of touching.
After the battle with Hikawa, the evaluation became level upped to Level 3.

Heat Up
Cool Down


Character File 002

NAME: Kirisaki Noboru
CLASS: 【Divider】S-LEVEL 2

A second year student of the Teihen High School. A member of the public morals committee. A clumsy man who has feelings for his ex-classmate, Yomohira-san. The Mohawk hairstyle is the result of an image change during the spring break.



Character File 003

NAME: Ueki Hitoshi
CLASS: 【Plant Grower】S-LEVEL 1 > 2 Level Up (With condition)

An ability that can sprout radishes and beansprouts in an instant. Although he possess the most prominent sprouting and growing speed among the plant manipulators, for some reasons, he can only manipulate radishes and beansprouts.
After meeting Serizawa Atsushi, he awakens to selective breeding of beansprouts.

Grow Up
Radish Wall
Beansprout Hammer
Beansprout Gatling


Character File 004

NAME: Yomohira Miria
CLASS: 【Doll Manipulator】S-LEVEL 1 > 2 Level Up

A gloomy-looking girl with black long hair, but a girl who can say her thanks properly. She usually plays with the dolls that she made on the table. Due to her long hair, it is hard to know her expression. On top of that, because she practically does not talk, it is hard to know what is she thinking. Therefore, she seemed to not have many friends.
Although being the same class with the protagonist, she is 14-year-old. She skipped two grades due to her intellect. However, due to she was busy playing with her dolls last year, she had to repeat the same class.

Manipulate (Doll)
Create Doll
Manipulate (Human)


Character File 005

NAME: Midou Suguru
CLASS: 【Sight Avoider】S-LEVEL 1 > 2 Level Up

A young man who went to same class and middle school as the protagonist. Self-proclaims that the protagonist is his close friend. He has good looks that he can be called as a handsome guy. In addition, he is smart and excels in sports. A excellent young man who is the embodiment of both literary and military arts. However, he is a genuine pervert. In addition to his countless tales, from his bold nature which makes him not to care of people’s view on him, he is called as 「Pervert Gentleman」「Enemy of Women」「Crotch Fairy」. In an intelligence test, he struck it with a wonderful IQ, but he only make use of the ability for perversion.

During his middle school, he was ranked number one in the 「People who you want to be captured by the police」ranking. Awoken to his Talent in the winter of his third year of middle school just like the protagonist, and he was arranged to enroll in Teihen High School.

Vanishing – an ability which alters his existence into invisible. Once a person saw him for a moment, he becomes visible, but he can move as much as he wants until he is seen by the person.
Hiding – an ability to disappear from a person’s sight. The person got caught by it, will see that he disappeared to somewhere, but actually, he is just right there. It just changes the target’s perception.
Gentle Manners
Armor Break
Elemental – grants M attribute to himself.


Character File 006

NAME: Tsurumi Chihaya
CLASS: 【General Thrower】S-LEVEL 3

A teacher in charge of teaching Japanese and Music. The class teacher of the protagonist’s class. 29 years old, single.
Possessed the ability to throw things touched by her hands at an ultra high speed. She can throw many things no matter big or small. From a small rock to a large truck. Apparently, things that are attached to the ground like buildings are impossible.
When she throws a chalk, the wall will have a hole.


Character File 007

NAME: Shinozaki Yuria
CLASS: 【Communicator】S-LEVEL 1

The so-called Telepathist. However, her power is instable as she cannot read the target’s mid precisely. On the contrary, she may 「tell」 what she was not thinking of telling accidentally. Hence, her evaluation is Level 1. Shy, timid and easily nervous. By the way, although she has a small and slender build, her breasts are very big. Her character changes during telepathy. There is a suspicion whether she has split personality or she being possessed by a spirit.


Character File 008

NAME: Kurono Meria (Meria Wenzel)
CLASS: 【Morbus Creator】S-LEVEL 3

The blond infirmary doctor with blue eyes. In charge of teaching physical education. 24 years old. Serve as the appraiser in the Talent Research Center.
During the Great Talent War, she lost her parents when she was young. So-called war orphan. Picked up by a war house, and experience the war as a soldier. She was picked up by Kurono when she was on the verge of dying in the battlefield. Currently, Kurono’s adopted daughter.
Her Talent 『【Morbus Creator】』 can create and emit every diseases. She can even disseminate it in the air or generate it in a part of human body freely. From such image of 『disease』, many people kept a distance from her.



Character File 009

NAME: Kurono Kagenobu
CLASS: 【Chrono Operator】S-LEVEL 5

Present principal of Teihen High School. 43 years old, single. The key figure of the end of war. A person who knows about the「truth of the end of war」. Currently, his power is restricted drastically by some kind of reason. If you express him in status, it is 「Might 999 Domestic Affair 0 Diplomacy 1」. A person who swings in extreme might.
His Talent 『【Chrono Operator】』 can accelerate and decelerate time. As for the range, he can manipulate it freely. For example, he can make himself 「fast」, make the surroundings 「slow」, and even artificially「stop time」. His usual tactics is 「Stop time and punch the enemy until the enemy surrender (or faint)」. A very plain way of fighting, but by using the time difference due to the acceleration and deceleration, he can tear everything easily. A cheating-class of the「Strongest Sword」.

Chronos Tear


Character File 010

NAME: Kirishima Kaname
CLASS: 【Divider】S-LEVEL 1
> Level Up
【Edge Manipulator】S-LEVEL 3

The daughter of the head of Kirishima Group which reigns the empire. The youngest among the 3 Kirishima sisters. Due to her father, the Empire Army Commander’s training policy called 「Human grows in adversity」, she enrolled into Teihen High School. Her ability is 『【Divider】』, but actually, it was inherited in an 「artificial way」by using absolute secrecy high-technology. However, it is the weakest Level 1. Her elder sisters who inherited the same way, manifested Level 3 at initial state. Kaname is considered as a 「failure」 by people.
However, that evaluation is an evaluation of 「only one blade」. Kaname who can now produce many blades, is incomparable. When she realized the fact, she starts to move on the path of a matchless blade user.

As the result of the Talent School War, her evaluation leveled up to Level 3, and unusually, her Talent evaluation was changed to 【Edge Manipulator】.

Thousand Edge
Billion Edge


Character File 011

NAME: Kazuhara Yumeka
CLASS: 【Prophet】S-LEVEL 0

A thoughtless airhead girl. Her Talent can predict the future, but in reality, there is very little example of it being successful. However, with the 「very clear」 prediction in the past, she was put into the surveillance by the country as an「Unignorable Potential」 because she may obtain the ability to predict future precisely.



Character File 012

NAME: Kagura Mai
CLASS: 【Healer】S-LEVEL 1 (Originally, S-LEVEL 4)

The daughter of a certain shrine’s chief priest. Akai Tsubasa’s childhood friend. Originally, her Talent was Level 4, but in the past, due to reviving her pet dog 「Tarou」 which died in an accident, her Talent deteriorated considerably. From the ability’s peculiarity and importance, she was appointed as a「Special Protection Target」 similar to Serizawa Atsushi, and enrolled into Teihen High School. Now, her Talent can only speed up the healing of blows and scratches. But still, there are many people who wants her power.
Although she has a weak power now, she is regaining her power gradually.

Resurrection (Level 4)


Character File 013

NAME: Akai Tsubasa
CLASS: 【Fire Starter】S-LEVEL 3

He caused a certain large incident during his middle school, and it was covered in the news. He is a strong Talent User as he acquired many invitation of elite private schools, but he refused them all with just saying 「I’m not interested」. At the end, due to a certain reason, he enrolled into Teihen High School. The ability to manipulate fire is strong to the extent that he can destroy a whole concrete building easily by fire.
Currently, due to some circumstances, he left his house, and lives by himself in a vacant house provided by the Kagura family. Akai’s daily routine is to walk Kagura’s pet dog, Tarou.

Flame Wall
Hell Flame


Character File 014

NAME: Tarou (Akita breed)
CLASS: 【Wind Maker】S-LEVEL 2

The pet dog of Kagura family. Akita breed, 5 years old. In a certain accident, it was in critical state (In fact, it died), but Kagura manage to revived it with her ability. On this occasion, it manifested a Talent. It was not known for a while, but the dog itself, was enjoying itself as it can follow the smell by gathering the wind which cannot be done normally.

Wind Fang
Wind Claw


Character File 015

NAME: Unknown (Military Jacket Man)
CLASS: 【Arm Creator】S-LEVEL 3

The man from the Dark Side that does illegal activities. Possess the Talent capable of growing 「arms」 throughout his body. The power of an arm is equally the same as the user’s arm strength. As long as there is a space on his body, he can grow as many as he likes. With the power, he unleashes attacks of a high speed combat and superhuman strength. He is very cruel and selfish. Only sees his subordinates as a tool. What he likes is money.


Character File 016

NAME: Unknown (White Robed Man)
CLASS: 【Space Shifter】S-LEVEL 4

The person who placed the order to kidnap Kagura. The leader of a human trafficking syndicate which performs backroom deal with rich people and enterprises in the dark world.
The leader of a human trafficking syndicate which performs backroom deal with rich people and enterprises in the dark world. He is currently being a well-behaved prisoner after having his memories tampered.


Character File 017

NAME: Morimoto Morio
CLASS: 【Muscle Builder】S-LEVEL 3

Teihen High School’s PE teacher. 30 years old, married. Very muscular. His Talent is just like the name, 『【Muscle Builder】』. It can enhance every muscles instantly. Even an anti-materiel rifle cannot penetrate the muscles enhanced by the Talent. Because the enhanced muscles depends on the normal muscles, he must devote himself completely to muscle training. His motto is 「If you have muscles, you can do anything」. He has some dangerous techniques such as blowing off a house with bare-handed punch and destroying rocks with the shock wave of a poke.

Build Up


Character File 018

NAME: Motomiya Satoru
CLASS: 【Memory Editor】S-LEVEL 2

Teacher of world history, geography, and imperial history. 32 years old, single. He tries to pluck money from students whenever possible. Relatively excellent. He was once a teacher in a private high school with a good pay, but he was viewed as a problem due to his greedy personality and was fired. Then later on, he was picked up by the current principal.
There is a rumor in Teihen High School that 「If you make Motomiya-sensei angry, he will erase your memories, but if you pay him money, he will return it to you properly」. His favorite word is short time. An efficient worker.



Character File 019

NAME: Kokonoe Delta
CLASS: 【Dimension Converter】S-LEVEL 2

A female teacher who teaches mathematics, physics, and chemistry. 27 years old, unmarried. Short hair with a silver-rimmed circular glasses, and somehow always wearing thick clothes. She always carries a compass and ruler. Although she is a genius, she is an oddball which only can display her intellect on the things she has interest in. She must process everything into numerical formulas.
Her Talent is 「connecting points and lines」. She can create a 「barrier」 by connecting points with lines. In the same way, she can also draw a solid body by using it. She likes knitting and shutting herself inside her own barrier.



Character File 020

NAME: Yumino Miharu
CLASS: 【Seeker】S-LEVEL 1 > 2 Level Up

Archery girl. Her Talent makes her capable of 「seeing」 things that cannot be seen through human eyes, such as lights, sound, wind, temperature.
It is not suitable for combat, but the Yumino family is a family excelled in martial arts. The family obtained archery, swordsmanship, old martial arts and many more. They show their matchless power in inter-personal battles. The reason why her Talent evaluation was low, is because her martial arts master, her grandfather adviced her to 「show it like that purposely」 in order to disguise it cleverly. Capable of handling small arms, especially sniper rifle.
By the way, Midou Suguru is her natural enemy.


Character File 021

NAME: Tsuchitori Mayumi
CLASS: 【Clay Manipulator】S-LEVEL 2

A student of the class, 1-B. Although she is magnanimous to everything, she can see through things calmly. Hence, it made her a matchless decision maker in combat. Contribute as a balance-type fighter that can handle any kind of situation.
Her Talent is capable of manipulating the clay from the ground, molding clay into any kind of forms, and even applying it while using it. The nature combined with her personality, and grows into a pure all-rounder.
Her family runs a ceramic art shop, but due to being poor, she goes to Teihen High School for free. She somehow gets along with Yomohira Miria. Their Talents’ compatibility is also excellent.

Attach Clay
Clay Fist
Clay Bullet
Clay Needle
Clay Wall


Character File 022

NAME: Otoi Tsutomu
CLASS: 【Sound Maker】S-LEVEL 2

A student of Takasei Academy. Tactical Wars Block A’s ace and also leader. Due to his high pride, he looks down at people frequently. When he looked at a weak person, he will attack the person assertively. A person with a very troublesome personality. However, his Talent is a complete opposite of his personality. Hence, no one actually opposes him. The son of a well-known aviation engineer.

His Talent generates sound, and it can control the place where sound is generated freely to some extent if the place is near to him.

Sound Pressure


Character File 023

NAME: Kagawa Rika
CLASS: 【Perfume Maker】S-LEVEL 2

A student of the class, 1-B. She has two ways of using her Talent which are「Attaching」 smell 『Perfume』 and 「Releasing」 smell 『Fragrance』. She herself is very powerless as her reflexes are not very good. Although she is not suitable for direct combat, her true value is displayed in team battles as a powerful buffer and debuffer. Her hobby is to mix a perfume of her own taste. Due to that research, she worked out many ways to use her Talent.




Character File 024

NAME: Hiuchi Yumiko
CLASS: 【General Burster】S-LEVEL 2

A first year student in Takasei Academy. A Talent User who can rupture things just by concentrating on it. However, she can only rupture inorganic substances, so she can’t rupture living things…That is what she herself thinks, but that is the limiter she placed on herself unconsciously because it can be done easily in reality.
Although she always tries to show a strong self to everyone, she is actually quite timid. She usually ties her long hair back, making a long ponytail. Because she has a very bad eyesight, she cannot part with her glasses. By the way, the glasses is her favorite item as it is a high-class item.



Character File 025

NAME: Hiraga Genichirou
CLASS: 【Thunder Starter】S-LEVEL 2

A student in Takasei Academy. Possess the Talent capable of 「raising lightning」 from any part of his body. Due to the problem of power control and clothes, he usually fires it from his hands. A person who has great confidence in himself and takes things roughly, but when the time comes, his judgement is excellent. His hair is dyed to blond by himself.
He insist calling the drastic move by charging himself into the storm created by Kazato Rie and releasing the highest power 『lightning』, as 「cooperation move」


<Cooperative Move>
Thunderstorm (Kazato Rie)


Character File 026

NAME: Kazato Rie
CLASS: 【Wind Maker】S-LEVEL 2

A first year female student in Takasei Academy. Usually pays attention to fashion, and also arrange her hairstyle every morning. She has a strange obsession of 「bare feet and miniskirt」 no matter how cold is it during winter. Although her grades are quite high in Takasei Academy, she wants to be a designer.
Her Talent has the ability to manipulate wind, and she specializes in AOE attacks. The larger the range, the lower the power. She actually has the same Talent as someone’s pet dog, Tarou, but because the user is different, the way of using it is also different.


<Cooperation Move>
Thunderstorm (Hiraga Genichirou)


Character File 027

NAME: Yamaoka Jouji
CLASS: 【Dish Maker】S-LEVEL 1

Possessing a very rare Talent that 「can cook anything to become delicious」. His dream is to open a first-class restaurant. His grandfather is an Italian. Therefore, he has a little of Latin blood running in his veins. He enrolled into Teihen High School due to possessing a Talent, but he continued to oppose it as he wanted to go to a culinary school. Because he is considered as an uncooperative person and his Talent being useless to the military, he enrolled into the worst school.
He always devote himself to researching ingredients with Umihara Yuu and Kawara Chiki. His ability’s essence is 「cook 『anything』 to become delicious」. Therefore, if he feel like it, he can even cook a bullet or a bomb into something delicious, but it is a different thing when you consider it can be eat or not. His motto is 「Use the optimal amount of ingredients, and provide the best satisfaction」.
Every ingredients are equal. With that in mind and the power to cook anything, he cooked a lot of strange things. Hence, people often 「won’t eat it even though it is delicious」. His relationship with Umihara Yuu who will eat his food while finding the fault, very close even though they quarrel a lot.



Character File 028

NAME: Umihara Yuu
CLASS: 【General Eater】S-LEVEL 1

A self-proclaimed gourmet who boasts of 「a food taste the most delicious when it’s almost rotten」. Capable of seeing 「whether it’s alright to eat or not」 in just an instant. By the way, due to his own philosophy, the taste is not assured.
To be precise, his Talent makes the thing that is recognize as 「food」 by Umihara, digest in his stomach as 「food」. Although poison is judged as poison, if you mix Chiki’s Talent and Yamaoka’s Talent, he will have a almost invincible stomach. By the way, curry is categorized as drinks.
Regarding food, he always talk to Kawara Chiki. Often criticize Yamaoka Jouji’s dishes (From a ordinary person’s tongue, Yamaoka’s dish is artistically delicious, but those two’s tastes are slightly weird). A big eater and a giant, but he can eat up more than the size easily.



Character File 029

NAME: Kawara Chiki
CLASS: 【Poison Eraser】S-LEVEL 1

A war orphan and a street child who was forced to lived on the street. She survived by eating rotten things at the river beach, and was sheltered by the local health personnel. Then, it was confirmed that she has a Talent. She can turn not just food’s poison, but also any kind of poison into harmless. Her date of birth is unknown and her age is also the same, but her age is assumed to be 14 or 15 years old. Because she grew up without any nutrition, her figure is thin.
Her name is from her favorite food since childhood, the convenience store 「Lomison」’s 「Lomichiki」. When they gave her the option to pick her name, it became like this. By the way, the food was not something disposed, but a young man working at the convenience store, gave it to her. This young man was also the one who contacted the health personnel.



Character File 030

NAME: Katada Kentarou
CLASS: 【One who hardens body (Vulcanizer)】S-LEVEL 2

The giant and kind man in the Teihen High School’s class 1-B. If you disregard the class rep, Toma, he is the leader-like person. His Talent is capable of hardening his own body. His hardened skin can even repel bullets, but it is slightly weak against temperature changes like hot and cold.



Character File 031

NAME: Toma Shuuhei
CLASS: 【Suspender】S-LEVEL 1

The class rep of 1-B. Short hair, black-rimmed glasses, and medium build. A male student who has no special features. His sense of justice is strong, but not as much as a strong creed. His Talent has the ability to stop movement. The maximum he can do is stopping the movement of something of the same weight as him. However, only for 1 second. The use is limited, but depending on the plan, it can become useful.



Character File 032

NAME: Tobita Tentarou
CLASS: 【One who hastens movement (Quick Mover)】S-LEVEL 2

A first year student of Takasei Academy. Participated in the team match. Approaches at a high speed and uses judo techniques. Black belt third dan in judo.



Character File 033

NAME: Yaketani Yoshiki
CLASS: 【Fire Starter】S-LEVEL 2

A first year student of Takasei Academy. Participated in the team match. Specialized in fighting using flames. Due to the high rate of manifestation of 「Starter」and「Maker」 types, there are many people who posses it. However, the individuality depends on the user, and just like that, it may be a difference of ability.



Character File 034

NAME: Kurasaki Yuuki
CLASS: 【Shadow Maker】S-LEVEL 3

A first year representative of Takasei Academy. An eerie male student who is always hunchback and has long bangs covering his face. People around him, usually don’t know what he is thinking of. His hobby is insect collecting.
His Talent is manipulating shadow as the darkness. For some unknown reasons, humans can enter the darkness he creates completely. There are too many mysteries. There is an appraiser who explained that he creates 「a space with no lights」rather than darkness and shadow. However, he can create it like a human, and use it to grab things. Hence, in the end, it is still a mystery. The user’s emotion is slightly unstable, but because it is an extraordinary strong Talent, he was ranked 2nd in the representative selection.
Because the 『Talent School War』 is broadcasted nationwide, his battle, visual and his winning shout, gave an impact to the people who watched it. Hence, his footage becomes viral in the internet as 「universally interesting free material」 and starts to be photoshopped and spread widely. His great efforts start from now.



Character File 035

NAME: Kongou Minae
CLASS: 【Mineral Arbeiter】S-LEVEL 3

A first year representative of Takasei Academy. A female student with a blond short hair. She always wears a red earring. Her Talent manipulates minerals, so she can extract and manipulate the mineral particles from the ground, building, mechanical structure, etc. It is a Talent that relies on the environment. Therefore, depending on the situation, it may be strong or weak. Because the ground comprised of silicon when fighting outside (Depends on the place), she usually forms hard crystal (Quartz) and make use of it.
Because she herself is a hard worker, she has the tendency to be jealous of blessed people. Therefore, she has many enemies. She shows a man spirit to her juniors.

Iron Cutter
Quartz Fan
Quartz Bullet
Quartz Wall
Diamond Shield


Character File 036

NAME: Kiryuu Yousuke (Haba Ryuuichi)
CLASS: 【Unknown】

A talented scientist who previously worked as a researcher in the weapon development department of the imperial army. During the war, he became the person in charge of the 「First Talent User Production Project」 aka 「Project Number One」, and after that, he was in charge until 「Project Number Six」, but the project came to an end after the war. After that, he disappeared mysteriously, and became untraceable. After that, he changed his face and name himself with a false name, and became the head of the 「Talent Development Laboratory」 which the patron is Shidara Group’s Shidara Ougen. On that occasion, he sponsored the low level Talent User production and enhancement technology. Takasei Academy’s draft was also provided by Kiryuu (Haba).

Because he was the person who carries the most important secret of the Talent User Production Project, his disappearance was a hard blow to the government and army. However, because they can’t reveal the content of the research to the public, they couldn’t put him on the wanted list. Therefore, they searched for him at the back in a frenzy, but they couldn’t find him. Although he is considered to be possessing some kind of Talent because he knows the know-how of the Talent manifestation, it has not become clear. He is believed to have some kind of connection as he managed to disappear countless times, but that is only a conjecture.

He has an obsession on the 「Project Number Six」 which ended halfway at the final stage. He has a strong delusion that if he accomplished the project, the world should draw near to become the「world of myth」. In addition, because he needs an enormous budget, a large-scale equipment, and a large amount of bodies, he spent a considerable amount of time in preparation. Approaching Shidara Ougen was a part of that plan, but that is only temporary. His end goal is another thing.


Character File 037

NAME: Hikawa Takeru
CLASS: 【Cold Maker】S-LEVEL 4

A first year student of Takasei Academy and their outstanding ace. A small pretty boy with a shota face. He was evaluated as 「Level 4」 and Takasei Academy pins their hopes on his future. And also, he enrolled into the school as a precious talent. However, because he had always been matchless when he used his Talent, he doesn’t have the consciousness of competing. He felt that competing with Talents is pointless. In the bottom of his heart, he continues to seek for a strong enemy where he can unleash his full power. Meeting Serizawa Atsushi in this 『Talent School War』 is the best result for him. ……Leaving aside the teachers’ confusion.
By the way, he is excellent in his studies, so he skipped a grade. He is currently 14 years old.

Ice Lock
Ice Armor
Ice Fly
Absolute Zero


Character File 038

NAME: Kirishima Satsuki
CLASS: 【Divider】S-LEVEL 4

Affiliated to the Japan Imperial Air Force. 22 years old. Her rank is lieutenant. The daughter of Imperial Air Force general (and also 「commander」), Kirishima Itsuki, and the eldest of the 「Kirishima three sisters」. She is very affectionate with the 7 years younger, Kaname, but she doesn’t realize that her own sister felt pressured when being compared with her excellent sister. In the house, she is the Onee-chan who is good at cooking. By the way, she graduated as a top student from Reimei Academy where Setsuna goes.
She undergo a surgery as the subject of the secret research,「Fourth Talent User Production Project」, when she was 11.



Character File 039

NAME: Kirishima Setsuna
CLASS: 【Divider】S-LEVEL 3

A third-year student of the private Reimei Academy. 17 years old. She will be serving the Imperial Army next year. The second daughter of the Kirishima three sisters. The most strong-willed among the three sisters is this second daughter. Because they lost their mother when they were still young, the relation between the sisters are basically good. Hence, she continued to oppose the talk about only her younger sister, Kaname enrolling into Teihen High School. However, at the end, due to Kaname’s strong hope and her father’s opinion, Kaname enrolled into Teihen High School.
Setsuna has always felt that Kaname was feeling a complex to the perfect superwoman sister, Satsuki, and she even lectured her that 「Such thing doesn’t matter. Just be yourself」, but in the end, she doesn’t realized that she herself was being a strong pressure to her.
She undergo a surgery as the subject of the secret research,「Fifth Talent User Production Project」, when she was 7.



Character File 040

NAME: Yukimichi Takahiro
CLASS: 【Cold Maker】S-LEVEL 3
【Wind Maker】S-LEVEL 3

Teihen High School’s 1-B class teacher. In charge of mathematics and Japanese. Always wearing a black-rimmed glasses, and a blue suit. Possess two different Talents. A very rare 「Biholder」. Specialized in wide-ranged delicate temperature change.

Heavy Snow
Cold Sleep


Character File 041

NAME: Inou Naoyoshi
CLASS: 【One who perceives presences (Observer)】S-LEVEL 2

A member of the Diet, the Director of the Military and Science Department, and the Chairman of the Talent School Alliance. 56 years old. According to the request of Shidara Ougen, he plans to demolish Teihen High School. A corrupted politician who has a hand in black business. Due to his thought and beliefs, the national Talent schools are his enemies.


Character File 042

NAME: Shidara Ougen

The president of 「Shidara Group」. 67 years old. Piled up an enormous wealth. A very talented person, and even before the war, he was a considerable influential person. However, the wealth he piled up, was destroyed by Talent Users after the war. He wished for himself to be awaken to Talent, but it didn’t happen. Hence, he has the feelings of disgust and longing to Talent Users.
He tried to manifest his own Talent through the surgery done by Kiryuu (Haba), but because he was too old, the Talent didn’t manifest. According to Kiryuu (Haba), 「He is too stubborn」.


Character File 043

NAME: Mikado Yukihito
CLASS: 【Space Shifter】S-LEVEL 4

Official name, the ruler of 「Country of the Emperor」. Religiously the top, the admiral of the Japan Imperial Army, and Japan’s most powerful person. 41 years old. Acquainted to Kurono.


Character File 044

NAME: Saionji Hidehito
CLASS: 【One who manipulates stones (Stone Manipulator)】S-LEVEL 4

The Mikado’s attendant. 54 years old. Male. Since the rule of the Mikato started, he is the close aide who worked as the right-hand man of the Mikado. Acquainted to Kurono.


Character File 045

NAME: Ukyo Shihono
CLASS: 【One who builds walls (Wall Builder)】S-LEVEL 3

The Mikado’s attendant. 28 years old. Male. Young and flexible. A stubborn person. However, he is very loyal.

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    The so-called “biholder” actually can be applied to S-LEVEL 5 as they can manipulate both extremities of their talent (hot and cold, fast and slow)

  2. Cutie Meow says:


  3. A random passerby says:

    Well power chart sheet can still be considered a chapter lol

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