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49 Emperor《Mikado》

Mikado Yukihito.

That’s the name of the current 『Mikado』.

The system called 「the Emperor System」, used continuously by the country called Japan, was shaken since the outbreak of the 『World Talent War』 20 years ago, and after the war, was rearranged to a more adaptive system to the era.
The position of the Emperor was succeeded in a heredity system for generations, but after becoming the world ruled by Talent Users, coincidentally, in the Imperial Family, he who awakened to Talent, was decided to carry that role.

From the Emperor as the 「symbol of nation」 to the Emperor 『Mikado』 as the 「symbol of ruling the country」. The name of the country was also changed from 「Japan」 to 「Hinomoto no Mikado no Kuni (Country of the Emperor of Japan)」. It’s mostly called as 「Land of Japan」 and 「Country of the Emperor」, but there were countless people still calling it as 「Japan」.
The Mikado is the ruler of the country, religiously the top, and also the admiral of the Japan Imperial Army. Literally, the head of this country. The person with the highest power in the Country of the Emperor of Japan.

The one who rules the people and the Talent Users of this country.
This Mikado exists as the charisma of the current era.

「You may meet the Emperor now」

This place is deep inside the Imperial Palace.
Passing through various securities, and going through a labyrinth-like passage…
After spending a long time in moving, we reached the hiding place of the country’s most powerful person.

We are now at the front room called 『Geken no Ma』.
This room is made specially for the Mikado to meet the people from outside. The room for audience.

There’s a tiered platform about 13 steps high, and there are 2 attendants sitting below the highest step which has an elegant curtain covering the highest step. Beyond the curtain is where the Mikado is.

I kneeled down at the lowest step, and bowed.
Beside me, Otou-san did kneel down, but without bowing his head down.

The attendant who sat on the 7th step, reproves.

「Kurono-sama. Even if it is you, you are in the presence of the Emperor. Please……bow your head」

Then, the person at the highest step…the Mikado called out.

「…Yes. What is it?」

Upon hearing the Mikado’s word, the attendant called Ukyo, bows his head without turning around.

「I am sitting 13 steps higher. I am already taller than his height. Why don’t you just leave him?」

「Emperor………with all due respect, that is………!」
「Stop, Ukyo. …Please act in accordance with the Emperor’s will」
「…Yes. I am sorry for the impoliteness……」

The one who remonstrated Ukyo was a man sitting on a slightly higher than him.
His name is Saionji Hidehito.
Since the rule of the Mikato started, he’s the close aide who worked as the right-hand man of the Mikado.

Then, the Mikado said this suddenly.

「Then, both of you, leave this room. I want to talk to them」

「Ukyo. Very well. Leave」
「…Yes. ……………………As you wish……」

Just like that, they exited the audience room.

「Is that okay? They’re your guards, right?」
「Fine. Both of them are stubborn……I’m quite troubled. Meria-san, be at ease」

Upon hearing that, I raised my head slowly.
When I looked up, I can see a person sitting beyond the curtains at the highest step.

「So, Yukihito……What do you want?」
「Fufu, you are the same. Let’s start with the main question. It is none other than……him」
「…Him, huh」
「Do you mean Serizawa-kun?」

I said his name to confirm.

「Yes. About that Serizawa-kun. Hey Kurono. What if I say that I want you to borrow him to me? Will you?」

The Mikado suddenly said such thing.
That is…!?
By the unexpected question, I think desperately on how to deal with it, but…
Otou-san opened his mouth first.

「No. I’ll look after him for 3 years. I won’t let anyone touch him during that period」

That is too direct. Too point blank.
It is a statement that can be considered as a reckless remark towards the most powerful man in this country.

「In addition, this not whether I will borrow him to you or now. That’s something he decides by himself」
「H-Hey, Otou-san!」

No matter how you look at it, that is too rude. I bent myself forward to remonstrate Otou-san, but…

「Haha! It’s fine, Meria-san. I just wanted to hear his answer. Won’t let anyone touch him. If you say that, then, he should be safe. Hearing that, I am relieved」
「…What do you mean?」

Without being able to understand his true meaning, I asked.

「What……it looks like the people who are targeting him, are making a move」
「Is it that bastard, Haba?」
「Maybe, but……there are others too. It is unconfirmed, but…I thought that I should tell you」

Saying that, he pushes his way through the curtain…and goes down the 13 tiered platform slowly.

「We might be heard. So let’s talk closely」






「That is all the information I have. Therefore……I would like you to investigate on their movements, but what do you think? Will you accept it? As the principal of Teihen High School」

「I don’t mind, but…can’t you just order me? You’re Japan’s most powerful person, right?」
「Haha, I can’t do such thing! You are the head of the 『Tohoku Site』 after all. Even if it is not made public, you are originally higher than me…」
「Such thing…Emperor, you have governed the country splendidly」

I tried to correct his statement, but he looks at the darkening garden sadly, and……

「It is fine, Meria-san. We are just the symbol of decorations. And it will never change……now and the past」
「Is that all?」

Without minding the sentiments, Otou-san said such a blunt word again.
Really, this person is……

「Well, generally. And also, I just wanted to see your face. Even that Saionji was like that. Nowadays, only Kurono will talk to me honestly」
「That’s inevitable. That’s your job」
「You said it. Well, you are right, but………they won’t even let me drink alcohol at all recently」
「……………Come to think of it, I have this」

Otou-san started to rummage his black bag unusually…………and took out a bottle of sake.

「How about a drink like in the past, Yukihito? It’s a gift, so I can’t guarantee the taste」

There’s a silver sticker with the word 「refined sake」 written on it, and a red sticker with the word 「Clearance goods Half price discount」and the price tag of 680 yen.
A cheap one……and also, a clearance goods!!!? If I am not mistaken, that is………

「H-Hey, Otou-san!?」
「Haha! Only Kurono will bring such a thing!! Fine with me!! ………………I have never seen this brand before」
「It’s fine, it’s fine! This is like a reunion! At least, let me for today………」

Just like that, Otou-san opened the bottle, and poured it to the cheap cups.

「This is from my brat」
「From Serizawa-kun? Then………………that’s a pleasure」

Just like that…………
Both of them gazed at the moon at the garden while drinking sake.

The party continued until morning at the end.
「…This taste bad」
「Haha! You’re right! This is my first time drinking a sake this bad! Hahahaha!!!」

「Bad. No taste at all」

Saying that, they finished a bottle.

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