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05 Homeroom

「I’m Serizawa Atsushi. My Talent evaluation is the ability to change the temperature of things by touching it with my hands, 【Thermo Operator】. Please treat me well」

Finishing my introduction quickly, I look around.

My first impression is that there’s a lot of Talent Users.
My class is 「1-A」. The total number of students is 30 people.
The total first years is 60 people. These are the people who 「were gathered」 in this Teihen High School. Exactly half of the total is in my class.

As for the number of boys and girls, it’s roughly about fifty-fifty, but it seems there’s a little more girls than boys.
Unexpectedly, there are quite a lot of beautiful girls and some good-looking girls. But even if I send a passionate gaze at them, no one seems to want to make an eye contact with me. I wonder why.

Although I thought that there would be some kind of uproar in the homeroom, it’s a let-down as it was normal.
In the internet, I was scared because I read that Teihen High School is written as a country of carnage, but that seems to be a rumor.

But there’s something that I can’t agree with.
Rather than agree, I feel a strong discontent.
The sex ratio is fifty-fifty. Rather, the number of girls is a little more. And yet. And yet…

「Why is this pervert sitting at my neighboring seat!?」
「Ha, isn’t it fine? We are friends since middle school」
「I can’t agree!!!!」


A sound of cutting air passed through close to my ear, and penetrated my back.
When I look behind, there’s a small hole on the concrete wall.

「Hey, you, be quiet! Do you want to die?」
「Hai, sorry」

And one more thing. My class teacher is scary.
Sensei, please don’t warn me after you threw something at me. Because it’s not a joke if that hit me just now.




「Okay, that’s all for today! You can go back now. Don’t make a stopover while on the way back, okay?」

With those words, the homeroom ended peacefully.

Although there were no special happenings, if I must say, the girl with the Talent 【One who communicates through mind (Communicator)】, messed up her introduction, but in the end, she suddenly started to talk inside our head saying 『Hello, everyone…Now, I will talk to you all directly』. I mean, her character changes when she used the telepathy. Or rather, maybe she’s always looking inside our mind…I think her name was Shinozaki Yuria. By the way, she has a small build, but her breasts are unexpectedly huge. This must be checked.

And this is something that became clear in the homeroom, but I must remember the male student with the name 「Akai Tsubasa」.
I don’t usually try to remember a guy’s name as long as it’s not necessary, but this guy is different.

There’s a rumor in the internet. A few years ago, the Yokohama’s 「Burned Middle School Incident」which broadcasted in the news. It’s rumored that the leader called Boy A aka 「Akai Tsubasa」, is enrolled in this school. At that point in time, it was only a rumor, but…

Judging from Sensei’s way of speaking, it seems to be true. In addition, in the same class with me. It seems that he’s absent today. Unbelievable. I heard that they gather problem children here, but I didn’t expect such level…

According to the internet information, when Akai Tsubasa is in his middle school, his Talent evaluation is 「【One who emits fire (Fire Starter)】S-LEVEL 3」. That’s right, Level 3 .

That means he can even fight against an ordinary soldier easily, right? He can even face a tank or fighter plane, right?

Akai-kun…what a scary guy. I decided in my heart that I will never go against this guy. Absolute obedience. This is important.

Ah, and another person. A person that has been etched into my mind–
A person included in my 「Absolutely must not go against List」.
That’s none other than my class teacher, Chihaya-sensei.
Although she looks like a neat and clean-type beautiful woman, my danger sensor is reacting right now.

Because she introduced her own Talent with the level properly.

「【One who throws all creation (General Thrower)】S-LEVEL 3」.

That’s her…Chihaya-sensei’s Talent.

An ability capable of throwing things touched by her hands at an ultra high speed. Big or small, it seems that she can throw from a small rock to even a large truck easily. Throwing a truck? Is she the one producing many another world reincarnators?

Why is a Level 3 which is a regarded as here? Asking that question is the same as asking why this high school has so many problem children, so let’s leave that aside. Maybe it’s some kind of warning. Against students, it’s better to show power to intimidate them.


As expected, this school is a country of carnage, right?

Character File 006

NAME: Tsurumi Chihaya

CLASS: 【General Thrower】S-LEVEL 3

A teacher in charge of teaching Japanese and Music. The class teacher of the protagonist’s class. 29 years old, single.
Possessed the ability to throw things touched by her hands at an ultra high speed. She can throw many things no matter big or small. From a small rock to a large truck. Apparently, things that are attached to the ground like buildings are impossible.
When she throws a chalk, the wall will have a hole.


Character File 007

NAME: Shinozaki Yuria

CLASS: 【Communicator】S-LEVEL 1

The so-called Telepathist. However, her power is unstable as she cannot read the target’s mind precisely. On the contrary, she may 「tell」 what she was not thinking of telling accidentally. Hence, her evaluation is Level 1. Shy, timid and easily nervous. By the way, although she has a small and slender build, her breasts are very big. Her character changes during telepathy. There is a suspicion whether she has split personality or she being possessed by a spirit.

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