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04 Classmate

The next day after the entrance day.
I went to school normally.

After that incident, we thought that it was bad to leave Mohawk-senpai there, so we carried him to the infirmary, but he seemed to have various compound fractures and was transported to the hospital by the ambulance.
Surprisingly, the infirmary doctor was the beautiful blond appraiser who I met at the Talent Research Center.

Just like that time, when she asked us 「Did you guys do this?」 with cold eyes, I somehow don’t feel the feeling of living, but we managed to explain that it’s a legitimate self-defense. It seemed that she understood(?) it properly as she answered 「So you would do this much for self-defense, huh」.

After the entrance ceremony, it should actually be a day which students meet with their class teacher, but thanks to Mohawk-senpai and that Beansprout bastard raised an uproar, it was delayed to today.

Geez, what a nuisance!

Therefore, today is the real first day of school.
Many things happened yesterday, but it was also a day which I had some confidence.
I was convinced that this high school life leads to a dark future.
No, I decided that arbitrarily.

However, though it’s an unforeseen incident, by defeating Mohawk-senpai, the future opens up for me, and I started to feel that I can somehow get on with it. I’m starting to see the thing called hope even for a little.

Therefore, I went to school quite early in the morning.
But it might be too early. It’s still long before the class starts.
When thinking about what to do in order to kill time–


The small girl with black long hair called me out. This girl is…

「Ah, you’re the girl yesterday? Um, if I’m not mistaken, Yomo……?」


Right, Yomohira-san. The person who got involved with Mohawk-senpai yesterday. Although she’s small, she’s probably older than me because she repeating the class.

She’s acting restlessly with her eyes down while embracing the doll in front of me.


Just like that, about 10 seconds of silence passed.
What’s wrong with her? Dead battery?

「A-Ah. That doll, it didn’t break? Is it alright?」

Not able to withstand the silence, I, for now, begin with a harmless topic.


When she nods, the doll gets down to the ground and waves its hand.

「Oh! It moved!? No, are you moving it!?」

Yomohira-san nods again. Although I can’t see her face due to her long bangs, I can see that she’s a little happy. And the doll waves its hand, and starts to move to show a gesture.

「Gesture……? Is this perhaps a character?」

Yomohira-san once again nods.
Although there are crude people who would tell her to say it with her mouth in this kind of situation, but…for me, I don’t dislike this kind of games.
Let’s do it! I have nothing to do after all.

Then, she repeats the doll’s hands movement slowly and stops.

「……This is 5 characters? I see」

When I look at her, she nods delightfully. Looks like I’m right.

「Okay, one more time, please」

She moves the doll’s hands again and stops.

「The first character is……「O」?」

Then……the next looks like 「Mo」. I think properly and decipher the characters one by one.

「O」「Mo」? Next is 「Te」? 「Na」……Right!

「The answer is……「Omotenashi (Hospitality)」!?」

When convinced so, I showed a self-satisfied look at Yomohira-san.

However, she shakes her head. Her long hair shakes greatly left and right.
Ah, I saw her face. Huh? This girl, isn’t she quite beautiful?

Let’s leave that aside for now. Looks like I’m wrong.

「Hmm, one more time please!」

Judging from her reaction, looks like it’s completely wrong. Did I get it wrong from the start? I watch the doll’s movement carefully. The first character is quite complicated. But I can somehow get it.

「I know! The first is 「A」, right?」

Saying that, I look at the answer board……Yomohira-san’s head movement.
Her head nods greatly along with her long hair.

「Alright! Then……the next character is……」

This kind of thing, if I know the first character of the word, it’s quite easy. The word with 5 characters that starts with 「A」. I observe the doll’s movement carefully once again.

「A」, then next is 「Ri」. The next is…quite complicated. But I think the last character is 「U」. Before that is「To」, I think.

In that way, I think. In that way, the answer is…

「I know! The answer is 「A」「Ri」「Ga」「To」「U」!?」

Yomohira-san jumps up and down once, then, shakes her head.
Ah, I know this. This is the thing called headbanging which is usually done by fans in a live concert. If you overdo it, you might get a backlash, right?
And she jumps up and down with a smile(presumption) while hugging the doll, and she runs to somewhere.

Huh? What, only one game?
This was actually fun, though.

……Now, what to do to kill time?




With nothing to do, I sit on my own seat with too much spare time.

「Yo, Serizawa-kun. What a coincidence」

I heard a familiar voice from my back……but by all means, I heard a familiar voice that I don’t want to hear.
My instinct tells me to not turn back and don’t even try to react to it.

「Well, I didn’t expect to see you here! As your close friend, I’m happy」
「Who’s your close friend!!!?」

I unintentionally turned back.

Behind me is a pure and handsome guy only by looks.

This guy is……Ah, I feel disgusted when I recall it.
He and I were together in the same class for 3 years during our middle school. And at that time, he’s a man who wants the name 「Pervert Gentleman」. Midou Suguru. Why is this pervert in such place……Huh?

No, wait a minute!!?

「You, you’re here means that! Don’t tell me!?」

「That’s right, Serizawa-kun. I’m also awaken. To Talent」


I held my head in troubles. Who, who gave this guy a Talent?
Is it God!? Is it really God!?

Oh God, please do your work properly! Take his Talent back immediately and review it!!!
This guy is the person which mustn’t be given a Talent in the world!!!
No, wait.

Calm down.
It’s not decided that my future will be dyed with the color of pervert yet.

There should be quite a lot of variations of Talents. If it’s something that controls his sexual perversion……I can’t think of anything, but there’s a chance that he was awoken to something like that, right?

First, I should find out the truth.
I calm down, and try asking him.

「Hee. By the way, what kind of ability?」

I, for the first time in my life, prayed to God seriously.

Believing that there’s the 「Justice」 that will punish this pervert in this world.
God, I am believing you, okay?
That’s why……

Then, he, Midou Suguru answers me.

「The appraisal result was 【One who hides appearance (Sight Avoider)】. Might be the one I wanted the most」

Hai!!! The end!!!
Or rather, the guy who mustn’t be given a Talent, has manifested the worst Talent!

I beg you!!!!!!

I fall to the desk while holding my head.

「What’s wrong, Serizawa? Did you hurt your head yesterday?」

This time, I can hear a stupid voice from a different direction.

「Shut up. Beansprout bastard. I’m currently confronting my life’s greatest trouble」

What should I do?

What can I do in order to defeat this great evil?
How can I prevent this demon who obtained this power from my precious sister…

……………Kill him?

I have choice but to do it, right?

When I reached such conclusion, the idiot and pervert started to talk.

「Yo. You were the one who saved that lovely girl together with Serizawa-kun, right? If I remember correctly, was it Ueki-kun?」

「Ah, you said you are Serizawa’s close friend, right? You can just call me Hitoshi」

「I’m not his close friend!!!?」

「Uwa!? What’s wrong with you!?」

While raising such scream, I interrupted the conversation.

「Absolutely, not close friends with this pervert」

「Now that’s heartless, Serizawa-kun. We were always together during the important operation(peeping). I always thought that you are my matchless close friend……no, matchless war buddy」

「Ha! I conducted actions with this pervert? What a terrible accusation! What I only did was peeping the women’s bath during the school trip, got mixed up in the girl’s changing room after mistaking the time during the summer pool, and sharing the school’s number one beautiful girl, Eri-chan’s recorder……That’s all I did!!」

Only that, you know?
Something like together with you……


I can feel multiple eyes from my back.

When I turn back, the girls at the surroundings……which is almost everyone in the class, looked at me with a scorning look.
Ah, I see.
It’s almost homeroom.
It’s a good time for everyone to enter the class. Right. Right……

I can hear the girls whispering to each other, saying 「Pervert」「The worst」「Recorder?」「Uwa, disgusting……」.

Why are they saying that while looking at me? And why are they so far away from us? Why?


I gradually felt tears in my eyes.

「Fufu, already playing M? That’s why, you’re suitable to be my close friend……」

Ah, it ended.
Good-bye, my high school life.
Hello, dark future.




Pervert impression increased by 20!
Favorability of every girl in the class (including Yomohira-san), decreased by 30!
Stupid’s favorability raised by 5!


Character File 004

NAME: Yomohira Miriya

CLASS: 【One who manipulates doll (Doll Manipulator)】S-LEVEL 1

A gloomy-looking girl with black long hair, but a girl who can say her thanks properly. She usually plays with the dolls that she made on the table. Due to her long hair, it is hard to know her expression. On top of that, because she practically does not talk, it is hard to know what is she thinking. Therefore, she seemed to not have many friends.
Although being the same class with the protagonist, she is 14-year-old. She skipped two grades due to her intellect. However, due to she was busy playing with her dolls last year, she had to repeat the same class.


Manipulate (Doll)

Create Doll

Manipulate (Human)


Character File 005

NAME: Midou Suguru

CLASS : 【Sight Avoider】 S-LEVEL 1

A young man who went to same class and middle school as the protagonist. Self-proclaims that the protagonist is his close friend. He has good looks that he can be called as a handsome guy. In addition, he is smart and excels in sports. A excellent young man who is the embodiment of both literary and military arts. However, he is a genuine pervert. In addition to his countless tales, from his bold nature which makes him not to care of people’s view on him, he is called as 「Pervert Gentleman」「Enemy of Women」「Crotch Fairy」. In an intelligence test, he struck it with a wonderful IQ, but he only make use of the ability for perversion.

During his middle school, he was ranked number one in the 「People who you want to be captured by the police」ranking. Awoken to his Talent in the winter of his third year of middle school just like the protagonist, and he was arranged to enroll in Teihen High School.


Vanishing – an ability which alters his existence into invisible. Once a person saw him for a moment, he becomes visible, but he can move as much as he wants until he is seen by the person.

Hiding – an ability to disappear from a person’s sight. The person got caught by it, will see that he disappeared to somewhere, but actually, he is just right there. It just changes the target’s perception.

Gentle Manners

Armor Break

<Passive Skill>

Elemental – grants M attribute to himself.

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