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48 Kurono and Atsushi

The next day after returning from that heaven and hell hot spring trip.

Today is Sunday. That’s right, a day off.
I sat in front of the laptop in the room given to me as a freeloader in the Kurono house, and searched for the information I have in mind at the video sharing website.

The keywords are 「Spring」「Talent School War」「Teihen High School」「Takasei Academy」.
The matches were broadcasted countrywide, and because I heard that there were many recordings of the matches (which in reality, is illegal), I’m here to confirm it.

Of course, you can say that I wanted to watch Kirishima-san’s match, but above all, there’s something I’m curious of. My appearance scene.

Because I appeared in an embarrassing way of 「being carried in the gorilla’s arms and got down from there」.

Of course, it attracted attention…………to the extent of being made fun as the public’s 「toy」 after making it as an interesting video.
Thinking that, I searched desperately, but…no matter how much I search, I can’t find it.
No, the battle between Hikawa-kun and me was uploaded properly, but for some reason, my appearance scene is not there at all.

For now, I’m relieved.
For the time being, looks like I’m not being made fun.

Instead, the one that appeared massively is,

『『『How unfortunateeeeee!!!!!』』』

『『『I was just actiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!』』』

There were a lot of 『How unfortunateeeeee!!!!!』 videos.
It’s seriously multiplying.
Countless of the same videos were ranked top in the website.
It surpassed many genres such as 「MAD video」 with 「Singing」 or 「Dancing」. Super popular. The raw material that’s used multiple times.

………………What’s this?
Is this a Takasei Academy student?

I’m told that the visual and the speech and conduct of Kurasaki Yuuki-kun who battled Akai-kun seemed to be quite an impact, and in addition, the uproar of the Takasei Academy’s owner, Shidara Ougen. In combination, you can say that it’s blazing up for sure.

How pitiful………he became the sacrifice.

I see.
So that’s how it is.
He attracted all the hates from me.
The reason why there’s no videos of 「being carried in the gorilla’s arms」 is because of that.

When thinking so, I start to think that his figure looks like a hero to me.
The feeling of gratitude is welling up from the bottom of my heart.

I played the video of him saying 「「「How unfortunateeeeee!!!!!」」」「「「I was just actiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!」」」 with music, and saluted at him. While sending my respect to him, I closed the browser.

I’ll never forget this debt.
Probably. For at least 3 days.

Well, for me, I thought that the gorilla would be used as an interesting material, but there’s no such thing like that.
Or rather, I didn’t see any video of the gorilla appearing at all.
There were people who uploaded the full recording just like that, but for some reason, only that part was cleanly edited. Well, for me, I appreciated it very much.

Come to think of it, I didn’t see that gorilla in these few days. He didn’t come back home at all.
I’m told that he went overseas for an important meeting.
What a nice position.

According to Meria-sensei, he will come back today.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him since the match.
I don’t feel like it, but I’ll just make some preparations.




「Thank you very much~」

I bought a 1 sho bottle of sake at the convenience store.

Why a minor like me can buy such thing?
Because I borrowed this convenience store’s customer ID, 「Errand Card」 from Meria-sensei just now.
It requires consent in order to register, but with this card, anyone can buy alcohol.

However, I paid for the purchase this time with my own money.
I bought with the pocket money that I have been saving for a while.

I thought before that why must I buy such a thing for that gorilla.
Because he made fun of my hardships.

I even almost died in that absurd training.
Those countless absurd demands.
Raining down the rain of large rocks, and told me 「Dodge it」.
I almost died by the fragments of the rock he destroyed.
Furthermore, he duplicated himself into 10 by moving at a high speed, and told me 「Do it」.
In the end, he pushed me off the cliff and told me 「Fly」??????
At least, tell me that before pushing me off!!!!?

………Do I need to thank him????
Rather, isn’t this for visiting the shrine?

I thought of that, but it can’t be helped since I have bought it.
Concerning the result, it’s a fact that I got stronger by his torture.
I’ll appreciate that point only.

In addition, this sake is the cheapest one in the store, and also, it was super cheap because it was a 「clearance goods」.
This is just right for him.

Thinking that, when I open the Kurono house entrance, that gorilla has returned.
It looks like he was talking with Meria-sensei.

「Oh, Atsushi. Tonight, I’ll go out with Meria. So do something about the dinner yourself」

Came back, and going to go out again.
What a busy gorilla.
Then, I hold out the plastic bag that I bought from the convenience store…

「Well, I have many things to say to you, but…for now, thanks」

I give him the cheap sake.
He takes out the light brown bottle from the plastic bag, and looks at it for a while…


And he replied in delight.
Ah, even gorilla drinks alcohol, huh.

「Then, sorry to interrupt, but we are going now, okay? If there is anything, please call me, okay?」

Saying that, the gorilla and Meria-sensei left.

So, I’m alone tonight.

………What should I do?

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