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47 What I wish, what I don’t wish


While soaking in the natural open air bath until my neck……I recalled the incident just now.

After that, Kirishima-san ran into the inn while blushing, and disappeared just like that.

What was that?

A dream……?
It was quite real for a dream.
I could smell her, and I remember the feeling clearly.
Above all, the feeling of my hands being held, still remains.

But……what does she meant by rivals?
Do rivals do such a thing……I see……
Such thing…………

is a big welcome.

Because she didn’t say that we’re lovers, it’s quite ambiguous……
However. Today, I finally climb one stage.
Somehow, I’m seeing things…differently now. My heart is very calm. Right, if it’s now, I feel like I can forgive anything.
Just like that, without being able to control my smile…

「Yo, Serizawa」

While I’m indulging in my feelings, that guy…Ueki Hitoshi approaches me. The usual me would always say 「Idiots are contagious」 to send him away, but…

「What is it, Ueki-kun?」

The current me is very generous. I talk to the pointed-head man in front of me with the feeling like becoming Buddha.
That’s right, I’m already one stage higher than you virgins. I must show compassion to him.

「You thought……that we didn’t know about it?」

Suddenly, a dangerous word came out from his mouth.
What is this guy…saying…all of the sudden……

…Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me!!!?
He saw us!?
My time with Kirishima-san just now.
I…I-I-It’s not like I would be troubled if I was seen.
It’s just a little embarrassing…

「You 『renegade』」

He adds another dangerous word.
What? Renegade?

「Disobeying the teaching of the『Boobs Crusaders』, and leak the important confidential information to the enemy……」

Ah, that one, huh………
Or rather, when did such organization is created?
Like I care.
I don’t remember joining at all!!!!!

「It’s an immediate execution, you know? But………」

When I realized it, I was already surrounded by several male students in the natural open air bath.
All of them are the faces I saw in that briefing room.
They surround me…and slowly, approaching me.
What? What are you trying to do to me?
That’s right, when I was standing ready…


Someone started to clap. And




In this threatening air, all of the male students clap their hands…

「Congratulations, Serizawa」

「Serizawa-kun, congratulations」
「Congratulations. This is an honor」

「Congratulations. Really congratulations」


…They said such blessing words.
Are they talking about the thing with Kirishima-san? When I thought of that, the air is somewhat strange. This is definitely different. This is not the word of blessing. It has another meaning……something.

What…is this situation?
What are they scheming!?
When I tried to take a cautious posture desperately, the beansprout bastard in front of me, opens his mouth.

「Sensei!!! Are you ready!?」

To the idiotic voice, the pervert who’s standing outside of the bathtub with a white towel wrapped around his waist, brushes his hair up,

「Fufu…then, here I come」

Saying that, he runs as fast as he can towards the high wall that separates the women’s bath and men’s bath, and runs up the wall just like that.

The height is approximately 10 meters.

Just when he ran up the wall at a great speed, he places his hand on the top with the other hand dangling.


A loud cheer rises from the guys upon seeing his super-move.

………How can he do that?
He didn’t use his Talent, right? Are you even a ninja?


Just like that, Ueki turns towards me slowly, and says this while showing an eerie smile.

「Congratulations, Sergeant Serizawa. You have been promoted two ranks. Please tell us your thoughts later」

It was when I realized his intention.

「『Grow Up』!!!!!!」

In the hot bath that I’m soaking in…exactly from the bottom of my butt, a diameter of 1 meter beansprout appeared suddenly, and smite my butt, launching me into the air in my birthday suit.


And I was launched high into the air, drawing a parabola……and started to fall. The fall speed increases gradually.

The wind pressure flutters my hair, and also my important elephant.

Shit. This is really bad.
A level of can’t be joked.
It’s of course bad to land in this naked state, but what’s worst is the falling course.

That’s right……I’m falling at a great speed towards the 「women’s natural open air bath」. That bastard!? He launched me up after calculating the trajectory!!!?

And before my eyes, the women’s bath distance shortens.
At this rate, I’ll be in a desperate situation.
If I land, I can’t escape from a social death.

But…after being launched up in that arena in humiliation, I practiced a certain new move. Now is the time to use it.


That’s right, it’s the technique of gaining propulsive power by heating the air momentarily.
I used it on my lower half.

Along with a light shock, I feel that my body is rising up slowly.
And the falling speed gradually slows down.

Okay, at this rate, I avoided the worst case of breaking into the women’s bath.
When I felt relief upon thinking that,


Several arrows came flying from the bottom.

「Enemy attack!! Everyone, be cautious!!!」

There’s Yumino-san in bath towel while holding a long bow.

「Y-You’re wrong!!! This is an accident!! No, I was tricked…!!!」

I try to explain while descending.

「I thought that something was strange…you’re one of that 『Three Guys』. For you to bring such information to us…is too unnatural!!」

Three Guys?
What’s that?

「Looks like…you planned to do this since the start! I will turn the tables on you!」

Saying that, she shoots arrows one after another.
I change direction of the wind pressure of 『Ignition』 desperately, to avert the arrows.
Light arrows can be turned away easily, but due to the decentralized wind pressure, the rising power weakens.

In other words, I started to fall again.
While holding down my crotch, I fall.
The approaching women’s open air bath.

「P-Pervert!! A pervert from the sky!!!」

It’s already the distance capable of seeing both sides’ faces.
At this rate, I will fall into the center of the women’s open air bath.

It’s a matter of time until I reach the water surface.
But I must not.
I must not get down there.
Only there is the deadline which I must not cross.


I raise the output of 『Ignition』 with all my strength once again.

Gaining a powerful floating power, I stopped in the air.
But at the same time, the wind pressure dances as if blowing away the water of the women’s bath.


In that situation, the girls who are trying to escape, become naked.

「What’s this!?」

Incidentally, the wind pressure created by me, tears off the towels protecting their front part of the girls at the side……

Without leaving behind a towel, all of it fluttered in the air.


While hovering 1 meters above ground, I lost control……and rotated slowly on the spot.
While rotating, I gulped by the amazing sight in my eyes.

I can see the glittering and shaking snow mountains.
As far as I can see, peaks, peaks, peaks.
Having the towels torn off, the mountain range of various sizes danced there.

By the overwhelming situation, I forget myself, and observe those movements properly.
The shaking bowls of Yumino-san, and Shinozaki-san’s gigantic peaks. The shaking rocket missiles of Tsuchitori-san. The pointed puddings of Kagura-san. Kazuhara-san’s moves up and down like waves, and Otonashi-san’s modest, but shakes as if emphasizing its existence.
Right, there are many that shake and doesn’t shake.

And in their faces, there are many looks of disdain.
There are many things.

Just like that, I rotate slowly and silently…
Suddenly, before my eyes


Kirishima-san appeared.
She is of course, also stark naked.
Only concealing her important parts with her hands.
……They are quite big.

「………………What are you doing?」




…………It ended.

Everything has ended.
Now, at this place, everything has ended.

Okay, let’s go.
While holding down my crotch silently, I increase the output.

And flew up high in the air…………

And I embarked to the world of blue sky in my birthday suit.




「I see you in a new light now. Serizawa-kun. An unexpected war results」

After we were being scolded by the teachers, we held a war result report in a room.
Rather than reporting, I was interrogated, but I confessed every information as I was depressed by many things.

I don’t care anymore.
Everything has ended. My youth, and my momentary faint love.
While thinking of Kirishima-san, tears started to fill my eyes.

At that time, Ueki Hitoshi placed his hand on my shoulder, and said this with a smile.

「Due to the war results of this plan……I promote you two ranks into a 『Lieutenant』!!! Rejoice, hero!!」

Just like that, the girls’ impression on me dropped heavily…

On contrary to that, I was cheered as a hero by those shitty bastards.



<War Results Report> Absolute Secret  Handle in care

Shinozaki Yuria  Gigantic Peaks
Yumino Miharu  Bowls
Tsuchitori Mayumi  Rocket Missiles
Kazuhara Yumeka  Shakes greatly

Kagura Mai Pointed  Pudding
Kirishima Kaname  Quite big

Otonashi Sayaka  Modest
Yomohira Miria  Exist  NEW! RANK UP!




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