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46 Rival

「And so, that pervert will~…So deal with that」

I tell everything that I heard in that room to the girls starting from Yumino-san.

In short, I’m betraying them.
Selling the pervert, and gaining the girls’ impression.
A very good rate trade.
I sold my friend?
Like I care about the favorability of the guys!!

In the first place, I’m not that stupid to participate in that criminal act.
I have Kirishima-san the lover in my heart, and Meria-sensei the place to return. When thinking calmly, there are many chances to seek the mountains if I pretend it as an accident.

As for this time’s main content, when that beansprout bastard and the rest are denounced by the girls, I will appear gallantly from the back and point my finger at them, saying 「Serves you right」. While thinking that, I start to grin.

Well, to be honest, I’m a little curious. I am curious, but it’s not like I want to see it no matter what.
Well, if by any chance, their observation succeeded, then I will just steal the data.
Stealing only the ripen fruits. I won’t take the risk.
This is exactly the perfect plan!!!

Now, the stage…for them, especially that beansprout bastard to fall for the trap, has been prepared.
How much can he struggle after finding out that the plan has been leaked out………

I really look forward to it.

While thinking of such thing…

「Um, Serizawa-kun」

Kirishima-san in a yukata appearance, stood there. She’s cute as usual. The usual uniform is also good, but this kind of hot spring inn’s yukata somehow increases the sex appeal. At least an increase of 20%.

「Can we…talk outside?」

Outside? I don’t think there’s any interesting place in this kind of mountains, but…

「Ah, okay」

I gave a positive reply.
Because just by being together with Kirishima-san is blissful. Of course, I’ll go.




The place where we came by bus is the hot spring inn deep in the mountains of Yamanashi.
The inn can already be said as a cultural property as it’s made of wood. I heard that there are many of this kind of buildings before the war, but now, it only exist in this kind of remote place.

After going out of the inn, I can see the huge crater that was created during the war, and at the center of it, water streams into it from somewhere, and it became a somewhat big pond now. Plants grew thickly around it, and I think that it looks like a park.

「It is amazing…I mean, during the war. That this kind of place can be found everywhere」
「Ah…didn’t Japan lose half of the country?」

I bring up my vague history knowledge, and Kirishima-san throws in appropriate words.

「Un……during the war, 1/4 of the towns in the world were annihilated, 1/3 of land disappeared, and the population became 1/5. We were taught like that」
「Well, for us, it’s unimaginable that there were 5 times the number of people in this world. Though we do see it in the record footage」

We sit on the wooden bench in front of the inn, and talk while looking at the nature grown around the crater.

「Say, Serizawa-kun……do you want to be stronger? I think you are already very strong, but……do you think that you want to be more stronger?」

I think for a while, and speak out honestly.

「To be honest, when I was given this Talent……no, when I knew that I have this Talent, I thought of something like 「I want to try to be matchless」. It’s a man’s dream or perhaps, an admiration. But……」
「Now, I feel……that I don’t need to be that strong. Somehow…I don’t have a reason to be that strong. I mean……I don’t know how to say it」

No, I’m not saying that I don’t want to be stronger.
Having said that, it’s not like there’s someone I want to win against in particular…………Though that beansprout bastard is a different case.

「I see. I think I am also the same」
「Kirishima-san too?」
「Un…this might sound ridiculous, but up until now, I wanted to become very strong. That I need to become stronger so that I won’t lose to my sisters and so that my father will acknowledge me. I thought of that」
「I see, if I remember correctly, your sisters are famous, right? I have heard before about something like Kirishima three sisters」

I think I heard that her father is also a big-shot. I forgot his title, though.

「Un. But……that is all. After all, I don’t have other reasons. Therefore, the moment I thought that……I might catch up with them, my goal disappeared」
「…Goal, huh…」

In the first place, I don’t have something like a goal…
No, when I was brought to the Andes Mountains suddenly and told that our school will be abolished……at that time, why did I do my best?
If I’m not mistaken, that Meria-sensei’s dream……there’s that, but I feel like there’s another reason.
What was it?

「You see. This may sound strange, but……it is really fun right now」
「Even though the sense of duty of becoming stronger has disappeared……I feel that now, I can be very strong」

Saying that, she looks at me directly with her largish eyes while smiling. I give up. If you look at me with those eyes, it somehow makes my heart beat faster.

……………W-Who’s the one calling me a virgin? No one, huh. Was it just my hallucination?

「That is probably because of Serizawa-kun」
「You showed me a different path……and then, I became strong. I got closer to the me that I wanted to be. And when I won the Representative Battle, I thought that I am already quite strong」

Come to think of it, Kirishima-san was a representative.
It was even stated in the Weekly Talent. Overwhelming the Level 3 opponent.

「But……immediately after that, when I saw your match against Hikawa-kun……I thought that you were on a different level. I laughed. That I still have a long way to go…

I can see that tears are accumulating in her eyes.
Kirishima-san, your tear glands are really loose…

「Somehow, it made me very happy……」
「Eh? Happy?」
「Yes. It made me very happy. That Serizawa-kun became that strong. But it is weird, right? To think that I don’t want to lose」
「To me?」
「Yes. Therefore, we……」

We, what??
P-Perhaps, l-lov……

「Why don’t we be rivals? I still can’t catch up with you at all now, but……I will surely catch up with you」

Un. Right. That’s right.
I thought she would say that.
I didn’t expect anything other than that, okay?

「Ah, okay. I’ll accept your challenge anytime」

While concealing my discomposure, I showed a light fighting pose.

「Then, now」

Saying that, she wraps both of my hands with her thin fingers…
And suddenly, moved her face closer and hit my forehead.

…It doesn’t hurt at all.

Rather that that, it somehow smells good…
And her face is very close.
I can feel her breath…
Or rather, what is this situation?
It’s somehow……feels like happiness.

「……For the current me, this kind of surprise attack is all I can do」

Saying that, with our forehead glued together, she showed a smile.

……Ah, that’s right.
I remembered.
At that time, I didn’t do it for anyone’s sake……

The high school life that has this smile close to me……
I wanted to protect the high school life where Kirishima-san is in my class.
That’s why, I desperately do that training.

「But one day………I will catch up with you」

Saying that……she pressed her blushing face slowly to me……

And kissed me on the lips.

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