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45 Monster of the hot spring《Behemoth》

「So what is it, Serizawa-kun?」

I’m in the school infirmary now.

In order to talk about a very important thing.
In order to not let that gorilla interfere, I made an appointment to meet here.

「You see. This which you gave me before…」

Just like that, I began to talk to our school’s ultimate beauty, the school doctor……Kurono Meria-sensei, and while feeling a little nervous, I took out the letter from my pocket.

「It’s about this memo…」

This was written in it.





I am really sorry for the sudden request.
Once you returned, if there is anything you want to do, I will let you do it.


Taking the name of a training program, the super key item that was given to me when I was kidnapped by the gorilla to the opposite side of the earth.
The dream ticket saying 「She will let me do anything I want」. It”s not an exaggeration to say that I worked hard for this.

「Fufu, Serizawa-kun…looks like you take good care of that letter. You really did your best. I am okay with it. Is there anything you want me to do? Anything, as long as I can do it」

Upon hearing that, I gained power……and while hesitating slightly, I muster my courage and said the thing that I have always been thinking.

「…B…B…Bath…!! I…want to take a bath with you!!!」

I said it. I finally said it.
I finally said my desire in my heart.
And after thinking for a while, Meria-sensei…

「Hmm…a bath, huh. 「Fufu, okay! Then, I will bring everyone to a very nice place!」

I didn’t expect Sensei to consent with that.

「I will prepare it right away!」

Saying that, she left the infirmary at a quick pace.

I didn’t expect her to be so eager.

……I’m sorry. Kirishima-san.
I was on the verge of liking you.
But this and that are different things.
I……must fulfil the promise.

If I receive a letter saying 「I can do anything」, then, as a man, I must answer it with my body and soul no matter what.
That’s right, this is inevitable. You can even call it as fate.
While expecting the near future of 「the promised time」 in my heart, I start to simulate this and that……


What did she mean by everyone………?





And now, to my left is the pervert and to my right is the idiot in the bus.
After that, according to Meria-sensei’s arrangement, it was decided that we, the 1-A and 1-B, will be going to a hot spring for two days one night with everyone to celebrate the win of the 『Talent School War』.

Un. It’s not like this, Meria-sensei.
I didn’t mean like this…

When I’m looking downwards with the expression of almost crying…

「What’s wrong, Serizawa-kun? Even though today is a perfect weather for observation…」

Midou Suguru talked to me.
What the hell this guy is saying?

I look towards…the scenery outside. The scenic mountains. Certainly, this Japanese-like nature is beautiful. But to be honest, rather than these mountains, I prefer Meria-sensei’s pair of mountains…
Just like that, I look around in the bus.
Inside the bus, the girls including Meria-sensei and Chihaya-sensei are talking enjoyably.

It’s not suppose to be like this……
I lost my dream ticket eternally by this hot spring trip.
Doing something normal like a school trip is………it’s okay, but. It’s okay, but…!
As I’m going to feel depressed again……

「Hey, look at that」

The idiot points his finger at the seats with Shinozaki-san and Yumino-san, and it seems that Yumino-san is dozing. Shinozaki-san is looking at the windows.

Sometimes, when the bus shakes as its driving through the mountain trail, the four mountains of Shinozaki-san and Yumino-san, shake together.

At that time, an electric current ran in my head.

……Hot spring……?

「Fufu…finally……you realized it, huh? The place we are heading to is famous of their nature open air bath. Then…upon arrival, let’s start briefing after gathering our comrades」

What!? What is this guy saying? You think you can do such thing now that you’re a high school first year.

「Midou-kun. Just to be sure, can you tell me the plan?」

Just like that, Midou Suguru smiled refreshingly.




A certain room in the hot spring inn.
Only this room is packed with male students, and the heat is terrible.
With a whiteboard in front of them, Midou Suguru said this.

「Well then…I’ll review until now」

While saying that, Midou Suguru opens the cap of the marker pen, and writes down people’s names in the whiteboard.


Shinozaki Yuria
Yumino Miharu
Tsuchitori Mayumi
Kazuhara Yumeka

Kagura Mai
Kirishima Kaname

Otonashi Sayaka



None Yomohira Miria


After writing all of it, Midou Sugure explains what’s written on the board to everyone.

「According to my scouter…the bust size can be arranged in this way」


A small cheer rises from the room.
Then, a pointed-hair guy raises his hand.

「Sensei! Is this…the fully opened status!?」
「Good question, Ueki-kun. That’s right. This indicates the power when fully opened. According to my guess, this is most likely a precise chart」


An admiring-like cheer rises from the room.

「But…please don’t misunderstand. This is nothing but a guess. You can say that it’s a rank made in fantasy. In order to support this, we need to perform a scientific site survey. Hence, I think that we must make use of today」


A noticeably loud cheer rises from the room. And the discussion of whose bigger starts to bloom.

Good grief…
They don’t know about the most important part. I pointed out that problem.

But how is it? This topic is all about the amount. What about the quality? Shape and firmness…the beauty of skin…this kind of ranking has a meaning when it’s evaluated diversely. ………Isn’t it?」

My statement makes the room silent. Then, the person who opened his mouth, is as expected, that guy.

「Correct. Serizawa-kun. I’m proud to have an understanding comrade like you. You’re absolutely right. The value is not decided with only one factor. When it is evaluated variedly, the top rank will shine. That’s why…」

He brushes up his hair, and declares.

「This is the very first step of the great research. I want to get it with just one act. First is the 「size」. This is the strategy in order to confirm that factor. Let me tell you the name of this strategy. 『Behemoth』」


Upon hearing the code name of the strategy, the gentlemen in the room, raise an admired voice.

「But…I will say this for the sake of the girls’ honor beforehand. Big doesn’t mean justice. …In honor of…Yomohira-san」

Midou Suguru places both of his hands on his chest, and mutters that as if praying. As if imitating him, everyone place their hands on their chest.

「「「「In honor of Yomohira-san」」」」

Just like that, the pervert opens the map of this area…

「Well then…let’s discuss about the plan right away」

And he starts to explain about the plan.


Kazuhara Yumeka
「Somehow…I have a bad feeling」
Yumino Miharu
「My arm………also is throbbing since a while ago」


DATA: 『Talent Classification 【First type】~【Fifth type】(【Special type】)』

Although there are many parts of Talent that are still unknown because it is still being researched, apart from the 5 level evaluation by the means of 「S-LEVEL」, it can also be classified in 「5 types」(+1 type). The classification is showed below.

【First type】General
Talent Classification: One who applies a specific concept on everything

【One who cuts things (Divider)】
【One who throws all creation (General Thrower)】
【One who eats things (General Eater)】
【One who ruptures things (General Burster)】
【One who moves things (General Mover)】


【Second type】Sense
Talent Classification: One who changes a specific target’s sense

【One who hides appearance (Sight Avoider)】
【One who communicates through mind (Communicator)】
【One who predicts future (Prophet)】
【One who sees unseeable things (Seeker)】


【Third type】Manipulator
Talent Classification: One who controls a specific target

【One who manipulates edges (Edge Manipulator)】
【One who manipulates dolls (Doll Manipulator)】
【One who manipulates plants (Planter)】
【One who manipulates muscles (Muscle Builder)】
【One who manipulates clay (Clay Manipulator)】
【One who manipulates mineral (Mineral Arbeiter)】
【One who grows plants (Plant Grower)】


【Fourth type First class】Starter
Talent Classification: One who causes a phenomenon based on a specific concept

【One who emits sound (Sound Maker)】
【One who emits fire (Fire Starter)】
【One who manipulates shadow (Shadow Maker)】
【One who manipulates the cold (Cold Maker)】
【One who manipulates wind (Wind Maker)】
【One who emits lightning (Thunder Starter)】


【Fourth type Second class】Creator
Talent Classification: One who causes a complex phenomenon based on a specific concept.

【One who emits diseases (Morbus Creator)】
【One who grows arms (Arm Creator)】
【One who manipulates scent (Perfume Maker)】
【One who cooks (Dish Maker)】
【One who heals wounds (Healer)】
【One who changes form (Mutator)】


There is no strict classification between Starter and Creator, and the definition of 「complex phenomenon」 is actually for convenience. Those two are basically divided into the simple one as the first class and the complex one as the second class, but they are the same 「【Fourth type】Starter・Creator」. The ones that are vaguely classified are those with the name 「Maker」. When arranged in simplicity, 「Starter」「Maker」「Creator」. 「Healer」 is also classified here because it is a creative and complex phenomenon.


【Fifth type】Interferer
Talent Classification: One who interferes with specific law and concept.

【One who shifts space (Space Shifter)】
【One who manipulates memories (Memory Editor)】
【One who connects points and lines (Dimension Converter)】
【One who nullifies poison (Poison Eraser)】
【One who stops movement (Suspender)】


————— TOP SECRET—————

【Special type】Principle
Talent Classification: One who manipulates the law of principle

【One who manipulates time (Chrono Operator)】
【One who changes temperature (Thermo Operator)】


In public, it is represented as the 【Fifth type】Interferer, but because of the freedom of application, it is classified clearly, The number of people who know about it is restricted to a small fraction of the army, government and researchers.


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