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39 Final Representative Battle  Serizawa Atsushi vs Hikawa Takeru

『『The final match of the Representative Battle will start soon. Participants, please enter the arena』』

The announcer has been pressing the entrance of participants since a while ago.

『『The final match of the Representative Battle will start soon. Teihen High School’s participant, please enter the arena』』

Takasei Academy’s Hikawa Takeru showed up and already took his place…
But Serizawa-kun didn’t.

『『Please enter the arena. Are you there, 「Serizawa Atsushi」?』』

The audience becomes noisy by the fact that Teihen High School’s participant has not appeared yet.
With the feelings similar to praying, I look up at the sky.
Otou-san, what on earth……are you doing?
If you don’t come……then our school will be abolished.
If that happens……the students……no, even the staffs………
One of the important breakwater that protects various threats in this era will collapse.

『『If you’re not here, then you will be considered as disqualified and it will be Takasei Academy’s…』』

Just like thaat, the nightmarish announcement starts to resounds………

「I!!!!!! Am hereeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I!!!! Am hereeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!」

It’s the voice of the person I waited for……Serizawa-kun.
However, for some reason, the voice came from above the arena.
And for some reason, he flies down to the arena in the state of being carried in Otou-san’s arms.
He walked unsteadily and stood there.




『『Well then, Teihen High School, Serizawa, please get into position』』

I was carried in the gorilla’s arms, and got down here.
Looks like I barely made it in time, but……

What is this shame play.
The eyes of the audience hurt.
Everyone must be drawn away, right???
The gorilla rushed towards the audience seat after putting me down.
That bastard……it’s all his fault.

Well fine. I need to take a breath now.
Anyway, I need to adjust my condition.

Because I’m feeling very sick now. My head hurts too.
That gorilla, even though I told him to go faster, who would have expected to overtake a plane?
I think that the plane he overtook was some kind of fighter plane……
It was too quick, so I don’t know.
The only relief was that I couldn’t feel the wind pressure mysteriously.

However, my head really hurts, and I want to vomit. Is this jet lag?
No. Lack of oxygen, motion (gorilla) sickness, internal organs pressure due to the sudden acceleration, many more……Anyway, there’s a lot.

My condition has gone worse than bad.
A match in this condition? Gimme a break………

「Your opponent is a 「Level 4」!!! Hikawa-kun!! Everyone did their best until here!! This match will determine the future of Teihen High School!!!」

I can hear Meria-sensei’s voice from the audience.
Seriously? My match determines everything?

Even if you say such thing suddenly……no.
Even I have endured many unreasonable trainings in order to win.
As a man, well, I can at least carry those………


Just now, did you say 「Level 4」?
Did I mishear it?
I’m quite sure that I heard that, but…no, impossible, right?

After all……this is a match of high school first year students.

『『This time, 「Level 4」 Hikawa is participating. Therefore, by the decisions of the sponsor, in order to ensure safety in this match, there’s a special barrier deployed in the arena. Please take note of that』』

Eh? What? Barrier?
When I look at it, there’s a translucent thick wall gradually rising up from the corner of the arena.

What is going on?
Safety…isn’t it for the participants?

I stand still while looking at the translucent think wall………and after a while, the rising wall stopped at 20 meters.

As far as I can see, there’s no exit and entrance. I totally have no place to run.
This is just like……either a cage in the show tent or……an execution site.

The moment I thought of that…

『『Well then, Representative Battle…final match, battle, start!!!』』

The signal of the start was announced heartlessly.

……Is this a little too rushed?
I would be thankful if you can be a little kind to a traveler who just came here from the opposite side of Earth.

I change my thought, and observe my opponent.
A small build with a tidily arranged hair…a male student who looks like rich boy is standing there.

That is a 「Level 4」?
When I see properly, there’s cold air or something which looks like sparkling mist around him.
Is that the aura of a strong person……

I see, that’s my opponent, huh………Level 4, huh………
Wait wait.
Impossible, impossible, impossible.
There’s no way I can win.
Absolutely impossible.

Just because I endured the gorilla’s absurd requests for a week, I’m originally a 「Level 1」.
Just because Meria-sensei undervalued me in purpose……it doesn’t affect my own ability.

Level 4? Single-shot nuclear missile, right?
Is there a way to win against such inhuman person?

While thinking of such thing, he starts to create many blocks of ice of the diameter of 4 to 5 meters…around him.
He throws all of it to the air.
That course is reaching exactly to my spot.
One after another block of ice flies towards me.
Just like that, a hail of large ice.

My sense might be numbed because I observed that gorilla many times.
I can only see the hail raining down in slow motion.
The rain of 1 meter rocks during the training, was faster, you know?

…Don’t tell me, that gorilla…used 『Acceleration』!?
Were you trying to kill me!!?
Telling me, 「Dodge」 against such rain. What kind of torture is that!!!
That’s more demonic that my Master in the kendo classroom!!!!
Well, thanks to that…

I can dodge the blocks of ice easily. Or rather, I don’t even dodge it.
When the large block of ice reached above me, I just place my palm to it

「Heat Up」

and heat it up instantly.


The large block of ice bursts and scatters.
Compared to rock, ice has a lower boiling point, so it’s easy.
In short, if I do it with the image of an egg exploding in the microwave oven, then there’s no problem at all.
I can even destroy a large thing easily.
Well, I experienced near-death several times before I realized it, though.

………………That gorilla, really……unforgivable.

When I’m burning the flames of revenge to that guy…

「『Ice Fly』」

My opponent, Hikawa-kun…charges towards me while scattering ice beads from his back.

You can fly?
I see, as I thought, you’re inhuman.
You shorten the distance in a blink of an eye at the speed of an extraordinary fastball from a professional pitcher.
Really a very fast speed.

Well, that’s simply how normal people see it.
As expected, it seems that something inside me has numbed greatly in these one week of confinement life.
I can only see Hikawa who’s approaching at a very fast speed, in slow motion.

Everything is all because of that inhuman person……no he’s not a human in the first place. He’s a gorilla.
His abnormal speed of movement………despite that, he said that he was moving slowly………He once told me 「Try and guess what time is it in my watch」. Continuing to give me such unreasonable demands, and I continued to see the irregular movement of him jumping up to the sky until it came out in my dream. There are many more……Ah, what’s this. Just by recalling it, I’m feeling like wanting to kill him……

Those suffering days. Wasting my precious youth. I made such heavy sacrifice, but……
Now, I have the time to even think of a way to counterattack.


Just like that, I heat up the air behind me momentarily, and change it into propulsive power by exploding it.
It’s not equal to that gorilla’s one, but it somewhat gives me some speed.


As if he didn’t expect me to charge, Hikawa-kun stopped for a moment.
Ah, no no. If you get afraid of this kind of thing, you’ll get killed by the gorilla instantly, you know?


「『Ice Armor』」

The one who’s careless was me. His body is covered with ice in an instant……and his right hand is holding a gleaming sword……no, an ice sword.
What’s that……it’s cool.
When I think of such thing…of course, he assaults me with that sword.
It’s dangerous, you know? Swinging a edged tool like that…

Just like that, I see through his swordsmanship, and dodge it.

Too light. If like that, you’ll get hit three times by the kendo classroom’s Arch-Demon, you know?
I go under Hikawa-kun’s arm, and touch his sword and armor when passing through………

「Heat Up!!!」

I heat it up with all my strength.

Of course, the ice that’s heated up suddenly, vaporized in a blink of an eye, causing a steam explosion.
While scattering the remains of the sword and armor, Hikawa-kun blows off.

He flew quite far…

Did I overdo it……?
He’s not dead, right……???




〜 Audience 〜

「What? What is he…………」

「Hey, that Teihen High School guy…is a Level 1, right?」
「Ah. Why is he overwhelming the Level 4, Hikawa Takeru……」

「No, in fact……if Hikawa-kun gets serious, the whole venue will be in trouble」
「Well, although I can understand that a high-leveled Talent User can’t use full power……no matter how you look at it……the opponent’s evaluation being Level 1 is strange」

「Ah……no matter how you look at it, it’s not <Useless>……he blew off Hikawa-kun」
「Even at the start, he dodged that large block of ice calmly while destroying it like it’s nothing」
「Even that third daughter of the Kirishima three sisters……what is going on with Teihen High School’s Level 1s……」

「Well, young Talent Users’ level evaluation is something temporary as it will change………so it might not be reliable………」
「But the level evaluation is the one that determines which private school to enroll, isn’t it?」
「Ah……those people who failed to get selected by the schools, enroll a F rank school like Teihen High School」
「……Is it a coincidence? ……Is there such thing?」
「…………We can only believe in what we can see for now…………」

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