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34 Representative Battle 1  Akai Tsubasa vs Kurasaki Yuuki

With the audience’s agitation of the participants’ introductions still lingering, the first match of the Representative Battle is going to start.

The representatives of both school, get into position, and only two of them stand in the large arena.
The display shows a zoomed up image of both participants at the left and right.

As time passes, the venue gets quiet little by little……and as if estimated that time, the announcement of the start of battle resounds.

『『Well then, first match…Teihen High School 「Akai Tsubasa」 vs Takasei Academy 「Kurasaki Yuuki」…Representative Battle, battle, start!!!』』

Along with the start signal, the coliseum is ruled by the nervousness.
The first one to make a move was Teihen High School’s Akai Tsubasa.

「Sorry, but…this time is also for that guy……so I’ll send you to the medical office quickly」

Saying that, swaying flames rise up from Akai’s shoulders…and as if a whirlpool in the air, it coils itself greatly.
And the large flame vortex grows gradually, and starts to become a scorching mass…becoming a certain creature above Akai.


When he was in middle school, he read something like that in a manga. And with that, he somehow managed to make it just by imaging it. It’s just such a nonsensical skill.
But the flame spreads widely as if it’s going to cover the whole arena, and it becomes a huge flame bird in a blink of an eye.
Voices of screams and cheers can be heard from the audience.
Anyone can imagine that it’s a one-hit KO attack.

Akai raises his right hand up, and swings down the right hand lightly.
With that signal, the huge flame bird flew towards Kurasaki rapidly along with the hot air as if it has a will.

However, the shadow under Kurasaki’s feet, rises up vertically, and forms a large elliptical shape.
The 『Firebird』 charges into the ellipse of 『Darkness』 at a great speed…
And was swallowed wholly.

The darkness immediately changes its shape into countless thorns, and tries to attack Akai. But…

「『Fire Wall』」

Akai creates a strong flame around him, and the flame covers the whole Teihen High School side in an instant. The 20 meters tall flame fort rise up in a flash.
However, the shadow approaches Akai without minding the flame.

It can’t be burned, huh. Then, there. 『Fireball』!」

Akai held his hand out, and shot a lump of fire at Kurasaki.
The fireball fired by Akai crashed into the ground where Kurasaki was before he jumped back, and gouged the ground. Kurasaki’s long bangs were blown up by the blast, and his pale face is revealed.

「You dodged it………You can’t use multiple of it?」

After firing one shot, Akai points his hand to the sky…and starts to mass produce the fireballs.
Just like that, after reaching to a certain number, he swings his hand down aiming at Kurasaki.

「This is an addition」

Then, dozens of fireballs in the air, head towards Kurasaki,

Shaving off the ground around Kurasaki Yuuki instantly.
Surrounded by a deep gulf, Kurasaki just stand still on the spot.
And Akai

「『Fire Wall』」

extend the 「wall of flames」 until it covers the whole arena.
As a result, the arena is now a sea of flames.
Then, Akai called out to Kurasaki loudly.

「Surrender now!! Otherwise, you’ll be burnt to death!!」

But Kurasaki doesn’t reply him at all, and gets swallowed by Akai’s flames.
And his figure burned like paper……and disappeared.
Kurasaki is nowhere to be seen in the arena.

「Tch! I was careless…Where did he go?」

Akai clicked his tongue while looking around.

「I am hereeee……『Shadow』」

Just when Akai thought that he heard the voice coming under him, the pitch black hands that came out from there, grabbed his legs. And something appeared from his feet again. That’s Kurasaki Yuuki’s head.

「Fuhihi!! Hot, hot, you even burned the ground. It’s so irresistible!!! You see, I’m not very good with heat!!!」

Shouting that, the shadow that’s grabbing Akai’s leg…… dragged Akai into the shadow. At the same time, the flames spread all over the arena, disappear, and Kurasaki Yuuki appears from the shadow.

「Fuhihi……good………it’s gone, gone………With this, he’s………」
「………I can’t see anything in here. What is this place?」

But immediately, a hand came out from the shadow and grabbed Kurasaki’s leg. The arm that came out from the shadow is covered with bluish flame.

「Ah!!! Hot!? Release me!! Release, release, release meeeeee!!!!」

This time, Akai Tsubasa appears in between Kurasaki’s thighs.

「I’ll stop being nice. It’s finished. 『Fireball』」

Akai held out his hand from beneath, and shot a huge fireball upwards.
Receiving the fireball directly, Kurasaki flies high up in the air, and drops to the ground, but……


……he’s swallowed by his own shadow.
The black shadow rises up like mountains from the ground, and becomes a large man.

「「『It hurts it hurts, hurts, hurts It hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts 』」」

The shadow said such words with an unpleasant voice like a mix of low-pitched voice and high-pitched voice.
And while making a weird creaking sound, the shadow stands up with countless tentacles.

「「『Un  for  for, for  for, for,  for givable 』」」

Akai crawls out from the shadow, and stares at the monster of darkness.

「This is……not good……」

Akai’s flame doesn’t work on that 「shadow」.
When the opponent can attack while concealing his real body, it’s too difficult.

「「『I will   I will kill    youuuuuuuuuuuu 』」」

The voice of insanity echoes in the venue, and while the tentacles gouge the ground, the black titan charges to Akai at a great speed.
Akai observes the approaching titan.

「It looks like there’s a strange lump on its chest……」

The size of lump is exactly the size of a human.

「………For now, I have no choice but to do it. 『Fireball』!!!」

Akai shoots a large fireball at his feet, and flies up by the recoil.
And approached close to the 「lump of a human」…


At the moment Akai points his hand at the human-sized lump.

「 Fuhi that’s right I waited for that 」

As soon as Kurasaki’s face appeared from the lump, his face is distorted with a grin.
At the same time, the tentacles head to Akai all at once…

Akai’s body was sent flying by the huge whips.
And Akai crashed into the audience seating…
Destroying the seat, he spat out blood and stopped moving.
The audience screams and becomes noisy.

「Fuhi…you thought I snapped? ……How unfortunateeeeee!!!!! I was just actiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!」

Kurasaki Yuuki’s triumphant shout resounds…

『『Game, set!! Akai, disqualified for going out of bounds!!! Representative Battle first match, the winner is Takasei Academy’s Kurasaki Yuuki!!!』』


Character File 034

NAME: Kurasaki Yuuki

CLASS: 【Shadow Maker】S-LEVEL 3

A first year representative of Takasei Academy. A eerie male student who is always hunchback and has long bangs covering his face. People around him, usually don’t know what he is thinking of. His hobby is insect collecting.
His Talent is manipulating shadow as the darkness. For some unknown reasons, humans can enter the darkness he creates completely. There are too many mysteries. There is an appraiser who explained that he creates 「a space with no lights」rather than darkness and shadow. However, he can create it like a human, and use it to grab things. Hence, in the end, it is still a mystery. The user’s emotion is slightly unstable, but because it is an extraordinary strong Talent, he was ranked 2nd in the representative selection.
Because the 『Talent School War』 is broadcasted nationwide, his battle, visual and his winning shout, gave an impact to the people who watched it. Hence, his footage becomes viral in the internet as 「universally interesting free material」 and starts to be photoshopped and spread widely. His great efforts start from now.



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