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33 Participant Exhibition《Preview》

The first part of the Talent School War, Tactical Wars end…and the result of the battle between the Teihen High School and Takasei Academy ended with 2 wins for each school.

Just by looking at the result, it’s great for Teihen High School.

『『I will now introduce the participants for the Representative Battle. Participants, please enter the arena』』

The announcement telling the participants to enter the arena resounds.
Before the second event 「Representative Battle」 starts, a simple introduction of the participants…「Preview」 will be held.

This will make it easier for enterprises to scout the participants. Because the spring, summer, and fall 『Talent School War』 are all sponsored, it’s telecasted nationwide.

Therefore, this Preview is also 「to entertain the audience」, and for the tournament secretariat, it’s an important ceremony…

「Representative Serizawa-kun is not here!?? Can’t contact him!?」

In the secretariat office, the man who’s in charge of the tournament, raised his voice and pressed the infirmary doctor, Kurono Meria.

「Yes……I gave the principal a satellite phone so that he can be contacted no matter where he go, but I can’t get it connected since he departed. ……This is my mistake」
「The date and time of the tournament!? You told him, right!?」

The man raised his voice more.

「He confirmed the date countless times, so he should know what the the match starts……In addition, he has a considerably strong clock, and he always carry it close to himself…I am sure that he knows the time」

Then, another staff entered the conversation.

「But if he’s not here in the arena yet……that means he misunderstood the time and venue of the tournament, isn’t it?」

With that, the other staffs start to reproach.

「Or got involved in some kind of trouble……At any rate, it’s unacceptable for him to be absent for the Preview. How should I explain to the sponsors……」
「What do we do? If he doesn’t come…Teihen High School have no other participants, right? It’s prohibited for the participants in the team match to participate in two events…There’s also the Preview, but……the match itself will not be practical」
「And it’s the final match which should be the most exciting one, right? In the worst case…the audience might demand a ticket refund…?」
「The 2 class teachers of the first years are also not here……Good grief, what does Teihen High School even think of this match!? Even for an instant, this is broadcasted nationwide, you know?」

「Good grief……no wonder it’s getting abolished……」

When one of the male staffs said that, Kurono Meria’s eyebrows twitched.
The male staff that saw that from the side, continues while scratching his head.

「Well, anyway, we have to start the Preview without Serizawa-kun. We’re already behind schedule. If he didn’t arrive…you know, right? You will have to take a part of the responsibility…」

Upon hearing the male staff’s words, Kurono Meria said this while easing up.

「They will come for sure. Otherwise, responsibility or what, I will take everything. In exchange…can you refrain from throwing rash insults on our school?」

Kurono Meria sends a cold and sharp gaze at the man who said 「abolished」 a while ago.
By the implicit spirit, the male staff slid down and sat on the chair.

「In addition, it is unexpected that he is going to be absent for the Preview, but this was supposed to only be a voluntary participation. Due to an unavoidable circumstances, he will not attend. I am here just to tell you this. …Well then, I have my job as the director for the students now」

Talking rapidly, Kurono Meria turned around and left the secretariat office.




『『…Well then, the Representative Battle Preview will start now』』

5 students appeared in the arena along with the announcement.

「Huh? Again 5 people?」
「Ah, weren’t there supposed to be 6 people because there are 3 matches?」
「The one’s lacking is……Teihen High School, huh」

「Again them……Don’t tell me that person is not attending the Preview?…As I thought, they are looking down on this tournament. For Talent school students, this is the chance to attract attention of famous enterprises…」
「It’s like throwing the chance before your own eyes to the drain……As expected, I can’t figure out what that F rank high school is thinking」

「Hey…hey hey. Wait a minute. Isn’t that guy over there……Akai Tsubasa?」
「Akai Tsubasa? That burnt down concrete school incident…? I have seen his face in the internet, but…he certainly looks the same」
「What are you guys saying? That is the Teihen High School’s field, you know? Wasn’t Akai……a 「Level 3」 Talen User?」

「Thinking normally…that’s not the place for that kind of guy to go, right?」
「Ah, it’s the level of even the highly ranked private schools will invite him, right? That’s an immediate asset for the military」
「Isn’t it? You guys need to think properly. It’s impossible…」

While the audience are making noises, the huge display in the arena showed the 「match cards」.


  Talent School War
Second Event  Representative Battle
Match List

 Teihen High School   Takasei Academy

       Akai Tsubasa  - Kurasaki Yuuki
Kirishima Kaname   - Kongou Minae
Serizawa Atsushi  - Hikawa Takeru


「……………Ha? Akai Tsubasa? For real?」
「Look. As expected」
「Why is such guy in Teihen High School?」

「Hey, wait There’s an even incredible name」
「Ah…Kirishima Kaname. The youngest of that Kirishima three sisters, right?」
「But if I’m not mistaken, the third daughter of the Kirishima three sister……」

「Ah, it’s the famous incompetent, Kirishima Kaname」
「But as expected, that family should be rich, right?」

「That’s of course. Her father is that corporate giant, Kirishima Industry’s president. On top of that, he’s also the general of the imperial army. An elite family」

「………And yet, why his daughter in Teihen High School…??? What is going on?」
「This……is it perhaps, she was abandoned by her father…something like that?」

「The eldest daughter became a leader of the army in her teens. The second daughter is the ace of that famous private Reimei Academy, right?」
「Ah, no matter how incompetent is she, she’s still a Talent User. Her father should have been able to place her in a famous private school if he wants to…」
「………This might be a fairly heavy story………」




『『First is the Teihen High School participants’ introduction!』』

Without minding the noises, the announcer advances to the participants’ introduction.

『『First match, Teihen High School’s representative is Akai Tsubasa! His Talent is 『【Fire Starter】S-LEVEL 3』! We can anticipate an offense and defense using flames from him!』』

Along with Akai’s name, his classification of Talent and level are also read out, and upon hearing that, the audience became noisy again.

As if not minding about the audience’s reaction, Akai inserted one of his hand into his pocket while flickering flame with the other hand. The huge display showed Akai’s indifferent expression.

『『Against him will be Kurasaki Yuuki! His Talent is 『【One who manipulates shadow (Shadow Maker)】S-LEVEL 3』! He specialized in a tricky strategy which includes manipulating shadows!』』

Akai’s opponent, Kurasaki Yuuki’s face is covered by his long bangs, so no one can read his expression. The huge display showed his figure, and it seemed that he’s muttering something. No one appeared to heard it.

『『Next, the second match, Teihen High School’s representative is Kirishima Kaname! Her Talent is 『【Divider】』…Eh?』』

The announcer stopped suddenly. The voice sounded like the announcer was confirming something…

『『I-I’m sorry for the pause! Kirishima Kaname’s Talent is 『【Divider】』…『Level 1』!!』』

After the announcement stopped, by the word 「Level 1」, the audience became even noisier.
As if accepting the commotion, Kirishima Kaname bows lightly. In the huge display, her face is covered by her long hair because she’s bowing, so no one can read her expression.

『『Against her will be Kongou Minae! Her Talent is 『【One who manipulates mineral (Mineral Arbeiter)】S-LEVEL 3』! We can anticipate a battle of great power and application!』』

The next one who’s introduced is Takasei Academy’s Kongou Minae. The blond short haired girl looks at her opponent, Kirishima Kaname sharply…

「You…You’re that Kirishima three sisters, right? Why are you in this kind of place? You’re incompetent, right?」

And said those words.


On the other hand, Kirishima Kaname looks downwards…and doesn’t reply.

「This is not a place for people like you. I’m sure that you used your father’s connection to get here, isn’t it? Compared to us who worked hard desperately while having the ability to do so……you’re different. ……How nauseating」

Upon hearing those words, Kirishima Kaname shuts her eyes………and raises her head silently…………

「………Yeah………you may be right………but………」

Opening her eyes slowly, and looks at Kongou Minae……

「………I am looking forward to the match」

Saying that and replied with a smile.

『『And, the last match, Teihen High School’s representative is……Serizawa Atsushi!! His Talent is 『【Thermo Operator】』…Eh???』』

The announcer stopped again. Again, the voice as if the announcer was confirming something…

『『I-I’m sorry!!! Serizawa’s Talent is 『【Thermo Operator】』…『Level 1』!! Due to some circumstances, Serizawa is absent for the 「Preview」!!!』』

Upon hearing the introduction of the participant who’s not here, the audience became noisier.

『『Well then, lastly, it’s the introduction of the Takasei Academy’s participant!!! The last match’s representative is Hikawa Takeru!! His Talent is……………Ha???』』

The announcer stopped again.
The audience starts to reproach the announcer who keeps stopping the progress.
And…after a short pause, the announcement resumes……

『『I…I’m sorry!!!! The Talent of Takasei Academy’s last match representative, Hikawa Takeru is…『【One who manipulates the cold (Cold Maker)】S-LEVEL 4』!!!!!!』』

After a short silence in the venue………
Loud shout enveloped the venue.

In the 5 level index of the Talent evaluation, 「being lower one level」 means that there’s a very large gap in the ability.

Among them, the boundary between Level 3 and Level 4 called as 「Borderline」, is evaluated as a power of a different dimension.

Level 3 <Battle>  is regarded as…「Rare individuals who have the potential to be peerless in the frontline」, while Level 4 <Tactical>…in the standard Talent index, 「People who have Talents of the worth of tactical weapons which can cause geographic changes」…In other words, people who are regarded as the threat of single-shot nuclear missile. Despite only a number different, the difference of power is desperately huge.

The huge display shows a small and quiet boy with longish hair.

But around him, there’s something like a tense air as if he’s wearing an unapproachable atmosphere. Cold air like things can be seen faintly around him.

「Good grief…It would save trouble if my opponent doesn’t come……」

No one caught what he said…………

『『That’s all for the participants’ introduction!! Well then, next is the Representative Battle, first match…「Akai Tsubasa vs Kurasaki Yuuki」!! The rest, please leave the arena!』』

Just like that–

The match of fate started again.

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