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32 Block D  Dragon’s Fury

The Block C match of the Tactical Wars ended, and the lunch break started.

The Teihen High School students are taking their lunch in the form of buffet at the dining room, and Block D’s main members, Katada Kentarou, Yumino Miharu and Toma Shuuhei are having a meal together.

「Block C was unfortunate, but if we win the next match, we will have 3 wins…we will be leading greatly. Then, it will make it easier for everyone in the Representative Battle」
「I wonder if it would go that easy. Our team consist of 5 people in reality, right?」
「Well, don’t say that. I’m sure Ueki-kun has his own plans. He didn’t come for the team practice, and his cooperation is also that, but……」

When 1-B’s class rep, Toma Shuuhei, covered for Ueki Hitoshi who didn’t attend the team practice at all, the Representative Battle’s participants, Akai Tsubasa and Kirishima Kaname, and also Kagura Mai came with their meal.

「Hooray! Isn’t this great that it is free? I am very hungry now because I used my Talent too much~! Itadakima~su!」

Kagura Mai said that. Although Teihen High School was utterly defeated in Block C, thanks to Kagura the healer, everyone in the team are now taking their meal healthily. As if trying to regain all her hard work, there’s a heap of meats on Kagura Mai’s plate.

「You’ll gain weight, you know? That’s too much…」

Akai Tsubasa said.

While seeing them on the side, Kirishima-san taste the food served on the plate.

「Come to think of it, that guy…where did Serizawa go? I didn’t see him today too…」

While looking at Kagura Mai who’s eating up the meat…Akai muttered like a monologue. Kirishima Kaname immediately reacted to that.

「Un. I was curious this morning, so I asked Tsurumi-sensei, but…she said 「He hasn’t return yet」」
「……Nn? Not return yet? Did he go somewhere?」

While chewing the meat, Kagura Mai enters the conversation skillfully.

「Yes. It happened to sudden, so I failed to ask him, but……I heard that he is training with Principal in some mountains
「…Huh? Kirishima-san, were you that close to Serizawa-kun? Did you perhaps go to the same middle school as him?」

Against Kagura Mai’s simple retort, Kirishima Kaname stiffen for a moment……and her cheeks became slightly reddish.

「…Eh? No, I didn’t, but……w-well……un. A little」
「…Hmm?? A little, huh…?」

Staring at her while grinning and eating the meat one after another, Kagura Mai pokes Kirishima Kaname with her elbow. Meanwhile, Kirishima Kaname blushes and looks slightly downwards just as Kagura wanted.

「But……isn’t it almost time?」

Akai slurped the shoyu ramen despite the lunch being a buffet and said that while looking at the digital clock buried in the wall.

「Well, but he should make it in time, right? There’s 3 hours left before his match…and Principal is with him, right?」
「Well, you’re right, but…」

Kagura thrusts the fork with 3 pieces of meat stabbed in it at the still unsatisfied Akai.

「No point of worrying! You better do some warm-ups in preparation of the your match! You are one of the representatives, after all」
「Tch…! You don’t have to say that……」

Just like that, after finishing the ramen……Akai quickly head to the Representative Battle participant’s waiting room.




『『Participants, please take your position. The Tactical Wars 4th match, Block D’s match will start soon』』

Along with the announcement, the participants of both schools, enters the arena.
Katada Kentarou is somehow carrying a large amount of arrows to the arena.
And upon reaching the starting position, he places all of them to the ground…

「Yumino-san, is here okay?」
「Yes, thanks. I’ll be needing this much」

Bundles of arrows piled up until a human’s waist…next to Yumino Miharu who’s holding a long bow.

「Toma-kun, I count on your assist」
「I know. Leave that to me」

Toma Shuuhei replied to Yumino while wearing the leather gloves.

『『All participants, get into the starting position』』

Heat filled the coliseum once again.

『『Well then…Tactical Wars Block D, Battle, start!!!』』

Almost at the same time as the announcement, both teams move.
Yumino Miharu prepares ten arrows, and draws the bow with all her strength.
Then, Toma activates his Talent, 『【One who stops movement (Suspender)】』Level 1…


The bow’s tension that was pulled to the limit, stops……and the bow can be drew a step further.

「『Arrow Rain』!」

At the perfect timing when Toma’s suspend ends, Yumino Miharu releases the bowstring…and ten arrows are fired to the sky. And…they repeat their movements and stop the arrows over and over again, and suddenly, the arena’s sky is covered with arrows.

And Katada the tanker, started to run towards the enemy line.

「Next……I’ll shoot you down one by one」

After finishing shooting the rain of arrows, this time, Yumino provides cover by shooting horizontally.


Yumino read the air current, the people’s movement, and the opponent’s incoming long-range attacks with her Talent, 『【Seeker】S-LEVEL 1』…and fires a high speed arrow.

The horizontally shot arrow goes towards the Takasei Academy students and at the right timing, the rain of arrows that stayed still in the air, rains down.

A large amount of arrows from the sky.
And in front of them is the precise sniping aiming at their legs and shoulders.

Although there are students who block it with their Talent, there are also students who became incapable to move upon receiving the arrows with their body.
The rain of arrows continues…
While the opponent’s team can’t do anything, Katada Kentarou charged into the enemy without minding his body.

「Uoooooo!! 『Toughness』!!!」

The full-powered tackle by the enhanced Katada attacks the Takasei Academy students who can’t move due to the arrow rain.
They were sent flying by Katada’s tackle just like a semi-traffic accident.

「Tch! We’re falling behind!! 『Burn』!!!」
「Attack all at once! 『Heavy Shock』!!!!」
「Here I go!! 『Wind Edge』!!!」

The remaining Takasei Academy’s attackers launched a concentrated attack on Katada. Without minding the damage, Katada Kentarou unleashed his attacks like a demon.

「Long-range attackers and Tobita go and defeat that arrow girl and the rear guard! The rest stay here and defeat this tanker!!」

Commands fly about, and the progress of the battle changes.
Both schools are unfolding an intense offense and defense in the arena.




〜 Audience 〜

「Amazing……isn’t this the first proper battle in the team match?」
「Ah, clashing head-on with Takasei Academy……it’s really surprising that it’s quite a proper match」
「As expected, there should at least be one team that will fight properly. Well, I guess that’s a matter of course…」

「……No, look. At the Teihen High School’s side…there’s a guy who’s not doing anything but dancing?」
「Ha? What’s that?…………Dancing????」
「You’re right. That pointed hair guy, is turning around on the spot……What is he doing?」
「What is he? A buffer? Impossible……that’s……he really is only dancing?……This is not making any sense at all」

「As expected of Teihen High School. There’s surely one guy who will do as he like…」




The rain of arrows stopped……and only 2 Takasei Academy participants were incapable to continue.
The others managed to comeback from that while receiving damages, and they try to shift to offense.

And, this time, Takasei Academy’s long-range attacks attack Teihen High School.
Everyone of Teihen High School endures the attack desperately, but……far at the back, there’s a guy moving around with a strange movement.

「That guy…What is he doing!? Isn’t he useless in this strategy!?」

Yumino realizes that, and glares as if blaming.

「Well, sorry, but we can’t rely on Ueki-kun as an attacker. Let’s leave him!!!」
「Incoming attacks!!! I’ll hold them back!! Yumino-san, start intercepting!!!」

Toma shouts.


Suspending only the long-range attacks that will hit his allies, and defending his allies from being shot.
Then, a gust of wind blew. The moment he thought it was the wind,



Toma was blown away to the back, and he lost his consciousness when his back of head hits the ground.

「Hyaha!! Can’t even defend!! How funny!!」

it was actually a person.

「Then…let’s continue」

And his figure blurred just like that…and he attacks Teihen High School students.

The moment they thought an intense wind pressure passed through,


Teihen High School’s students were blown to the air while rotating vertically…and once again, fainted after hitting the back of head.
And just like that, the embodiment of wind head towards Yumino…


but he stopped after avoiding the arrow that almost hit him.

「Hee…You can see me」

He stares at Yumino with an expression of great interest.
Yumino prepares the next arrow and fires without saying anything.


「Oh!? That was close!!」

Although he said that, he dodged all of the arrows at point-blank range without getting hurt.
The moment Yumino finish shooting the arrows in her hands, she resupplies, and continues to shoot without hesitation.

「But……the fundamental speed of arrows is just」

However, the man who moves as fast as the wind…Tobita Tentarou dodges all of the arrows…

「Too slow」

He approaches Yumino, and uses a throwing technique to knock her out.

「Done, I guess…no, there’s one more at the back…………What’s that?」

a pointed hair guy performing a strange dance.

Then, the 3 Takasei Academy students who defeated Teihen High School’s tanker, Katada joined him.

「Looks like you defeated that troublesome arrow girl………Now, it’s just…………what is he doing?」

Before their eyes is a guy dancing with strange moves.
The student……Ueki Hitoshi stops dancing when he felt the eyes, and turns towards them…

Opening his arms wide……and while doing something like a mid-game boss, he said this.

「You finally came. I’m tired of waiting……Welcome……to my stage」

He somehow looks composed.

「You small fry. I’ll finish you instantly」

Tobita Tentarou activates his ability 『Quick』, and approaches Ueki at an inhuman speed.

「Hee……you’re fast. But are you sure about approaching me?」

But Ueki Hitoshi mutters coolly…………while looking at the approaching figure.

「『Clay Beansprout』」



A large amount of beansprouts 2 times the size of an arm suddenly appeared and attacked Tobita.
And……by the tremendously powerful counter, he lost his consciousness for a moment.

The audience start to get noisy upon seeing a beansprout field appearing out of nowhere in the arena.

In such strange atmosphere…
Ueki Hitoshi extends his hand towards the Takasei Academy students slowly, and raises his thumb……
And rotates his hand 180 degrees, pointing the thumb downwards.
Then, Ueki Hitoshi declares.

「Come!! You Takasei shitty weaklings!!! I’ll crush you all at once!!!!」

An obvious taunt.
Among the prideful Takasei Academy participants, there’s a person who decided to get onto it purposely.

「Well, we are not weak to the extent of…staying quiet after you said that! You low class high school」

Takasei Academy Team D’s ace and also leader, Omokawa.

When you look at the current situation calmly, it’s 「Teihen High School 1」 vs 「Takasei Academy 5」.
Even if one person was defeated by a surprise attack, Takasei Academy is still the dominant one.
This is reality. Those who don’t know about it are either idiots or over-confident people. Or possibly both.

「Very well, I’ll get onto your cheap taunt」

Just like that…Takasei Academy’s students approach Ueki slowly.

「Ha!! Many to one just because you’re scared of me, huh!?…You coward!」

Whether Ueki Hitoshi planned this or not, he continues to taunt them.

「How foolish. This is a team match. Your allies have already retired…」
「However!! No matter how many people you have……you can never win against this guy

Ueki cut off the conversation that he started, and place his hands on the ground as if pinching something.

「This is somewhat different from usual. After all, this guy has been enhanced continuously with dangerous liquid medicine……It’s a one week thing



Ueki flicks the 3 millimeters seed……and it landed at Omokawa’s feet.

「!? Damn…!?」

Realizing that it’s the preparation for an attack, he tries to move…

「Too slow. 『Grow Up』!!!!」

A super-thick beansprout of a diameter of 1 meter suddenly appeared from Omokawa’s feet, and the beansprout grew rapidly, smiting his crotch, launching him into the air.


Omokawa flies to the sky while tailspinning…

…And fell to the ground.
Foams came out from his mouth……and of course, he’s fainted.

「I name this guy…Heavy Doped Beansprout. No…maybe it should be named as 「Heavy Doped Dragon」…」

Ueki Hitoshi points his index finger to the Takasei Academy students calmly.

「Who’s next? Don’t be scared and come here……」

While smiling like a warrior………he taunts the Takasei Academy students.
Despite losing their leader, the Takasei Academy students who’re relatively calm, analyzed the situation and prompt to be cautious of the surroundings.

「Everyone! Get away from him, and be careful of the seed he fires! If we can distinguish that, then we just need to defeat him with long-range attacks…」

However……that way of viewing can be said as naive.

「Ah, I forgot to say this, but…………this whole area is already my territory. 『Grow Up』!!!」


This time, the whole area…dozens of dragon beansprouts grew, and by the bullet-like growth, one after another of Takasei Academy students being launched to the sky.


「I’m not done yet! 『Grow Up』!!! 『Grow Up』!! 『Grow Up』!!!!」



They are being shot and tormented to the air by the giant beansprouts…and among them, there are students who get launched by the beansprout multiple times like a trampoline. Just like that, one after another fell to the ground and…faint.


In just a blink of an eye, the arena has turned into a beansprout field (Hell)…with people who were beaten all over, fainted in between the giant beansprouts.
Upon seeing the bizarre scene……the whole venue lost its words.


「Yaketani!! Burn the ground!!」
「Shit! I’ll destroy his escape route! 『Burn』!!!!」

There are people in the Takasei Academy who managed to endure the fierce attacks.
The student called Yaketani unleashes flames from his hand, and he burns away all the sowed seeds while wrapping Ueki Hitoshi with flames. The flame surrounded Ueki, and became a flame wall of a few meters tall.

「How dare you look down on me!! I’ll burn you to death!!!!」

Ueki Hitoshi who can’t make a move due to the hot walls……but he’s still composed.

「You think you can defeat me with this kind of attack? Don’t make me laugh!!! You thought that I didn’t even prepare an emergency escape measure for today!?」

And Ueki drops a seed to the ground…

「『Grow Up』!!!!!!!!!」

and shouted with all his power.
Then, the giant beansprout of a diameter of 1 meter, appeared at Ueki’s feet suddenly, grew rapidly and pushed him up into the sky.

「H-He flew!?」
「Wha, he fly past the flame wall!?」

Takasei Academy students were surprised by the unexpected way of escaping.
And Ueki Hitoshi sprawls in the air while flying up magnificently…after staying in the air for a while, he starts to fall from 20 meters above ground



And he stopped moving.


While the remaining Takasei Academy students were dumbfounded, the announcement resounded.

『『Game, set! The winner of Block D is Takasei Academy!』』

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