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29 Block B  Losing Something Important

After Block A finished…
The mood in the Takasei Academy’s waiting room was extremely depressed.

While looking at their own people who participated in Block A being carried to the medical office with a stretcher, the other participants speak out their thoughts.

「That Otoi…Losing to that Teihen High School…what a disgrace」
「Well…it may be a little inevitable. We didn’t expect such irregular to be among them…」
「It’s still unshapely. They lose without being able to anything, isn’t it?」

「Guys, don’t follow them. They underestimated the opponents too much」
「Ah, we need to be cautious from now on. Though it’s hard to think that such irregular will appear again…」

「At any rate, we just need to defeat them. Nothing has changed」
「Don’t let your guard down. Currently, we lost one out of seven matches. If we lose any further, I don’t know what the director is going to say」




Meanwhile, Teihen High School waiting room.

「Yahoo~, we won!」

Tsuchitori Mayumi, Yomohira Miria and the other participants of Block A have returned to the waiting room.

「Tsucchi, good job. It was a complete victory」
「Thanks to our queen~, right? Yomo-chan」

Yomohira Miria made the letter V with both her fingers and pointed it out.

「But from now on, it will be harsh. The opponent will most likely be prepared. The sudden attack strategy will not work very well from now on」

「After this is a real team battle. I’m counting on you, Midou-kun」
「Hah. Leave it to me. I’ll show you the best match」

Midou Suguru replied to Tomo Shuuhei while brushing his long and silky hair up.

「………I can’t help but to feel uneasy……about this guy’s combat………」

At the back, Yumino Miharu muttered in an annoying way.

「Um…Kagawa-san, do your best in the next match」
「Ah, un. Right. Well, in fact, I think that the rest are the one who will do their best, though…」

The small build girl with long eyelashes called Kagawa-san, touches her hair while the perfume bottle-like things attached on her waist clinking.

「All right, it’s almost time. Team B should go to the arena now」

When Katada Kentarou said that, the participants of Block B head towards the arena.




『『Team Match second match, Tactical Wars Block B will be starting soon. Participants, please take your position』』

Along with the announcement, participants of both school enter the arena.

「I can’t agree with it. That Otoi lost to that low class school. He is ranked highly in Takasei Academy for his combat ability」
「It can’t be helped since he lost. That’s as far as he can go. In the first place, he’s not suitable for the team match. Because he doesn’t cooperate at all」

At first, a blond haired male student and a black ponytail hair female student wearing a green-rimmed glasses, entered on Takasei Academy’s side. And following…

「Well, we just have no choice but to be an example. The example of team play…」

A shoulder-length hair female student wearing a miniskirt of quite a questionable length, entered. Before long, several students followed her.
On the other hand, tanker Midou Suguru, 2 close-range attackers, 2 mid-range attackers, and lastly the buffer, Kagawa Rika appeared.

A total of 13 people……Takasei Academy 7, Teihen High School 6 appear all together in the arena, and take their position.

『『Well then, it’s time, so the second match will be starting』』

A moment of silence enveloped the coliseum once again…

『『Tactical Wars Block B…Battle, start!!!』』

The second match started.
The first one which made a move was Teihen High School.

「I understand. 「『Tonic Fragrance』」

Kagawa-san, at the rear, opened the perfume bottle, and when she swung her arms, a sweet and spicy smell be in the air…

「Power…Power is flowing into me!!!!」
「I am now!!! An iron man!!!」

The 4 attackers’ muscles enlarged rapidly.
Upon seeing that, the audience becomes noisy.

「Incidentally…………are you prepared to not be able to wake up tomorrow? 『Stallion Fragrance』」

This time, a sharp smell hangs over the Teihen High School’s side.

「My energy…my vigor……I can’t control it!!!!?」
「I am!! Now!! The king of the night street!!!」

Just like that, the 4 attackers’ upper body bulked up suddenly……


Their jackets and shirts burst.




〜 Audience 〜

「…………………………………………What’s that?」

「……Again. Teihen High School」
「This time is doping, huh……Doesn’t that break the rule?」
「Buffs can be used in the match if it’s using Talent. The effects are not questioned……It’s such rule」
「Anything goes. In fact……」

「However, can they fight properly? They look like their reasoning power are gone」
「With just a glance…they look like berserkers… Scary……」





The 4 attackers from Teihen High School that turned into a mass of muscles instantly, approach close to the Takasei Academy’s student with just a jump.

Then, they try to punch them with their enlarged muscles…

「It won’t go that easy. 『Gale』!」

The short bob miniskirt girl said that, and suddenly, a tremendous gale arises… The 4 enhanced attackers were blown into the air in a blink of an eye.

「Once you are up in the air…such muscles are pointless. One more! 『Tornado』!」

The Takasei’s miniskirt girl……Kazato Rie raised up her hands, and an intense whirlwind arises……The Teihen High School students were blown even higher by the 「Tornado」.

The students draw a parabola in the air–

And after a while……everyone fell down.


While creating a cloud of dust, they collided to the hard ground strongly.

「Then, Yumi-chan. The finishing blow, please!!」

The miniskirt, Kazato Rie passed the baton to the ponytail girl…Hiuchi Yumiko.

Hiuchi Yumiko points her hand at the fallen students, and said this.

「This is the end. 『Burst』…」

And at the moment when she tried to activate her Talent 『【One who ruptures things (General Burster)】S-LEVEL 2』………

………………A chill ran through her spine suddenly.

She’s feeling a lukewarm air close to her ears.
And the feeling of someone touching her hair stickily.

「「…………What a beautiful hair…………You groomed it well……Wonderful……」」

And the sudden whisper to her ears.
While having goosebumps, she replied by reflex.

「N-No!!? What!?」

When she turns around quickly……
……no one was there.

「W-What’s wrong!? Yumi-chan!? Is there anything!? The enemy’s attack!?」
「N-No…!? But something……was there…!」

I don’t know the one just one can be called as an 「attack」 or not.
But it obstructed my actions certainly. Is this a tactical move by the opponent!?

The buffed students have already recovered and are fighting with other students.

Damn………I fell for their trick thoroughly.
If I’m thrown out of order by just this, then, in the battlefield…!
Telling that to herself, Hiuchi Yumiko tries to maintain a high spirit.

The moment she decided, her glasses float in the air.


When she chased after her flying glasses in surprise…
A sweet whisper…is heard from a place where there’s no one again.

「「「…………You look cuter without the glasses………」」」

A lukewarm air can be felt around her ears…and goosebumps again.

「W-What!? Yumi-chan!? What’s wrong?」

「Tch! They lack of one person!! There’s a Talent User with recognition obstruction!?」

When the blond boy said that while dealing with the 4 buffed students…

「I’ll uncover you!! 『Lightning』!!!」

Raising his hand high…


Lightning generates from there, and covered the area.
Not only to the Teihen High School’s students, but the lightning also shocks nearby the Takasei Academy’s students.

「Wait, Hiraga!!? Are you trying to get us involved!?」
「There’s no choice. There’s no other way to uncover that guy. But thanks to that–」

At the place around the guy called Hiraga which is now electrified by his attack, a faint figure of a person can be seen. And the figure starts to have presence little by little…

「We can see the opponent now」

There’s a guy looking conceited while brushing his long hair up. Holding a dagger which is still sheathed.

「……Looks like you found me」

The 4 Teihen High School students are already fainted after receiving that strong lightning.

Only Kagawa Rika at the back and Midou Suguru who charged into the enemy camp with his Talent left on the Teihen High School’s side. The Takasei Academy’s students who recovered from the light shock, head to bring down the buffer, Kagawa Rika who became defenseless at the back.

「You won’t take any buffs?」

As if separating Midou Suguru and Kagara Rika, Hiraga Genichirou stand in between of them.
But Midou Suguru doesn’t look flustered at all as he holds the scabbard…

「Sorry, but I……have decided that when stripping, I will reveal everything. 『Hiding』」

In the next moment, he disappeared.

「It’s useless!! 「Lightning」!!!」

Hiraga Genichirou raises his hand once again to activate his Talent.


A scale of lightning that can’t be compared to the previous one, covers the area, swallowing the surroundings. With him at the center, a 10 meter of lightning vortex rises.

It continued for a while, but…………no figure of person appeared.

「Tch!!! Did he run!? ……No, he head to rescue!?」

Hiraga Genichirou switched his thinking immediately, and rushes to join with the Takasei Academy’s students who went to attack the buffer.

Meanwhile, Teihen High School Team B’s Kagawa Rika was already surrounded by several Takasei Academy’s students. She who specialized as a buffer, doesn’t seem have any weapons.

「She is a buffer, but…be cautious. We attack all at once」

Takasei Academy’s students stayed cautious of her Talent, and tried to start a simultaneous attack from all directions in order to prevent counterattacks. But…

「That’s wise. But if you approach that much……I think it’s not good. 『Coma Fragrance』」

Saying that, she opens the perfume bottle and a 「sweet smell to the extent of melting the brain」 drifts in the air.

The Takasei Academy’s participants fell down to the ground.
It was clear that they are going to faint.

「W-What!? What just happened!?」
「Was that…an attack…?」

3 people from a distant place……Long-range attackers, Hiuchi Yumiko and Kazato Rie, and AOE-type tanker, Hiraga Genichirou saw the sight, and

「Then……I just need to attack from outside of the range!!!!」

Hiraga Genichirou’s palm generates light……lightning.

「I won’t let you」

There–from a place where there’s no one, suddenly, a guy from Teihen High School……Midou Suguru appeared, and threw the unsheathed dagger towards Hiraga.

「Like such thing can hit. Too slow!」

Hiraga predicted the knife’s trajectory with an astonishing vision, and caught the flying knife.

「How’s that, Smug bastard? Don’t tell me you have no other ways of attacking anymore?」

While playing with knife, Hiraga taunts Midou. The knife has a slightly sweet smell.

「Yeah. That’s my last attacking means. 『Coma Perfume』」

A 「thick smell capable of reaching the brain」 rose up from the knife in Hiraga’s hand…and Hiraga Genichirou lost his consciousness just like that.

「……Ku……That Hiraga, he let his guard down…!!」

While saying that, Kazato Rie holds her hand out towards Midou and prepares to activate her Talent.
But Midou Suguru doesn’t even move a step…and said this calmly.

「Oops. It’s better for you to not move. If you move……especially you. If you use your Talent, it would become a disaster

「What are you saying? You have no means of attacking anymore, right? You are just bluffing…」

Upon saying that much, Kazato Rie was surprised.

…What…is this discomfort?

This is………
………For some reason, my lower half is chilly.

……Since when?……Since morning?

No, I should have worn a spats for sure. Then, there’s no way I would feel this feeling…

Believing that, I touch my hips, and it’s not there.
The thing that was supposed to be there, disappeared before I know it.

No, rather than that…………

Even the thing under it is also not there.

What on earth……

………I can’t think of anything now.

「Eh!? What’s this!? No…!!!」

Just when my thoughts stopped, I heard a scream from another student. When I look at the direction, the enemy’s buffer, Kagawa Rika is holding down her lower half in panic. She also…looks like having lost her spats that she was wearing.

And…when I look beside me, Takasei Academy’s attacker, Hiuchi Yumiko is sitting down while holding down her skirt with a pale face. With tears in her eyes.

Don’t tell me, this is…

「My lovely ladies. Is this the thing you’re finding?」

3 spats and having the same number as it……3 panties were in his hand.


The 3 girls raised their screams at the same time. Against the girls who sat down on the spot, Midou Suguru starts to speak in a cool way.

「Have you…understood it? The meaning of if you move now, it would be a disaster

「W-Why even me!?」

Becoming teary eyes while holding down her skirt with both hands, Kagawa Rika raises a protest. Against that, Midou Suguru

「When there are 3 lovely girls in front of me……I can’t possibly let one of you become an outcast, right? I can’t do such a cruel thing to you girls!」

says that with a very refreshing smile.

「I can’t agree with that!!! Die!!! You pervert!!! Dieee!!!!」

And without minding his ally’s thunderous attack……Midou Suguru approached Kazato Rie who’s sitting on the ground, and looked at her from above while saying this.

「Now…you can do whatever you want from now on. I completely don’t mind either way. Choose which one you prefer…」


It became a situation where a guy standing upright with 3 girls sitting around him in the arena. The others are already incapable to continue.

By the motionless match, it starts to get noisy in the coliseum.

–And 3 minutes passed with the girls sitting just like that without any movements…

『『It’s time. By the judge’s decision, 1 person from Teihen High School, and 2 people from Takasei Academy are regarded as incapable to continue…Takasei Academy’s 「survivor」 is now 0. Therefore』』

The announcement resounds in the venue.

『『Game, set! The winner of Block B is Teihen High School!』』

The audience cheered loudly due to the unexpected result again.
Receiving those cheers, Midou Suguru, the only one left who stood in the arena, said this with sad eyes.

「I’m sorry for you girls, but this is a war. It’s cold-blooded. It’s cruel, but……please think that it’s inevitable」

While saying that, he puts away the several things held on his hands into his pocket. And he tries to go back just like that……

「「「R-Return it!!! You pervert!!!」」」
「「「Die!!! Pervert!!! Dieee!!!!」」」

As a matter of course……the girls raised a loud protest and criticism.


Teihen High School waiting room

「Disgusting……Can I kill him here?」
「No objection」
「It can’t be helped…」
「…U~n, I can’t follow up anymore~…」


Character File 023

NAME: Kagawa Rika

CLASS: 【One who manipulates scent (Perfume Maker)】S-LEVEL 2

A student of the class, 1-B. She has two ways of using her Talent which are「Attaching」 smell 『Perfume』 and 「Releasing」 smell 『Fragrance』. She herself is very powerless as her reflexes are not very good. Although she is not suitable for direct combat, her true value is displayed in team battles as a powerful buffer and debuffer. Her hobby is to mix a perfume of her own taste. Due to that research, she worked out many ways to use her Talent.





Character File 024

NAME: Hiuchi Yumiko

CLASS: 【General Burster】S-LEVEL 2

A first year student in Takasei Academy. A Talent User who can rupture things just by concentrating on it. However, she can only rupture inorganic substances, so she can’t rupture living things…That is what she herself thinks, but that is the limiter she placed on herself unconsciously because it can be done easily in reality.
Although she always tries to show a strong self to everyone, she is actually quite timid. She usually ties her long hair back, making a long ponytail. Because she has a very bad eyesight, she cannot part with her glasses. By the way, the glasses is her favorite item as it is a high-class item.




Character File 025

NAME: Hiraga Genichirou

CLASS: 【One who emits lightning (Thunder Starter)】S-LEVEL 2

A student in Takasei Academy. Possess the Talent capable of 「raising lightning」 from any part of his body. Due to the problem of power control and clothes, he usually fires it from his hands. A person who has great confidence in himself and takes things roughly, but when the time comes, his judgement is excellent. His hair is dyed to blond by himself.
He insist calling the drastic move by charging himself into the storm created by Kazato Rie and releasing the highest power 『lightning』, as 「cooperation move」



<Cooperation Move>

Thunderstorm (Kazato Rie)


Character File 026

NAME: Kazato Rie

CLASS: 【Wind Maker】S-LEVEL 2

A first year female student in Takasei Academy. Usually pays attention to fashion, and also arrange her hairstyle every morning. She has a strange obsession of 「bare feet and miniskirt」 no matter how cold is it during winter. Although her grades are quite high in Takasei Academy, she wants to be a designer.
Her Talent has the ability to manipulate wind, and she specializes in AOE attacks. The larger the range, the lower the power. She actually has the same Talent as someone’s pet dog, Tarou, but because the user is different, the way of using it is also different.



<Cooperation Move>

Thunderstorm (Hiraga Genichirou)

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