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28 Block A  Pleasant World

『『Battle, start!!!』』

The 『Talent School War』, Tactical Wars Block A started. The participants from both school started to move from the starting position.

「Then, Yomo-chan. I’ll start supplying materials~! 『Attach Clay』!」

When Tsuchitori Mayumi used her Talent, the arena’s ground starts to swell……and moves towards Yomohira Miria. And the completed mass of soil surrounded her…

「『Create Doll』」

When Yomohira Miria muttered that, the mass of soil gradually rise up and becomes a human form gradually.

It’s a doll made of soil…No, the shape is like a marionette, but the size can be said like a clay Golem.

Just like that, in a blink of an eye, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5……the number increases…………
At the end, 12 「Clay Golems」 of the height of 5 meters were completed.

「Oh, it’s more than usual~!…You’re angry after all」
「……No……not at all……」

On the other hand, the Takasei Academy’s participants, were surprised by the huge figures suddenly appearing at the opponent’s side.

「W-What is that…?」
「Those guys……what did they do!?」
「B-Be cautious! Tanker get in front and the rest retreat to the back! Long-range attackers get ready to attack!」

And just when they thought that the marionette-like clay golems will charge towards them all at once…



They started to run at an outrageous speed towards them. Although each of those dolls run in a reckless way, they are still running a few times faster than a human. Appearance wise, it’s very scary.

「H-Hey, that…they’re coming here!」

At that time, everyone on the Takasei Academy’s field couldn’t help but to feel fear.
Because the giants with the height of over 5 meters, are advancing at an absurd speed while doing some strange behavior.

「I-It’s coming!?」

While they are being bewildered by that……in just a few seconds, the 12 dolls approached close to them, and in a blink of an eye, everyone of the Takasei Academy were surrounded.
As if some angry adults surrounding a small kid while glaring at the kid……Such strange view can be seen.

And Yomohira Miria moves her fingers of both her hands complicatedly…to give an order to the dolls.

「…Crush them. 『Manipulate』」

12 dolls swing down their fists all at once.


A carpet bombing of fists surrounded everyone of the Takasei Academy. Have nowhere to run, the students were just getting hit continuously.


At first, there were screams and angry roars, but nothing can be heard now.
Even after a while, the bombing sound still doesn’t stop…as the dolls continue to swing their fists.

And just when the clay golems’ appearance can’t be seen due to the dust, the attack finally stopped.
The cloud of dust spreads out……and silence enveloped the coliseum.




〜 Audience 〜

At the coliseum stands, everyone lost their words upon seeing the view.

「………………………………What’s that?」
「This a lynch…one sided」

「…This………match is over, right? Not even 3 minutes have passed」

「Hey……this is a team match, right?」
「Ah, in reality……only that small girl did something………」
「No, at first, I saw that curly haired girl assisted her…」

「Who? Who exactly is that girl? That Takasei Academy didn’t stand a chance against her……」




〜 Teihen High School Waiting room 〜

「Even though we saw that during the training……it’s still scary」
「Yeah…I don’t want her to be an enemy for sure」

「But still, I can’t believe she managed to manipulate all those dolls at the same time. Isn’t it hard to even manipulate a doll?」
「Well, look. It’s Yomohira-san. She’s actually a very smart girl」

「But…did we win with that? The signal of the end of the match is still not announced…」
「Ah, we still can’t be careless. After all, the opponent is that Takasei Academy. They might turn the tables from now on…」
「Well, there’s a possibility that all of the opponents are KOed by that. The referee is probably waiting for the cloud of dust to clear up」

The participants in the waiting room, speak out their thoughts about the match.

While overhearing all those, Ueki Hitoshi clenched his fists……and said this intentionally.

「…………Did it get them!?」




In the arena.

The cloud of dust starts to clear up………there’s a moving figure. As soon as the figure stood up

「Don’t fuck with meeeeeeee!!!!!! Such thing is cheating!!!!」

Such angry roar resounded in the venue, and something jumped out from the cloud of dust.

And that something approaches Yomohira Miria, and–


「Sorry~, I can’t let you do that~」

The girl waiting beside her, Tsuchitori Mayumi, repelled it with her 「blow」.

「You fucking low class high school!!!!!! How dare you to taint my history!!!!!」

The huge clay golems attack the student who jumped to the Teihen High School’s field, once again.
However, the male student who jumped in…Takasei Academy’s Otoi Tsutomu head towards the clay golems, and said this to his palm.

「Break!! 「Loudness」!!!!!!」

A large shock wave of heavy bass sound was fired, and the clay golems that got hit by it, were smashed into pieces.

「Tch!!! It’s easy to destroy as I thought!!!」
「Oh my~, looks like things won’t go so easy. 『Clay Fist』!」

Saying that, Tsuchitori Mayumi’s arms are covered by clay, and it forms the shape of a large gauntlet. She fisted both of her arms and said this.

「Then…let’s start a small dance party~」
「Small fry…Don’t get so carried away!! 『Loudness』!!!」

Otoi Tsutomu shouts so while waving his hands, and the ground cracks by the sound pressure. However, as if Tsuchitori Mayumi predicted that, she jumped to dodge it.

「If you keep looking down on me like that, you’ll experience the same thing again, you know~? 『Clay Bullet』!」

Next, Tsuchitori Mayumi attacks. Countless clay bullets are made from the clay gauntlet, and fired at Otoi.

「It’s useless!? 『Loudness』!!!!!!」

Along with his shout, a heavy bass sound breaks out again, blowing off every clay and pebble forcibly.

「Oh my~, as I thought, it won’t work~. Then, how about this? 『Clay Needle』!」

Tsuchitori touch the ground with her hands, and countless stalactites rise below Otoi. However, Otoi dodges it by jumping backwards—-

「It’s too obvious!!! 「Loudness」!!!!!!」

The ground cracks by the sound pressure again, blowing away the attacks.

「Oh my~! Even this won’t work? You’re amazing~」
「Ha, I’m not like you small fries!! Even in the head!! 『Sound Pressure』!!!」

When Otoi shouted so, a mass of sound appeared behind him, and he accelerates explosively to Tsuchitori Mayumi by the pressure. And…



The thunderous sound made by Otoi’s Talent destroys Tsuchitori’s 「Clay Fist」.
Otoi then shows a composed smile……and said this while facing his palm towards Tsuchitori.

「This is the end. You did well for a low class」

Having lost her weapon…Tsuchitori-san raised her hands up, and said this without expression.

「Yomo-chan, how is it? Is~it~done?」

「It~is~done……I connected it…『Manipulate』…」

When Yomohira Miria swings her arms, 5 clay dolls of the same size as her appear around her, and they charged towards Otoi.

「Ha!! That’s very small! No strength left!? Such things are useless!!! 「Loudness」!!!!」

Otoi immediately unleashed the shock wave of sound, and the 5 dolls were destroyed in a blink of an eye.
In addition–

Takasei Academy’s students who should have been knocked out a while ago, head towards here at a great speed.

「Hyaha! They finally woke up! Good…!!! From here on……it’s our turn…!!」

And with a strange way of running, the 7 Takasei students rush over to Otoi…


And gave him a dropkick all at once.


Otoi was blown away by the surprise attack, and fell to the ground just like that. The Takasei Academy’s participants surrounded Otoi Tsutomu…and started to punch him wholeheartedly.

「Ugo!? Wait, I’m…Gubo!?」

Without knowing why, Otoi is being punched and kicked by the students who was supposed to be his allies.

Boga Bogo


Begi Bako Bogu
And his scream gets harder to be heard gradually………a few minutes later, Otoi sunk to the ground.

And when Otoi surrendered, the Takasei Academy’s students fell all together………

「『Manipulate (Human)』done…」

The ones left in the arena are…the 5 people of Teihen High School including Yomohira Miria with a self-satisfied look.

The buzzer that notifies the end of match, resounds.

『『Game, set!! The winner of Block A is Teihen High School!』』

At the center of the arena, Yomohira Miria who looks like an elementary school student, raising both of her hands up, and Tsuchitori Mayumi bend down and gave her a high five.

The pleasant view that’s inappropriate in the battlefield………made the audience feel the premonition of troubles.

Character File 021

NAME: Tsuchitori Mayumi

CLASS: 【One who manipulates clay (Clay Manipulator)】S-LEVEL 2

A student of the class, 1-B. Although she is magnanimous to everything, she can see through things calmly. Hence, it made her a matchless decision maker in combat. Contribute as a balance-type fighter that can handle any kind of situation.
Her Talent is capable of manipulating the clay from the ground, molding clay into any kind of forms, and even applying it while using it. The nature combined with her personality, and grows into a pure all-rounder.
Her family runs a ceramic art shop, but due to being poor, she goes to Teihen High School for free. She somehow gets along with Yomohira Miria. Their Talents’ compatibility is also excellent.


Attach Clay
Clay Fist
Clay Bullet
Clay Needle
Clay Wall


Character File 022

NAME: Otoi Tsutomu

CLASS: 【One who emits sound (Sound Maker)】S-LEVEL 2

A student of Takasei Academy. Tactical Wars Block A’s ace and also leader. Due to his high pride, he looks down at people frequently. When he looked at a weak person, he will attack the person assertively. A person with a very troublesome personality. However, his Talent is a complete opposite of his personality. Hence, no one actually opposes him. The son of a well-known aviation engineer.

His Talent generates sound, and it can control the place where sound is generated freely to some extent if the place is near to him.


Sound Pressure

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